I’ve Got No Flipping Pants On! Edinburgh Adventures – Part Four

by limebirdwriters

Part Four – Saturday Evening and Sunday Morning.

We both looked down and realised we were in our jammies, it’s only 9pm on a Saturday and we are actually in our pyjamas. Great.

We threw some extra clothes on and our shoes and headed out of our room, to be greeted by lots of other bewildered guests. Which mainly included lots of people in their going out clothes. Awesome, we have afros and are in our PJ’s. We see a stressed Travelodge worker pacing up and down and ask her what’s going on and what do we do? She looks at us as if we’re mad and just says: “You have to get out of the building”. Thanks that’s helpful. Which way do we go? How do we get out? Am I going to die in my old manky PJ’s? Who am I missing on X Factor?

We head outside with the other guests and suddenly I realise I’ve got no underwear on. For some reason, I think that it’s probably a good idea to exclaim the fact that “I’ve got no flipping pants on” to loads of people. Oops. Silly me. It’s actually bloody freezing and I suddenly also realise that I really need a wee. Perfect. Looking around I can see people in several different states of undress. A man just in his pants (surely had time to put some clothes on?), trembling crying children and girls dressed in teeny tiny skirts and heels. The fire brigade turn up and everyone stands around not really knowing what to do. Cesca starts to laugh and I grumpily say:  “What’s funny”. To be honest, it is rather funny, and something that surely would only happen to us.

We finally get back in and come to the realisation that it was actually the girls in the room next door to us spraying copious amounts of hairspray (and probably smoking). They sheepishly say sorry to everyone, as most guests shoot daggers at them. We settle back into the X Factor, both still on edge about the whole ordeal and I make a mental note to make sure I wear underwear next time we stay away somewhere. We finally get to sleep, remembering that we actually have to be up quite early tomorrow.

A few hours later and we’re up! Earlier than we expected, so we pack our remaining stuff up and head on down to the bus stop. On the way I take a sneaky picture of a funny poster that I saw in the Travelodge. (See below)


Bus is waiting for us (hurrah!) – Well not exactly waiting specifically for us but you know what I mean. We get to the airport really early, so have time to get breakfast. OK, we are not making the same mistake as last time, so we make sure we can see the board at all times! Luckily the gate was right next to where we were sitting, so managed to get quite close to the front. Phew, we’ll probably get a seat together again! Only problem was that there was a spare seat right next to me.

Please don’t be a weirdo, please don’t be a weirdo. An older man sits down next to me, OK this might be alright. Oh no, spoke too soon he’s fallen asleep right next to me and is breathing on me. Thank god this is a short flight. Seriously, if he leans his head on me I’m batting him with my book.

Another quick flight and we are straight back in Luton airport. Although we were supposed to be picked up at the airport by my lovely other half, he was suffering from what can only be described as a horrible flu/hangover hybrid, so we jumped into a black cab. Yep, the driver is on his mobile again. Is this some kind of rule now that taxi drivers have to make you feel like you’re going to die?! Well, you’ll be happy to know we did make it home safely. I drove Cesca to the train station and then headed back to the flat for an epic nap.

I had an amazing time, it was great fun. Would definitely like to come again to see some more sites, like Arthur’s Seat, the Britannia boat and the Zoo! So, that’s our adventures for now, I hope you enjoyed it and I can’t wait for the next one! Thanks for having us Edinburgh!


I’m afraid I have some bad news about my panda hat. After unpacking my stuff, it became clear that the panda hat was no longer in my possession. Wherever it is right now, I’m hoping it’s in a better place, not in a bin covered in wee.

RIP Panda Hat October 2011 – October 2011

Panda hat

8 Comments to “I’ve Got No Flipping Pants On! Edinburgh Adventures – Part Four”

  1. I have that panda hat well last years version 😀

  2. You know, I only arrived in the UK two months ago, but I’ve heard from countless people that pantless is definitely the way to go in Scotland. “Okay,” I thought with determination. “When in Rome…” I was convinced that I’d be the one American to break the mold of thoughtless and heartless American travelers who insist upon doing everything their way when in a foreign country. Of course, it MIGHT have been helpful if someone had explained the difference between ‘pants’ and ‘trousers’ to me beforehand.

    Thanks for the awesome post – so glad the tag surfer brought me to your page this morning! Lots of grins to be had. 🙂


    • Thank you for your comment Kate. Oh… yes I can imagine that might not have gone down too well. Did you at least have nice ‘pants’ (knickers) on?

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, there’s another three parts earlier on if you wanted to hear some more shenanigans 🙂

      Where abouts in the UK are you staying?


  3. Brilliant again Beth, so sad to hear about the panda hat, I have a monkey version and if I lost it i think I would cry so I feel your pain.

  4. More panda. i wonder where in Edinburgh he is?! I think it must have been when you wore him out and then we realised it was actually quite warm despite all we had heard about Edinburgh. i hope he’s somewhere warm now … maybe on the Whiskey ride or in the cafe where we had muffins 🙂 xxx

  5. Oh gosh that was supposed to be ‘Poor Panda’ (apologies everyone) xxx

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