Morning Fellow Writers!

by limebirdwriters

Well hello there,

Aren’t you looking lovely this morning? Well, apart from that “I hate Monday” look that everyone seems to have on their faces at this time in the week. Today is a new week and a new month since my last post, and I would say it’s time for some Limebird updates.

We now have some really exciting writers on board, who come from a wide range of backgrounds. From publishing, to history, to art and even a couple who are bone-fidey authors (fancy I know!).

More news – We are now on twitter (hooray!) – don’t forget to click on the little follow button at the bottom if you would be so kind. There are currently many little Limebird elves working away behind the scenes creating lots of lovely writing for your delectation and delight.

For now though, I saw this handy little grammar test from Daily Writing Tips ( great website), it is a little tricky, but let me know how you get on in the comment box below. If you get 100%, you win, well nothing I’m afraid, BUT you can be safe in the knowledge that you are a grammar wizard!



P.S – I got 18/20… bum, got caught out on a couple, but do let me know how you all get on!

Limebird Writers Love To Peck At Comments! :)

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