Birds, Waffles and Shenanigans?

by limebirdwriters

Well, you may be wondering what that title is all about, but those are the three words that I gave to Neeks, the writer of the blog – ‘The Short and Long of It’. I will describe her blog in her own words, as she does it better than anything I would be able to write:

“Have you ever seen the movie “Out Of Africa,” starring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford? Well, if not let’s just say that aside from the incredible scenery they used in filming there was one part of the story that really resonated with me. After dinner one night two guests ask Karen to tell them a story, they’ve heard that she’s a wonderful storyteller. She asks them to give her three random words, and she proceeds to weave a spellbinding story with those three things in it.”

From this, she gets given three words and then writes a little story around the words given. It’s a lot of fun and very original.

So, here is the post in its full glory, enjoy! –

One Comment to “Birds, Waffles and Shenanigans?”

  1. Thank you Limebirdbeth! I’m so glad you liked your story and if anyone else has three words…stop by!

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