Lest We Forget – 11/11/11

by limebirdwriters

I know normally we don’t take things too seriously here at Limebird, but today is Remembrance Day and over here in the UK it’s very important to us.

So, I had a little look online to find a poem which I liked to post up here. However, most that I found were either very old fashioned or very religious. Then I came across this one by John Bailey, who is a former regular and now serving Territorial Army soldier who served in Afghanistan in 2008.

I liked this one best, so I’m going to share it with you now.

Taking a Stand

I ask you to stand with me
For both the injured and the lost
I ask you to keep count with me
Of all the wars and what they cost
I ask you to be silent with me
Quietly grateful for our lot
As I expect you’re as thankful as me
For the health and life we’ve got
I ask that you wish them well with me
All those still risking their all
And I ask that you remember with me
The names of those that fall
I expect that you are proud like me
Of this great nation of ours too
So enjoying all its freedoms like me
Support those upholding them for you
I hope that you are hopeful like me
That we’ll soon bring an end to wars
So you’ll have to stand no more with me
And mourning families no different from yours
‘Til then be thankful you can stand with me
Thinking of those who now cannot
For standing here today with me
At least we show they’re not forgot

John Bailey
© Copyright May 2011



12 Comments to “Lest We Forget – 11/11/11”

  1. Wish I could like this one 10 times over!

  2. Something about rhymes make me cringe; but this had a very martial rhythm, suggestive of a battalion of behemoths mowing down the battle-field, notwithstanding the tender gratitude of its content. Good to be surprised; beaten by the bat I thought banal and brittle.

  3. I liked this poem very much. I could tell that this was written from the heart, a knowing heart. I went in the Army at 17, many years ago, Serving during peacetime and wartime, I felt that not only was I serving my country in time of need, but helping people who could not, but tried, to help themselves. We are all in this together, and someday I hope we will all live together…in peace.

  4. A beautiful poem, heartfelt poem…

    And I ask that you remember with me
    The names of those that fall

    One poem which has always affected me is ‘dulce et decorum est’ and I have gone so far as to put together a backing track (a mantlepiece clock and a cat) and work out the voice I would use for the reading. I promise to get my act together and post in for Remembrance Day this year.

  5. Where did you get permission to post this poem. I wish to use it as part of my remembrance on FB but don’t want to infringe on copyrights.

    • Hi Jacques,

      The site that I found this poem did not state on the website that permission was to be sought from the writer before redistributing, so this poem is up here in terms of ‘Fair Use’ with regards to copyright. This includes for purpose of: commentary, criticism, news reporting, research, teaching, library archiving and scholarship. I would class this under commentary, and I imagine this would also be relevant for your remembrance page. So long as you have attributed the original source/author, this type of reproduction of poetry etc is allowed under the ‘Fair Use’ policy.

      Hope this helps,


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