First words……

by limebirdsophie

So as my first post I thought I would share with you guys and gals one of the earliest memories I have of LimebirdBeth.  Allow me if you will to set the scene, the year is 1993/4 and I am a mere 5 years old, now before I begin let me explain to you that I was not a regular child, although I was born a girl and raised a girl and happy being a girl for the first few years of my life I was determined to be a tomboy so much so that I refused to wear knickers and would only wear Teenage mutant ninja turtle boys pants (maybe that’s too much information). I also refused to wear purple and had my hair cut into a boy’s style.

So there I was on my first day at school short haired, flat chested (obviously) and wearing a grey skirt that came down to my shins. To all but a few I looked like a boy that had grabbed his sister’s school uniform. No one really knew what to make of me, the girls shunned me because I looked like a boy and the boys shunned me because I was a girl and obviously had lurgies/cooties (depending on where you’re from!), it was a sweeping epidemic at the time I can understand their concern. After a fairly traumatic morning trying to make friends, grasp the concept of writing an S the right way round and a small incident with a boy named Oscar and a tub of PVA glue, it was lunchtime. After a few failed attempts at interaction with my classmates I headed for the toilet.

There I am washing my hands when in walks Beth. We stand staring at each other for a moment, me taking in the image of this skinny, pristine looking child with the look on her face that said WTF, and her taking in the image of this half girl, half boy beast in front of her. Here is how the conversation went:

Beth: I don’t think you’re meant to be in here?

Me: Yes I am! I’m a girl!

Beth: Oh…but you look like a boy…

Me: I’m wearing a skirt! And tights! My name’s Sophie, I’m a girl.

Beth: Oh so you’re a girl that looks like a boy but you’re definitely a girl!? (the look of confusion clearly evident)

Me: yep (oh great another kid that wants nothing to do with me)

Beth: Oh…that’s cool wanna come play stuck in the mud?

Me: yeah ok (inside I’m doing a mighty big fist pump YES!)

From then on we were best buddies, throughout primary and secondary school she bested me academically (when I was struggling along with Biff and Chip, there she was pulling out War and Peace*), The first time I got drunk was with Beth, the first girly sleep over I had was at Beth’s house, the one person I knew would stick by me when I came out at 16 was Beth and without her continual efforts to keep me on track god knows where I would be. So till the end of days, I will always remember that small geeky posh girl that made me feel normal and accepted when no one else did and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Thanks for taking the time to give this a read any comments/suggestions would be very welcome as I’m very new to writing and looking to learn as much as I can.

*it probably wasn’t War and Peace but it might as well have been it was so advanced.


26 Responses to “First words……”

  1. lol those pictures are rather huge! :S

  2. Haha! I’ve changed them now! What a lovely post Sophie, thanks for writing it. I hope others with like it, even though they don’t know us personally.

    It’s really great, well done.

  3. What an insight. Very good, but just one thing, help me with this. Isn’t it ‘lurgies’ instead of ‘cooties’? I thought that was American, or was it a regional thing?

  4. hmm you know now i think about it you are absolutely correct darren! Beth my lovely please edit appropriately 🙂 and thanks for the lovely comments much appreciated x

  5. Well girls, thanks for that – you just made me cry! Beautifully written Soph x

  6. Nice post Sophie. The best advice I can give you as a writer is to read, read, read and read some more. When you read try and think critically about what you’re reading, and how the writer uses grammar and sentence structure to alter your opinions, or to pull off a desired effect. My other big piece of advice for you is to (rather obviously I must say) write as much as you can. Personally, I tend to find books designed to ‘teach you writing’ are for the most part a waste of time so don’t get too caught up in these if you can. If you read widely, and you write passionately and articulately, your writing will improve.

  7. This is so sweet–I love it! I was also a tomboy as a kid… perhaps not as much as you were, but enough to annoy most of the girls and confuse the boys. In fact, I’m still that way. Most of my friends are guys …but THUMBS UP for girls like Beth who look past the exterior into the heart … my current girlfriends are just like her 😀 …

    And by the way, your writing is awesome. I lose interest easily, but this post had me glued from start to finish. Nice job 🙂

    • Hi Kim! Thank you for your comment, I’m sure Sophie will be really happy that you enjoyed it. 🙂

      Thanks also for your comment about looking past the exterior into the heart, that’s really lovely. She’s pretty much stuck with me now after 20 years, so I love reading this post – great memories!

  8. Hi Kim,

    Thank you so much for your comment its really great to hear that someone that doesn’t know either of us enjoyed it.
    And thank you for such kind words about my writing skills (if you can call them that!) its really easy to tell stories about Beth as we’ve been together so long and her life (so by association mine) has provided many entertaining memories…maybe one day i will report the tale of when she nearly killed me with a cadburys cream egg but that is for another time.
    Anyway thanks again. hope to see you visiting the site again soon!


    • I love how you say ‘been together’ as if we’ve been a couple for 20 years. Well, I guess we may as well have been… 🙂

      I would LOVE to hear the creme egg story, but don’t forget I can edit what you write, so don’t you be mean about me missus! 😛

    • You’re welcome, and believe me, I sure did! 🙂 My, that tale sounds like pure humour … mhmm, yes! Maybe one day you’ll put it in writing (hint hint). 😀 Well, seriously I will be visiting this site again. I like the atmosphere …

  9. This is such a heartwarming post! Keep it up, and thanks for liking my blog post! 😀

  10. Hehehe fist pump times. You should have mentioned the day of the Creme egg incident…..and how you still remained friends


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