Should We Listen To Music While Writing?

by limebirdwriters


Me again. Well, on a daily basis I do a LOT of writing, for my job as a Copywriter and on a personal level (just for fun), and I enjoy listening to music. But this does beg the question – “Should you listen to music while writing?”.

I don’t really think there is a right or wrong answer to this as it’s definitely a matter of personal preference. As some of the things I write about at work are quite heavy I do enjoy listening to a bit of light music to keep me going. However, there are certain types of music that just don’t work with me, like lots and lots of lyrics (which I end up writing).

For example, as I write this I am currently listening to music on shuffle which went from Stevie Wonder to Queen to Stephen Marley. All of which were rather nice to write to, but I did have to skip over New Found Glory. Although I love them I did find myself a little distracted.

So, what do you think? Should you listen to music while writing? Does it keep the creative juices flowing or is it a just a distraction? Also if you do listen to music, what are your artists of choice?

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