NaNoWriMo Day 17 – I Can’t Feel My Fingers But I’m Still Going!

by limebirdwriters

So, hello my fellow Nano-ers. We have passed the half way mark, huzzah for us! Now it’s day 17, we should be on about 28,339 words to be on target. I am currently on 31,267, so I am ahead of schedule which makes me happy inside. *does a little jig* I hope you’ve all reached the targets you were aiming for.

I’m still struggling along with writing full time for my job and then coming home and thrashing out chunks of my novel ‘Written In Pencil’. However,  I’ve now decided how I’m going to end my book and I’ve written it out. I know this is very weird for most people that I’ve spoken to, as most are writing in chronological order, but I like knowing where I’m aiming for. Writing the end was actually really exciting because I’ve now got a plan in my mind what I need to do to get to get there. I have also just introduced a new concept into my novel, which I’m quite keen to explore more with my characters.

I’ve been speaking to a few people about taking part in NaNoWriMo and the first question they tend to ask me is “what’s your novel about?” and I always find myself lost for words. I’ve got so many different bits in my book, I don’t really know how to describe it yet. I normally just end up rambling different ideas and plot lines that most people probably just end up wishing they hadn’t asked in the first place.

I’m so happy that I got involved in this whole process as the feeling of achievement is going to be amazing. I feel so excited and proud about the amount I have done already and I’m looking forward to the editing and rewriting process.

I hope you’re all enjoying it as much as me and I’m looking forward to seeing your word counts. Also can you summarise your novel in two sentences? I’m still working on mine but I’d love to see yours!

I’m limebirdbeth over on NaNo, so please do add me if you would like! 🙂


17 Comments to “NaNoWriMo Day 17 – I Can’t Feel My Fingers But I’m Still Going!”

  1. Hi Beth, glad to know you’re ahead of schedule on NaNo! I’m envious of your ability to have the vision to write something as big as a book! Kudos!

  2. I haven’t gotten into (or even found) main forums on NaNo. I’m afraid it would be another distraction that I would use!

    I haven’t told anyone what my novel is about. It seems too personal, it’s too unfinished. It needs to gestate for a little longer before I spring it on the world.

    • Hello there!

      No, I haven’t ventured into the forums on NaNo. I found our LB forums enough and the people on here! Been great encouragement. Yes I know what you mean about it being too personal and unfinished. I don’t really know myself how to describe it. They can read it when it’s done! Haha!

      Do I have you on there? If not, I’m limebirdbeth. If I have (sorry, rubbish memory!)

  3. Wow.. I’m very impressed 🙂

  4. Here’s my two sentence summary. A half French half English young woman marries a Frenchman before World War 2 breaks out and she is stranded without him in England. She becomes a British agent in the the French Resistance to try and find him.
    But when peole ask me I just say it’s about a woman in the French Resistance. Had no chance to write today so must start!

    • Thanks for sharing your summary Gabi! Sounds interesting and I can understand you just saying a few words about it. Sometimes it’s too complicated to explain! Have I got you over on Nano? I’m limebirdbeth 🙂

  5. Two sentences… Not a lot, is it? It’s set in medieval times…
    A King’s twin brother, who is also King (they both rule under the same name, unknown to all subjects), goes missing after a neighboring King lays siege to their castle because his daughter is allergic to peanuts. Lots of stuff happens, including a high-speed oxcart chase.
    And… that’s about it.

  6. Congrats on staying ahead! I’m not sure if I will actually finish at the 50,000 mark, but I’m trying.

    hmmmm… summarize in 2 sentence, now that is tricky. I will give it a go though. Over a century after nuclear war has destroyed America, a group of young adults break free of their Totalitarian government to explore what was once a great land.

  7. I have yet to take on NaNoWriMo (next year, I tell myself!) but whenever I am writing a short story, I can’t do it chronologically. I need to have the ending written (drafted, anyway) before I can even grasp the rest of the story. I need to know where I’m going before I can figure out how to get there–otherwise I just keep taking all wrong turns until I run out of steam. So I think it’s great that you have that ending ready. 🙂 Good luck with the writing!


    • Hi Kayo,

      I hope you do take part in NaNo next year! It’s my first year this year and I’m really enjoying it and the feeling of achievement is amazing.

      Yes, that’s exactly the same as me! I have to know where I’m going to end up so I can add subtle bits into the story so it all links. I’m glad other people do the same thing 🙂

      Thank you, you too!

  8. I would definitely be up for this but I fear I wouldn’t be able to fully commit to it, I have tried several times to write a book but failed out of bordem of writing the same thing! So for you to reach 30,000+ is a job very well done! 🙂

    • I had the same problem before I took part in NaNoWriMo. I had so many attempts at writing a book and I just got bored because of the lack of motivation. I never thought I would be able to do it, but this month has proved I can! I’m in the home straight now at 41,000 words, so if I can do it, so can you! 🙂 You should definitely give it a go next year, you might surprise yourself!

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