Friday, Friday, Went To Edinburgh On Fridaaaayyyyy*

by limebirdwriters

*Apologies for the Rebecca Black reference, but I couldn’t think of any other Friday songs!

Well hello there and welcome to my blog documenting my trip to Edinburgh over the weekend – 14th to the 16th October 2011, with my lovely friend Francesca. So, I’ll get straight into it shall I? Here we go…

Scotland Bound…

Friday morning we got up at 6am with our taxi to airport booked for 7. We had already packed most of our things the night before, so we just threw on some clothes and tried to wake ourselves up as much as possible. The taxi driver was nice and seemed to take a shine to my amazing panda hat, but did seem to enjoy talking on his phone. This made for a tense journey wondering if we were actually going to make it to the airport in one piece. We did (don’t panic!) with plenty of time so decided to get through security and get some breakfast.

We got a yummy full English breakfast (which as you can imagine was extremely over priced) and had a quick look at the board to see if our gate number was up. Oh, yes there it is, gate 14, we had better make a move over there. Pulling all of our stuff together, we trundled towards the gate. Suddenly things took a turn for the worse as Cesca noticed that the sign had quickly turned to… wait have I read that right? FINAL CALL?!! Dear god! We then got our sprint on, thinking that missing our flight would really not be the best start. Breakfast threatening to come back up and new boots protesting, we sprinted to the gate. What?! 15 minutes walking time..?!! Nooo! Run!!!!

Sprinting past confused passengers, we eventually made it to the desk. Spluttering and panting and making mental notes to do more exercise, we finally boarded the plane. The only downside with this is that we went cheap and flew with Easy Jet. If you have flown with this particular airline, you will know that you have to get on quickly, otherwise you won’t get a space to put your bag away. Yep, you’ve guessed it, I was the mug who had nowhere to put their bag, so I had to opt for under the seat, squashed legs tactic.

Luckily, we were sat next to a nice lady who was only in Edinburgh for the day for a presentation, who kindly offered us her sweets. We did the polite “Oh, no thank you”, whilst really thinking “Yes, I want to eat them, but stranger danger!” thing. Does taking sweets from strangers still count in your twenties? Well, I think my mum would say so! Anyway, I digress. The flight was ridiculously quick and it felt like we had only just taken off when the captain was telling the crew to “prepare to land.” We said our goodbyes to the nice sweetie woman (who obviously thought we were teenagers on our first holiday away from our parents) and headed out into Edinburgh airport.

Toilet Troubles…

We had a half an hour bus ride ahead, so as sensible adults we decided that it was probably a good idea to go for a wee first. Ahh, that feels better. Right, well I’ll just go out and ermm *jiggles toilet door handle* Oh god. This is really happening. *jiggles handle harder*. OH GOD. I had flashbacks to when I was in nursery and me and another girl decided we would try locking the adult toilets and got trapped andohmygodi’mgoingtobetrappedhereforever! After a few minutes of subtly trying to free myself from the loo, I decided that the time had come to ask for some help. I cleared my throat “Cesca?” No reply… a little louder “Cesca!!” “Beth?” “Yes!!! I’m erm.. stuck. Help.. Me…”

All I hear is laughter, wait who else is that laughing. Oh no. This isn’t good. I am finally freed and pop my head round the door and see the lady from the plane. Oh great, now she thinks I’m a proper idiot. As she leaves, she says: “I hope this isn’t the start of things to come”. Me neither love. I feel like shouting “I am a proper grown up, I promise!” but it seems redundant now, I think the damage is already done.

Out into the fresh crisp air of Scotland we get onto our bus that will take us into the town. Ohh, a Metro! I did not know that the Metro wasn’t just in London! Feeling a little ignorant I grabbed a copy and got myself up to speed with the recent news. Thirty minutes later we arrive in the town centre and trundle up the cobbled streets to find a coffee shop to wait until we can check in. Cesca heads upstairs to find a seat, while I get the hot chocolates in. I hand over my money and then get a £5 Scottish note back! Oh no, Monopoly money! (Don’t be angry at me Scottish people please! I’m only jesting). I bring the beverages upstairs, and Cesca says to me “Did they have Scottish accents? “ “Well yes, we are in Scotland.” We both burst into fits of laughter; the tiredness is evidently kicking in.

Hot Chocolate

Holyrood House Palace…

So, we finally get to check into our hotel, pretty central which is good, not a 5* digs, but great for us just for the weekend. As we walk in we realise that it’s a double, not a twin so we just have to snuggle up! We have a bit of a freshen up, then head on over to Holyrood House Palace down the Royal Mile. Heading into the Palace, we pick up some fancy passes, which had been left to us by Rosie (Cesca’s lovely friend from work), and we head towards the gallery.

