Square Sausages? Edinburgh Adventures – Part Three

by limebirdwriters

Welcome back to Part Three! I’ll just get on with it again shall I? See you on the other side!

After our long day yesterday, we decided that no alarm was to be set and we would just get up when we were ready. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t realise just quite how tired we were and combined with industrial strength blackout curtains, it meant that getting up early was never going to happen. Eventually 10am came along and we both sleepily got up and realised that this meant that our original plan of getting the bus to Edinburgh Zoo was pretty much out of the window. Not disheartened with this, we thought that we would have a relatively lazy day and roam around looking at the sites and get some shopping done.

Both starving, we got dressed and ready in what seemed to be record time and made our way up the High Street to find some food. After some deliberation, we opted for ‘The Filling Station’, which seemed to me to be like a Scottish version of Frankie and Bennies. The breakfast bap (oh er missus) caught my eye so I thought that would be the option for me! However, there was a type of sausage I didn’t recognise, so thought I would give it a try. Our server comes over:

Server – “Can I take your order?”

Me – “ Hi yeah, erm you know the Lorne sausage? What is that?”

S- “Ok, well, it’s like a normal sausage but it’s square”

M – “Ok great, I’ll have a double breakfast bap with bacon and the square sausage please”

S – “The what?”

M – “The erm.. square sausage?” (Am I going mental?)

*Server looks bewildered*

Cesca – “ The Lorne sausage?”

S – “Oh, right”

God, it’s too early for these shenanigans. Get me my square sausage goddammit! Cesca opted for the pancakes with a side of hash browns, which were yummy apparently! My square sausage was also particularly tasty if you were wondering! I would definitely recommend it! Filled with breakfast, we made our way down (well up really, because of the hills!) to the National Museum of Scotland. Apparently it has recently had a revamp which you can see straight away, as the whole building has a nice modern feel to it. Although not as big as the museums you might find in London, it was well worth a visit, again especially if you have kids as there are lots of fun things to do.


I think it’s definitely something you need to do if you’re not very tired as there are bits we missed out due to aching feet! It’s definitely worth it, if not just for the roof terrace. At the very top of the building there is a lovely terrace, where you can see all of the sites like the mountains and the castle. Luckily it wasn’t raining otherwise it wouldn’t have been so fun, but we were incredibly lucky with the weather. We had a look around all of the sides and the lift company was called Schindler (arf arf).

Roof Terrace Views

We made it back down from the terrace and headed back towards Holyrood House Palace as we were due to meet Cesca’s friend Rosie at work to see how she was getting on. We stopped half way in a cafe for a coffee and hot chocolate (accompanied by a couple of muffins – standard practice I think, hers Blueberry and mine Chocolate, yums) and relaxed for a while.

When we had rested enough, we carried on towards the palace and met Rosie. She liked my coat (basically a bright blue duffel coat) and was shocked to hear that it was Asda’s finest! (I think we are going to get on, a mutual love of coats is always a good start). We bought ourselves some souvenirs (I got some shortbread which came highly recommended) and we got some other bits and bobs. We felt sad to leave Rosie behind at work, but we were coming back to meet her later so said our goodbyes and thought we may as well pop into the Scottish Parliament chambers while we were there.

Passing through security we had a bit of a look round, we didn’t opt for a tour as we were getting tired, but it was interesting to see where all of their debating goes on. We decided that we would leave climbing Arthur’s Seat for another time as this is what probably would have happened:

Me: Let’s climb that mountain!
Francesca: Yeah sure, let’s do it!

…15 minutes later…

Me: I’m not going to make it *dragging self *, go on without me, it’s too far!

Small Child: *sprints past* Gosh isn’t this moderate hill fun to run up!

Me: Oh for god’s sake. Just roll me back down.

With that scenario in mind, we thought it best to mosey on back to the hotel and watch some TV and get changed. A little while later we found ourselves back at the palace to meet Rosie after work.

We then all headed over to a pub called “The Canon’s Gait” for some yummy dinner. I got a tasty battered haddock and chips and Rosie got us visitors some haggis to try! Us foreigners got our forks and cautiously tried some of the haggis. It was surprisingly OK actually, quite peppery and meaty, and not unpleasant! I would recommend giving it a go. Cesca liked it a lot, so had a bit more, and we had a couple more drinks in the pub and everyone had a bit of a natter and a catch up.

Contently full of dinner, we headed over to another bar (following Rosie who knew where she was going!) called Holyrood 9A, which I could imagine would be a nice little pub to drink in on a big night out too. We got some cocktails in and carried on with the girly chitchat and catch up and enjoyed having a bit of a relax!

It started to get a bit late and we had an early flight and Rosie had work in the morning so we decided to call it a night. At that moment, darkness filled the pub as they had had a power cut, so we decided that it was probably the best time to head back to our room. Once back, we said a sad good bye to Rosie, who is hopefully back in London soon. It’s never fun saying goodbye, and I was sad even though I had only met her a few hours ago! So as not to get too down we quickly popped the X Factor on to distract us and got into our PJ’s. Yes, it was only 9pm, but we were tired and wanted to get comfy. Having a bit of a natter and enjoying slating some of the acts (eh hem I’m looking at you Frankie), we settled in for the night. Suddenly….

NE NAW NE NAW. Erm, what the actual hell is that?!

We both looked at each other in disbelief. Is that..

It can’t be!

Is that…  the fire alarm?! Oh god….

Come back tomorrow for Part Four – What happens with the fire alarm and heading home….




3 Comments to “Square Sausages? Edinburgh Adventures – Part Three”

  1. Sounds like another action packed day. Power cuts, fire alarms, dream sequences. How much more excitement can you fit in to a weekend?

  2. I can’t wait for the next installment – even though I was there. One thing I will point out though is that we both had a side of hash browns (I’m not letting you get away with it Beth haha) – and they were the best hash browns I have ever had.

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