We’re Wriggly! – Edinburgh Adventures Part Two

by limebirdwriters

Hello and welcome back! Hopefully you enjoyed the first part so are back for more. If not, you might want to read Part One, or you might be a little lost! So, here we go with part two (the rest of Friday).

We made our way up the Royal Mile with our sites set at the very top. Our first stop off was the Scottish Whisky Experience. Well, don’t mind if I do! A rather novel museum, it’s definitely worth a go, even if whisky isn’t your favourite tipple (like me). Not really child friendly, unless you’re pro drunk children.

You get onto a strange little ride, which takes you around the whole process of making the whisky (which in this case is single malt) and it did smell a bit weird. This probably doesn’t really matter all that much, but I wrote it down in my little notebook, which means it must have smelt pretty weird! Once you get through the ride you get taken into another room where they go through the background of all the different main types of Scottish whisky. If you’re not aware, these are Lowlands, Highlands, Islay and Speyside. You get given a little scratch and sniff wheel, which helps you to decide which type you want to try. I can’t remember which one it was, but one of them made my eyes water! We were the youngest connoisseurs there, surrounded by many tourists who seemed like they had already consumed a few shots themselves.

We both went for the Speyside option, which was more of a beginner tipple. It was a little milder and was rather nice, but very strong and felt my insides warming and throat slightly burning. Is this supposed to happen? As usual, there’s always some smug chump who thinks they know everything and here was no exception. Step in arrogant fellow, suited in a football strip and nudging his disinterested wife while trying to imply to our whisky guide that he knew more about the subject than him. There’s always one isn’t there?

It was at this point that we realised that is was around 3pm and we hadn’t eaten since 7:45am! So, we thought we should probably get something to eat. With whisky going straight to our heads, we went in search of some food and found a little back street cafe. We both had a Panini, and I had cheese and bacon if you’re interested and Olly Murs ( My heart skips skips a beat…) was playing on the radio. You see these things that I note are quite random, but I wrote it down at the time so past Beth obviously thought it was somewhat interesting. Sorry about her, she’s a pain sometimes.


Well, full of food and ready for our next adventure, we made our way up to the castle. A great picturesque site, we took lots of pictures and admired the views. I think I did prefer the Palace as many of the rooms weren’t laid out, which made it harder to picture what they would have been like in the past. The views were spectacular though, but as we were both rather tired, we probably didn’t enjoy it quite as much as we might have done, should we have done it at the beginning of the day.

One quirky thing I did note, was a dog cemetery for soldier’s dogs. I love the idea of this (morbid I know), but it did make me go aww. There’s not much else I can say about the castle as it’s definitely a ‘got to see it for yourself’ type of thing. It’s a must if you’re in the area, if not simply for the amazing views.

Edinburgh Castle

It was getting later in the day, so we decided to move on to our next attraction which was the Camera Obscura Museum. It’s a magical illusions type thing which was a lot of fun. We got to go to the top of the museum (a long 5 floors!) to see their old school camera.

It was pretty cool really, well apart from the being led into a dark room with a peculiar Italian man. It’s a camera-esque doohickey which works by combining mirrors in the ceiling working with a periscope type lens to display an image of the people outside, straight onto a sort of white circle. It’s tricky to explain without hand gestures, which don’t really portray well over a blog, but I’m hoping you can get what I mean. We were then able to see loads of Edinburgh, including people walking about outside, which then did creep me out a bit. Has he been watching me? Eep!

I then wondered if maybe it was possible to get my own periscopey spy-majiggy. I could sit in my room and spy on people as they walked past my flat. That’s not to say I don’t do this now (I have big windows), but it would be even more awesome. However, I don’t know really how I would disguise the huge periscope poking out of the top of my flat. Might be a bit obvious… Answers on a postcard please!

On one of the lower floors, we went through a turning tube which did make us feel a bit sick and we felt a bit silly screaming while lots of young kids were gleefully running through back and forth. The floor was stationary, whilst the outside span around which made you feel like you were going to fall over. A bit of a brain mush! Well worth a go, especially if you have children, but we did enjoy it even as adults.

It was getting later in the day, so we decided to head back to the hotel, getting some ciders on the way back, as you do. We got ourselves changed into something a bit more fancy, then headed out to source ourselves some well earned grub. We finally made it to George Street (very posh) and found ‘The Dome’. It had been recommended to us by our parents and family friends, so we put on our “Yes, we can afford cocktails in here” faces and headed in. Wow, just wow. It’s amazing inside, beautiful high ceilings with chandeliers and lots of people with expensive looking attire on. We headed over to the bar to get ourselves some fancy schmancy cocktails, just to say we had been in (with our budget, one cocktail was enough!) normally I would be getting myself a Vodka and Coke or a cider! (Don’t judge me). We then took a seat and acted like we were meant to be there.


Once we had finished our drinks, we sought out some food in the Hard Rock Cafe a couple of doors down. We ordered some more (less expensive) cocktails while we waited for our table (Two different types of Iced Teas – Mine Electric and hers Long Island) . We were shown to our tables and ordered our food, it was very delicious!

Dinner over, we headed back to our hotel and on the journey back thought that maybe it might be a good idea to get another quilt ( as we are both quilt hoggers) . We sheepishly headed up to the counter and for some reason it overcame us that we needed to justify ourselves.

What should have happened:

Us: “Hello kind sir, may we please have another quilt?”

Reception Man: “Of course valued guest, here we go! *hands over quilt*

What actually happened:

Us: “Hi, ermm, yeah can we swap our double quilt for two singles please?”

Reception Man: “Well, I could just give you another one if you..”


Reception Man: “Right…” *looks at us like we’re mad*

We get a weird look back from the person behind reception, and with our extra quilt in tow; we headed back to our room to get some well needed sleep.

Come back tomorrow for Saturday’s installment! Which includes: square sausages, roof terraces, shortbread, haggis and intrusive fire alarms.


11 Comments to “We’re Wriggly! – Edinburgh Adventures Part Two”

  1. I’m thinking we have the grounds here for a sit-com. And I’m looking forward to square sausages, they’re so tasty

  2. Again blimming Hilarious (you know wat word i wanted to use then!) totally love these beth im wondering how do you fancy coming to a comic con with me in london around feb? could be lots of adventures for you and fine geekery for me 🙂

  3. you can dress up if ya want im sure some guys would love to see you as wonder woman and you certainly wouldnt look out of place but i probably wont be dressing up! Yes so glad i dont have to go alone going anywhere with you guarantees a hilarious time! two words Ribs & Chips!

  4. “You see these things that I note are quite random, but I wrote it down at the time so past Beth obviously thought it was somewhat interesting. Sorry about her, she’s a pain sometimes.”

    Oh, that was funny.

    I used to write postcards to my future self.

    Whenever I got them, I would remember my past self, thinking of my future self, and feel flattered that I’d thought of me. I was so taken by my kindness that I wished I could be my friend.

    • Wow, how nice that you found these old posts. I really enjoyed writing them! 🙂

      Also glad that you enjoy my weird sense of humour! What a nice thought to your future self! 😉

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