Language Rant Alert!

by limebirdwriters

On the way to work this morning and Black Eyed Peas – “Don’t Stop The Party” came on the radio.

One lyric that I heard really frustrated me and I’m not sure why it did so much!


The lyric was ” I aint gonna stop until…”

Now listening to the music, they could have quite easily have fit in “I’m not going to stop until..” or I would even understand “I’m not gonna..” to keep with the fluidity!

Why is this kind of language necessary? I can understand when artists condense words to fit in with the song, but they could have easily used the right words. Or did I miss the memo where ‘aint’ is an acceptable word to use?

Can anyone enlighten me?

2 Comments to “Language Rant Alert!”

  1. Not as bad as the lyrics in Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl”. Really Gwen, “I aint no hollaback girl”, even my 13 year old cousin knows this is totally wrong! He actually used it as an example of a double negative in his English assignment! Even if she was intentionally refering to herself as a hollaback girl, I agree why can “I’m a hollarback girl” not be sufficient?!

    • Hello, thanks for your comment!

      Ah yes that is another annoying one, double negatives are rather infuriating! Does make me cry a little inside when I hear things like this, especially with younger people singing along. 😦

      I shall keep an eye out for some other examples….

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