Shame on you Marks and Spencer. Shame on you.

by limebirdwriters

UPDATE – We just received a tweet from Marks and Spencer which said : “Oops, I see your point @limebirdwriters – I’ve let the team know so they can correct the mistake for the next batch they print!” Happy to see them seeing their mistake and caring about making it grammatically correct! 🙂 People Power!!

I bought this birthday card on the weekend:

Moustache Card

It was only when I got home and I had a proper look at it that I realised the mistake on it! I couldn’t believe it!

You would think Marks and Spencer, who pride themselves as a more ‘upmarket’ chain would at least be able to use apostrophes. I like a good moustache card as much as the next person, but I have to say that I did get my pen out and change it!

If you spot any other things like this, then please send them in to us. 🙂

3 Comments to “Shame on you Marks and Spencer. Shame on you.”

  1. Lol moustache cards are excellent but oh my what a rookie mistake, i bet posh people everywhere are in a uproar 😛

  2. Uh oh silly M&S – need to do better on their quality control from now onwards as the limebird followers are on the prowl!

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