by poppycoxhead

So far for Limebird, I have only written one post. Several weeks have passed since then, and every time I have sat down to write, I have started an idea only to dismiss it as irrelevant, or ‘something that nobody on here would be interested in’, or just because I thought it was a bit rubbish.

However, this morning, Beth gently reminded us Limebird Writers that most of us er, hadn’t written anything for a while, so I decided to go against my instincts and write something anyway.

The problem that I have been having is that most of the writers and readers are writers of short stories and fiction (though I realise that doesn’t apply to everyone), I felt a bit set apart as I want to be a journo, which may seem a little silly, but it’s harder than I thought to relate my experiences to the other kind of writing.

That said, it got me thinking about inspiration. If you have writer’s block, what do you do? When I’m going through a faze of not being able to, or not wanting to write, sometimes I just leave it for a week or so. Is there any point in writing when you don’t have anything to say, or is that just an excuse? And if you are forcing yourself and so not enjoying the whole experience, should you be writing at all at that moment?

It depends what you are writing, I suppose. If it’s for work, or you’re meeting a deadline, well, you haven’t really got much choice. If it’s for your novel, or for a piece that you can take an extra day with, I say leave it. I’m not saying get lazy and leave it for a week like I sometimes do (the guilt overshadows everything else), but get out of the house – those walls aren’t going to help you now! Take a walk. Go to a gig. Sit in a café and people-watch for a few hours. Whatever floats your boat. And a change of scenery always helps me. It makes me feel alive – I’m sure you’re all familiar with that feeling of being house-bound with a writing project and just wanting to give up sometimes.

And best of all, when you’ve had a little break, you can carry on writing, invigorated and perhaps inspired by a chance encounter and when you’ve finished, you’ll get that warm, fuzzy feeling that we all know and love.
NB: Sometimes not having a deadline for something can ensure that it gets put to the bottom of the pile sometimes – sometimes I realise with a jolt I’ve been slacking and give myself made-up deadlines for everything.

7 Comments to “Inspiration”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this and thanks for your great advice. When I get writer’s block, I always tend to get away from it if I can and do something completely different. Obviously this is hard if you have a deadline, but it usually works. Also, if I’m stuck on a particular section, I’ll try and skip to another bit then come back to the hard bit. Not sure if this is a good idea for everyone, but it’s just how I roll!

    With regards to posts, I come from a Journalism (mainly News) background and I would love to see the posts you wanted to write about Journalism! I’m sure we have lots of readers who are looking to get into Journalism (or are already in that world!) who would appreciate them. 🙂

  2. Coming back to a difficult bit later is a great idea – sometimes it seems so much easier when you’ve finished the entire thing, I’m trying that next time I write something!

    Thanks Beth, that makes me feel much better – I just saw all of these posts about writing novels and panicked! I would love to write some posts about journalism, looking forward to it!

  3. Great piece, I’m not a trained writer at all so my approach may be a strange one, if I’m struggling to think of what to write I literally just type my every thought, anything that pops into my head without thinking about it, I write it down. After about 20 minutes I stop and read through it all which normally makes me laugh because my brain flits between thoughts very quickly, this normally relaxes me enough and gets rid of the crushing pressure I feel when I know I’m writing something others are going to read, and every now and then I find I’ve written down a idea or thought that I can write about later. 🙂

  4. All good suggestions above, as for myself I keep several short stories in the works. If I get blocked on one, I have another I can switch to and work on for a while. When I am totally blocked and can’t get interested in any of them, I find a good book to read. When I read something clever by one of my favorite authors it never fails to get me wanting to create too~
    When deadlines aren’t looming I get out of the house too. A walk, a movie, a meal out. Refresh the brain 🙂

  5. Great post Charlotte! I too am studying to be a journalist, and yes, inspiration does leave me at times. I also have found getting out of the house, or changing up your routine a bit, helps bring me motivation and inspiration.

    Great post! 🙂

  6. Inspiration is a funny thing. My kids inspire me with their first-time experiences. They are so filled with amazement and wonder and I think, gosh, it really is that easy. Great post!

  7. It’s all about walking for me. That, and having a suitable writing environment. If someone disturbs my ‘routine’ I actually go crazy as I find I can’t write for the rest of the day!

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