We ask the lady behind the counter which bit we should do first, the gallery or the palace? Cesca then blurts out “ We’re not that interested in that bit!” Laughter again! I then say “I don’t think you’re supposed to tell them that”. The lady looks at us as if to say, “Yeah it’s not all that interesting”. BUT, we’ve got our passes so think it would be silly not to have a little peruse round.

We pick up our fancy audio sets, so we can feel like real tourists, but end up taking them off half way round as the gallery isn’t really our bag. I think it’s definitely worth having a look round, but only really if you’re very interested in art! It did seem to me really that there was just a load of boobs and bits on show. (I’m sure it means more, but I’m guessing I’m not all that cultured enough!)

After the gallery, we walked on over to the Palace, which we were both more looking forward to. We get another set of audio guides, which were more like a phone and headed into the palace. Ahh, this is more like it. Amazing architecture, beautiful rooms and rich history. Listening to the audio guide, we make our way through the different rooms, admiring the scenery and the set up. The table was set in one of the rooms as it was for when Princess Anne visited recently. We had a little nose round to see what was on the menu and it seemed a little fancy for our tastes, but I’m imagining they wouldn’t have fish fingers and chips on the menu.

Holyrood House Palace

Walking around listening to the audio description, I think I have decided that I would quite like to be the voice of the audio tapes. Seems like a fun job… how would I go about doing that? If anyone knows, please drop me a line! I don’t want to spoil any of the nooks and crannies in the palace, but it is well worth a look round, even if history isn’t your thing. It’s amazing to think how many of our Kings and Queens have walked up and down the stairs we were walking on and there is even Mary Queen of Scots’ bed on show! We wandered around the gardens outside, getting a good look at Arthur’s Seat and admiring all of our surroundings.

Yummy Fudge…

We then made our way up the Royal Mile towards Edinburgh Castle, getting enticed by yummy fudge shops and cafes. We made a sneaky stop off in the Fudge Shop (Fudge Kitchen I think it was called), to try some freshly made delicacies. It was Oreo Cookies and Vanilla Cream flavour and was delicious! We’ll definitely  be back! It is rather hilly in Scotland, so we slowly dragged ourselves up the hill, stopping to look at shops and watch bagpipe players. On the horizon, we could see the castle and made our way to our next stop – The Scottish Whisky Experience.

Come back tomorrow for part 2 of Friday – Whisky, Edinburgh Castle, a spinning tunnel, cocktails and quilt hoggers!

Arthur's Seat


12 Comments to “Friday, Friday, Went To Edinburgh On Fridaaaayyyyy*”

  1. This is amazing! It makes me feel like we’re back there. I have been laughing out loud as you so perfectly capture and describe the hilarious events that occurred on just the first morning. I can’t wait for the next part to hear what happens next (even though I was actually there haha) xxx

    • Well, if the woman who was there likes it, then what more can I say? Thanks for the comment love, I’m glad I did our great trip justice. Do you still want to go on another trip with me even though we get up to all kinds of shenanigans? 😉

      I will let you know when Part Two is up! xx

  2. Well of course I do!! As long as you promise more fun filled adventures!

  3. that was really enjoyable to read.

    oh, I think you were “subtly trying to free myself from the loo” rather than subtlety. (that was my favourite bit, I don’t think it will ever stop being funny to hear about people getting locked in the loo)

    • Hi Rahul,

      Thank you for the comment. Oh great, thanks for spotting that, I will change it now! It’s always tricky to proof read your own work sometimes!

      I know, I do find that funny (only if it’s not myself though…) 😛

  4. I think you should have the sweet :o)

  5. Wow this got me in a lot of trouble at work, I was laughing so hard your writing style is perfect because i can literally see your face when the things you described happened! all such classic Beth and Cesca moments.

    • Thanks Sophie! I’m glad it came across that way, I was worried I wasn’t going to do the trip justice! A couple of people have asked if I’ve made up some of the bits for comic effect, but you know that these kind of things literally happen to me on a daily basis!

  6. Your style is lighthearted and fun to read, Beth. I’ve never been to Edinburgh myself, but I have a friend who lives there who I’d like to visit some day.

    “It did seem to me really that there was just a load of boobs and bits on show. ”

    I hate art shows like that, and I’m a professional artist as you know. Usually the bits belong to women who have been turned into objects for the ever-hungry Male Gaze. Sadly, though I think womens’ bodies are lovely, I don’t think there is any way to paint them in a way that won’t feed into the male sense of entitlement to view and own them. And of course no matter how revolting or dehumanizing the art might be, it’s defended as “artistic license” and “freedom of speech”. :eyeroll:

    • Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say! I guess I didn’t really overthink this, I just wrote whatever came naturally. It’s lovely, you should definitely visit if you get a chance.

      Yes, it was very strange. I did like some of the paintings, but it was very old Renaissance-esque types! Glad you enjoyed the post! 🙂

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