Batman The Real Superhero?

by limebirdsophie

Batman is one of those icons that almost everyone knows; whether you have read comics or not, chances are you know ‘The Batman’. Here’s the thing, he’s generally placed into the superhero genre but don’t forget he has no super powers he is just a man. Yes he’s a billionaire but he’s still just a man, he doesn’t have a magic hammer, super strength, the ability to fly or a pretty green ring but he does fight for justice and the good people of Gotham with nothing but his string of side kicks* and his trusty butler Alfred.

That is why many people say he isn’t a real super hero he is just a hero, so here’s my thoughts: Because of his expendable wealth he had the time to learn every possible skill you might need to fight crime; free climbing (I don’t know the proper term but climbing without a harness)as well as mixed martial arts, swordsmanship, computer hacking, base jumping and even to some degree psychology with this giant skill set I would say that makes him a pretty special human being but this doesn’t make him super.

In my opinion the big thing that sets him apart from the rest of the heroes is his bravery and his unwavering sense of responsibility, sure Superman and the rest are brave, they go out and they fight with the possibility of death but it’s a completely different story when you have impenetrable skin or a ring crafted by a superior alien race or hammer forged by the gods! It takes a very special (or very stupid, I cant decide) type of person to go out there and fight every night with no safety net as well as giving up real friends and real love for fear of putting them in danger. I for one know that if I had billions of dollars I would not be running around chasing criminals, I’d be lounging around partying and spending my money frivolously. Sure I’d give some money to charity, I may even volunteer once in a while to those less privileged but I know for a fact I wouldn’t have the sheer bravery to go out solo and put my life on the line for strangers and I don’t think many would…can you honestly say you would have that bravery?

Also, if you did, would you be able to keep your morality in check and never kill a single scum bag no matter what they had done?…what about giving up everyone you ever loved?…never getting married?…never settling down?…never telling anyone who you really are? Because let’s not forget Bruce Wayne is Batman’s alter ego not the other way round, the only person that knows the true Bruce is Alfred and he won’t be there forever. No I don’t think many could and this is what makes Batman super in my opinion, take away Bruce Wayne’s money and he would still find a way to fight the evil of the world, he would still get up every morning broken and bruised, suit up and take out the perverted and corrupt and he would do it without complaint. So the next time someone tells you that Batman isn’t technically a superhero maybe you can direct them here and I can change their mind.

Thanks for taking the time to give this a read, and if you have any points to add please do in the comments, whether it’s a wholehearted agreement or an adamant disagreement, I would like to hear it. 🙂

(*3 separate robins over the years Dick Grayson, Tim Drake and Damian Wayne)


13 Comments to “Batman The Real Superhero?”

  1. I agree LimebirdSophie, I don’t think ‘super hero’ means you have to have powers.

    If people think they have to have powers, what about Catwoman, Green Arrow, Iron Man? I think it’s what they do that makes them ‘super’. I think these characters are great too, because it’s a little bit more reachable for us mere mortals. OK, I’m not a millionaire… (like Batman, Green Arrow and Iron Man), but maybe I could be Cat Woman? *reaches for cat ears and leather*

  2. Interesting point to make, about Batman not having super powers – although to the residents of Gotham he is Perceived to have them. Is that right?

    • Yes Neeks in a sense Batman has created an idea an idea based on fear and you know what they say about ideas they cant be killed :P. There is a brilliant animated movie called batman:Gotham Knight it’s a collection of short animated stories the first one (Have i got a story for you) . Basically shows one night but from many different viewpoints of the people of Gotham and each viewpoint shows batman in a different way i.e. one sees him as this dark smoke that swoops and swells around the enemy, another shows him as this 8ft bat creature with giant fangs. It’s a very interesting look at how the citizens and criminals view the batman and how important the idea of him is versus the reality.

  3. Great post, I hadn’t really thought about it like that before! More like this please!

    • Glad you enjoyed it, I have a whole host of these deeper questions I’m going to try and answer over the next few weeks 🙂

  4. “Also, if you did, would you be able to keep your morality in check and never kill a single scum bag no matter what they had done?”

    I don’t know if you’ve played the new Batman game, Arkham City, but there were several times where Batman chooses to let a criminal live and just be imprisoned, while I was holding the controller thinking NO I want to kill the scumbag. So in answer to your question, no I definitely couldn’t keep my morality in check. I’m no superhero, Batman clearly is!

  5. Excellent points to consider here……makes me want to push for a Bruce Wayne for President campaign. If only that was a choice.

  6. Can’t agree more… superhero is someone who protects others at their own peril… though having powers is cool, he has his own dark, mysterious way of approaching things – Batman is pretty cool

  7. I love how you point out Bruce Wayne is the alter ego of Batman, not the other way round. Brilliant! Thanks for the post *^_^*

  8. I have had this argument with my family. I enjoyed the Captain America movie (perhaps because, stylistically, it was so close to those old war movies of the 40s). Anyway, my stepson said the Captain America wasn’t a true superhero as he was just a fast, stronger man, he doesn’t have ‘super powers’ (I disagreed of course). I came back with Ironman (whom all three of us love). Ironman has no powers, ultimately it is Tony Stark in a high-tech suit, and, in the honour stakes, does Tony really measure up to Bruce?

    So I have to agree with you, super is as super does… no matter whether that is with the backup of the power of the gods, a green ring, or just sheer, human, bravery.

    • Expertly put Sir! I agree i really enjoyed the Captain America movie not having read any of the comics (besides Fear Itself which i would really rather not think about) i actually got to sit and enjoy it without getting upset about story changes and cast selection etc that i normally get when watching super hero movies.

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