We’re Sure Your Thank It…?

by limebirdwriters

Saw this outside a pub in Richmond today. Umm… what?


I’m not really sure what’s worse. The fact that they’ve written ‘We’re sure your thank it’ or that they’ve actually consciously made it rhyme!


4 Comments to “We’re Sure Your Thank It…?”

  1. This reminds me of the poetry I wrote when I was little. I’d be so pleased that I’d thought of a rhyming word that I’d use it no matter what it actually meant (or if it was actually a real word). I really want to figure out what they were getting at, though…

    • Haha I know, that’s very true! I’m not entirely sure if I’m honest. Maybe you’ll instead of your? Who knows… It was only written in that soluble chalk stuff as well, so could have easily been rubbed off!

  2. Gibberhymes! People go bananas over euphony; there is good reason why most good modern poetry doesn’t rhyme. But who’s going to tell our hoteliers. Good work, you go poke their bad verse.

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