by limebirdwriters

Here is the first of the many weird and wonderful uses of the English language I have seen while out and about.  Not entirely sure what this farmer was trying to say. Any suggestions?

Confused Farmer

If you see any weird uses of language or writing which is just plain terrible (like the gem I’ll upload tomorrow), then get a pic and send it over to


4 Comments to “Confused…”

  1. I’ve been reading through the site — great stuff!

    This picture is hilarious – It reminds me of my little nook of the world. People here (southern Kentucky, US) don’t seem to grasp the English language too well. I was at a craft store today, and a woman behind me asked the cashier “What be that price that snowman in front of me?” Hehe, I’m as apt to say “ain’t” as the next gal, but folks ’round these parts do come up with some funny sentences sometimes.

    • Thank you for commenting Laura, that’s very kind.

      Well, don’t worry, it’s the same here. Sometimes I hear people say things and I do wonder if they realise just quite how wrong it is!

      However, I do quite like the idea of saying “What be the price of…” or “What be the time?” Haha!

      • I guess as long as the person you’re talking to knows what you are attempting to say… unlike this sign. I’m still trying to figure this one out!

      • That is very true! I’m not really sure what it means. I think I get what they were aiming for, but didn’t quite get there. That’s farmers for you I guess! (sorry farmers..)

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