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Ok, so for some unbelievably crazy reason I’ve agreed to take on the task of NaNoWriMo this year. I think it must have been in a moment of madness and the whole enormity of the task has begun to dawn on me. Do I actually have a story? Will it actually be interesting? Is the reason I’ve never completed a novel because I don’t actually have it in me? Will I have a brain meltdown and forget how to type? Will I realise I actually can’t write for toffee? What does can’t write for toffee mean?!!? Someone HELP ME!

Right. I’m calm again. So, if you don’t actually know what NaNoWriMo is and you’re currently thinking I’m a mad woman, firstly why are you still reading? Secondly, don’t worry, I’ll tell you. The whole idea of NaNoWriMo (which stands for National November Writing Month) is that from midnight on the 1st November until the 30th, you have to write a 50,000 word novel. Which works out at around 1,66777777 or something words per day. So, on a daily basis in my job I write WAY more than that, so with my smug face on I was like, ‘You know what NaNoWriMo, I accept your challenge, I laugh at your measly 1,667777 words a day hahaha!’

Then I actually had a think about it and realised that in fact, that’s a lot for original text. If you miss one day, it doubles, if you miss two days it triples. Then you’re left in a world of pain, hurriedly trying to thrash out word after word of your story leaving yourself with brain ache and hurty fingers.

So, I thought I should probably actually have a think about what I want to write about. Ok, so how about…

A beautiful vampire who sparkles in the sun and falls in love with a… oh no wait.

A neglected boy who doesn’t know his true self, until one day he gets a letter which invites him to become a pupil… OH GOD, Ok that’s definitely been done

A young girl in the early 1900’s falls in love with an owner of a family estate? No? Ok right, I officially give up.

I keep writing ideas down, getting annoyed and throwing them away. (Well, deleting them as most are in Microsoft Office form, which is a bit less dramatic), but you get the jist.

Ohh WAIT, what about a half dog/half fish hybrid and their struggles with life walking around with one half in water all the time? No..? Right, it’s fine, it’s not like I write for a profession or something.

Just, if you see me at any point in November, please give me a jab and tell me to get writing! Also, is anyone else taking part? Please do let me know if you are and what you’re doing to prepare. Maybe let me steal one of your ideas? No, I didn’t mean that.. *shifty eyes*.. No really, I don’t want an idea.. No..

Send help (and maybe some Jaffa Cakes).

NaNoWriMo Participant


14 Comments to “NaNoWriPANIC !”

  1. Hey, I gave Nanowrimo a go last year. Although I cheated with liberal abandon. I worked out the key story points for a month in advance and I also took three weeks off work so I didn’t have to schedule around my regular life.

    I don’t have any good advice to give however the thing that helped me the most was the absence of distractions so I disconnected my laptop from the internet and kept my phone in a different room whenever I needed to concentrate. Without that I definitely wouldn’t have finished my still untitled first novel.

    • Wow, that’s dedication! I’m hoping that writing thousands of words a day won’t hinder my novel… but I’m imagining that it will unfortunately.

      Do you know what you’re writing about this year?

  2. I am also gonna take part in the NaNoWriMo challenge and all those thoughts have rushed through my head too, but just relax its meant to be fun if you don’t complete it odds are you’ll end november with at least half a decent novel that you can continue or a full novel that needs a fair bit of tweeking either way ur gonna be a lot further than you would have been without taking part so chin up and get writing woman!

  3. lol sir is probably somewhat accurate 😛

  4. I’m up for it again this year! My advice? Don’t stop!

  5. Sounds like an epic challenge!!! Good luck everyone who is taking part the challenge!!! The first day of the challenge is on my birthday so that’s a good omen for everyone!!

  6. Write for toffee? Why not? I tell people that Nanowrimo is kind of like wandering the streets, playing banjo for coins. It’s fun but often lonely and you never know exactly where you are going or where you will end up. Maybe I should play for toffee. Hmmm.

    Have fun and keep writing. Don’t worry about the plot going in every direction. Remember, you have until “next” November to edit!

    Best of luck! See you at the end!

    • Hello! Thanks for your comment! That’s a fab description! 🙂

      Well, I’m expecting it to not be particularly good as I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to write about yet! Do you have to write it all from start to finish or can you skip to bits? I don’t tend to write in a linear fashion, more like beginning, end, middle… This may be a problem…

      Thank you! Good luck to you too!

      • I think as long as you have 50,000 words total that you can later edit or re-arrange to make more sense you’ll be fine! The “novel” for lack of a better word that I wrote last year is a mess and is almost literally an outline to a series, so I’m just going to forget that it exists, use its basic ideas/characters/scenes and re-write 3 or 4 books from it. Mine doesn’t even have an ending, I kind of got to 50,000 words on November 30th, said “Thank God!” and quit LOL! I do plan on going back to it and re-working the kinks.

      • Ah right I see. I’m just worried that I like to write random bits first. Do you actually post your novels bits on your account or do you save it in a word document? (I’m a real newbie!)

        Ohh, that does sound good. Haha! I can imagine that happening to me. The final OH GOD it’s over! What is your novel about? 🙂

  7. TRUST me I know where you are coming from. Since I was a wee tyke I always fancied myself a writer (mostly short stories and poetry) but I have always wanted to do more so one of my buddies (who has just published her first novel and it is SELLING!!) talked me into taking the challenge with her last year. Sure, I think, No problem. Um…….. WRONG haha I had NO idea what my story would be. And honestly, 6 days after it began I still had no idea what I was going to write, and had completely given up. But then I got mad at myself because I really honestly stink at following through on projects I start (I literally have 4 blankets around the house that I have began to crochet and then abandoned). So I kicked my own rear into gear, and still with no idea what to even write I decided I wanted to write a fantasy. I asked my husband if he could help me – and he did help me map out my fantasy land. So with a setting and a genre in place I sat down to writing, literally with no idea in mind AT ALL.

    Even though I was almost a week late into the challenge and with no idea what to write about when I began, I managed to finish the 50,000 words needed. It can be done! Good luck!

    • Oh dear, it’s not really fair if people have experience of writing a book is it? Well, I’ve got a basic outline and some characters so I think I’m just going to give it a good shot and hope for the best.

      OK – I will try and thanks for the tips! Good luck to you too!

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