Karma x 5 Chameleon

by limebirdwriters

I’ve always believed in karma and fate, ever since I was little. Y’know, things happening for a reason and all that. This week however, really put that to the test.

It’s fair to say I’ve had a tough few weeks. It’s far too depressing to go in to now, but this post starts off on Thursday last week and what happened from then on. The cherry on the cake of bad weeks if you will.
So, Thursday was a pretty standard day. I was in quite a good mood, not sure why exactly but you know just one of those days where everything is kind of going alright. At lunchtime I did a good Samaritan deed and helped an old lady with her shopping as she was wedged in the shop door. I skipped towards her with a big grin on (she did probably think I was a bit crazy, but relieved when I was just asking if I could help), so that made me feel pretty good. I knew I was leaving work at 4:30pm which also put a bit of a spring in my step. The reason I was leaving early was to go and give blood, which also always give me a nice ‘I’m doing a good thing’ buzz. Even though it’s a bit uncomfortable, I’m a rare blood type and the feeling of knowing I’m helping someone else is a great one. Ok ok I know you’re like, when does the bad stuff happen? Well don’t you worry, it’s coming!

I’ll now skip to Friday morning….

The day started off as normal, getting ready, eating my breakfast cereal designed for small children, (not enough sugar on adult’s cereal) and I wandered down the three flights of stairs to my car. I’m currently parked on the road right by the car park in our block of flats. My partner and I swap around cars, so sometimes he’s in the car park space and sometimes I’m in the car park space etc.

So, I amble over to my car and pop out my driver’s side wing mirror and get into my car. As I look over to my passenger side wing mirror, it looks a bit… well… empty. By this point, it’s quite early so I’m hoping I’m just hallucinating, so I get out of the car and walk around to the aforementioned mirror and sure thing, it’s missing. At first, I thought… well maybe it’s fallen out. It’s always been a bit dodgy, so it’s just fallen out. Yes, that’s it. I kick the leaves about by my car, but no sign of it. By now I start to get a bit more angry. Lucky my better half is still by his car, so I angrily beckon him over. As he gets closer, he looks a bit scared as I clearly have an “I am really not impressed” look on my face. This is what happened next…

Me: “Oh golly, it would appear that some scallywag has stolen my mirror.”

Him: “Oh dear, how inconvenient.”

Ok, it’s fair to say it was a bit more like this : “MY [INSERT EXPLETIVE] WINGMIRROR HAS BEEN [INSERT EXPLETIVE] STOLEN” *shaking fist*

At this point, small children were heading out to school and I could see parents covering their ears and tutting, but I really didn’t care. Sorry little kids! Ok, so he has a look around too and we’re definitely sure that it has been stolen. Great. I have to get to work, so I head off (sans mirror) dangerously navigating around London, trying to not crash into anyone.
I get into work and I manage to get hold of a garage nearby who can order me in a new mirror for about £50 (not as bad as I thought, but still a lot), and it will be in at 2:30pm. Ok, I think, that’s not too bad, at least I will have a mirror by the end of the day. However, things are never that simple are they?

Wing Mirror

I get to the garage at the aforementioned time, wading through loads of traffic and nearly dying a few times on the North Circular. (For those not from the UK, this is a hideous road that is very busy, with lots of lanes and lots of roundabouts!) I finally get to garage and with my nicest puppy dog eyes, ask the man nicely if he will fit the mirror for me. He agrees and tries to fit the mirror for me.

After about ten minutes and two other men coming out to help, they finally realise that it is in fact not the correct mirror for my make of car. At this point I am very very very fed up and very close to going Incredible Hulk, but they say I can pick one up tomorrow, so with not much I can do about the situation, I head back to work, without mirror still and wondering what I could have possibly done to get all this bad luck!

It’s finally the weekend! Huzzah! We are meant to be heading off to see all of my family for lunch for my Auntie’s 60th birthday. We have both been looking forward to this for ages as we had ordered our food a while ago and it looked lovely (chilli prawns, chicken wrapped in ham and chocolate brownie for me and prawns, pork belly and crème brulee for him if you’re interested!). So we set off on our journey which should take around 1 hr 15 mins (according to the Sat Nav). We head off on the M25 (which again for those non-UK readers is basically one of England’s busiest motorways), and we’re about 20 minutes into the journey and his car judders.

Me: “Did you just take your foot off the accelerator?”

Him: “No…”

Me: “Oh no”

We both stared at the speedometer and it was slowly dropping…. he changed down a gear… still not going up… at this point, we both looked at each other and we knew we were going to have to pull over. Great. I have to say, waiting on the side of a busy motorway is not really how I wanted to spend my weekend, but there we go. I rang my mum to let her know we were going to be late and we stood there by the motorway, cursing those people zooming by. Even the posts were laughing at us…


We finally made it to lunch about an hour late you’ll be happy to hear, but we did have to eat three courses in the space of about 25 minutes. So feeling a little sick, we headed over to the hotel we were staying in. When we got there, my lovely mum gave me a bag which had some odd bits in and some post. Interested, I open up my post, fully expecting something hideous after the day we had had. Hmm, rubbish, rubbish, spam… Wait.. WHAT?! What is this…

Tax… rebate…. OH MY GOD! YES! I was told in this little green letter that the tax man had taken too much tax from me and I was getting over £600 back! Finally some luck! I scanned over it to make sure that I wasn’t being tricked.

I did also manage to find a positive about the wing mirror in the end. The one that they stole has always been a bit dodgy. Whenever you shut my door it went out of place, so you had to push it back. This new one seems to be working perfectly fine, so hopefully the person who stole it is now having to pop it back in every time they shut the door which brings me a lot of pleasure!

Also, with the other half’s car, it was quite an important part which had blown, so it’s good it did it then instead of when we were hurtling in the fast lane, so I guess you can take positives from everything.

So, do I still believe in karma and fate? Yes, I think so. We can now use that money to maybe actually get a holiday at some point. I would have preferred to have won enough for a house, but £600 will do for now.

Please do tell me any other experiences you have had with karma or if you believe in it or not, I’d love to hear them.

PS – If you’re baffled by the title of this, then Google Culture Club – Karma Chameleon. Cheesy song from the 80’s. Enjoy! Haha!


6 Comments to “Karma x 5 Chameleon”

  1. Wow. You indeed had a bizarre week. Hope it will continue to turn around for you. And yes, Karma is out there and is just waiting for those who pinch little, but necessary, things such as mirrors!

  2. I instantly knew Kharma Chameleon – one of my fave Boy George songs. But on to actual Kharma.
    I actually do believe in it – and it seems like you’ve been on the Kharma rollercoaster lately! I also believe in balance (very Zen of me, I suppose), so even when very bad things happen, I try to focus on the postive, and know it will balance out with something very good. My own harebrained theory – but so far, it’s worked for me!

    • I like the song too 🙂 I know it does feel like I have been on a Karma Rollercoaster, it’s been a very odd week. Yes, me too, as shown by the tax rebate that I got and that my wing mirror is now fixed!

      I think if we didn’t try and take the positives out of everything, life would be a bit too depressing!

  3. Good thing about bad “luck”: you can always find a way to write about it. (And you know, writing about it is the best therapy around…)

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