I Dedicate This Post to…You!

by Neeks

Alright.  Let’s think positive and believe with all our hearts that those novels created with NaNoWriMo will get published.  Yay!  Applause and praise are heaped upon your heads.   When I pick up your book, before I get to the introduction, what will the dedication say?  Will there be one?  Have you thought about this?

Let’s just say that I write a book one day.  I’ve finished it and now must come up with a dedication.  Do I make it to the fellow I might be dating at the time?  Not sure about that, what if we break up?  To my children?  My eighth-grade English teacher?  I think a dedication has to matter to the person you are dedicating it to, or else make it something entirely stupid.  I dedicate this book to the cast of Glee, Second Season, and to the Empire State Building. 

I love sitting down in a cozy place and cracking that book for the first time, I always stop to read the dedication if there is one.   I’m not sure why, I suppose because they are usually so full of feeling.   I wonder who the people are and what the author feels they did to further the book or his/her quest to write it along.   Someone dear recently dedicated his book to me, and I can’t tell you how flattering that was!  What would I put if given the chance?  What would you?  Let’s make dedications to our future books right here.

“I’d like to dedicate this future book to my father~ a tireless champion; and to my mother~ for teaching me to love the written word.”

I like it.  Now let’s hear yours!



17 Comments to “I Dedicate This Post to…You!”

  1. I love love love this post Neeks, what a great idea! Hmm, you’ve got me thinking now. Mine probably won’t be as succinct or poetic as yours, but if this was my NaNo novel, it would go a little something like this –

    “I would like to dedicated this book to my mum first and foremost. You always believed in me and encouraged me to read, write and be creative at any opportunity. My step dad Alan, for tirelessly listening to me read you my school books about dancing foxes or red ponies. My lovely suffering other half Aaron for putting up with my constant craziness and for encouraging my writing at all times.

    Special mention also to Francesca and Sophie for helping me bring my characters to life in this book and giving me great and honest feedback about my writing. Also, all of my friends and family for never letting me stop believing that I could do it. I hope I made you proud. ”

    Oh, and my amazing Limebird writers and readers of course 😉 I feel like I’m writing some kind of Oscar winning speech, but there we go. Haha!

  2. For me, I think a dedication should go out to people who inspired, helped, or motivated you to write the book. Sometimes I get so frustrated when I’m reading a memoir, or a travelogue, or something with real characters, and the entire book is about how one special character has touched the author’s heart. I immediately flip to the dedication page and if that person’s name isn’t there, and instead his wife or dog’s name is, it just frustrates me to no end!

    So, for my novel, if I ever get it published, I would dedicate it to my NaNo Facebook support group. Because without their motivation, inspiration, and all our pep talks, I would have never been able to write those 50 some thousand words. And, I would put a special thank you to my boyfriend for keeping me moving along, and for my mom for editing it.

    Great post! 🙂

  3. I dedicate this novel to my my friend Deb, because I have been promising her I would for the last 19 years and I think something bad might happen to me if I don’t…

  4. Now that you mention it… I WOULD like to dedicate this novel to the cast of Glee. And maybe Ellen DeGeneres! LOL

    That is a really great question, actually. I think I’d probably dedicate it to my paternal grandparents. While no longer with me, they were always an inspiration to me. They always encouraged me, and I think if I were to actually publish a novel they would be looking down on me from above with a smile, knowing they are still in my heart and mind with everything they taught me.

  5. Due to the inspiration of this particular story, I think I’d dedicate my novel to the special women in my life…or something like that. Can you believe I’m sitting here trying to edit what I’ll say? Ugh! It’s like my internal editor switch was set to December first.

    Congratulations on winning NaNo!

  6. My dedication in my NaNo novel would be something like, “Thanks to all my friends who pushed me through. Especially in the last two days when I was afraid I was going to fail, you put me into ‘beast mode’ and kept me there until I got this thing finished. You all rock.” It would be sweet and informal and definitely mention beast mode.

  7. I was thinking of a short rant against cliches in writing, something like… “To all the cliches I made fun of while writing this: It wasn’t your fault. To all the cliches I missed making fun of: You’re next.” I like funny stuff like that. I suppose I could dedicate my NaNo novel to the people who got me started on it.

  8. I dedicated my first NaNo, in 2005, to my husband, my son and my cat.

    This one (2011) is tricky. I never intended to write about a whole swag of horrible stuff I went through recently, but it crept in somehow. Writing has a habit of doing that. So maybe I should dedicate it to the whistle-blowers of the world – theirs is the toughest and loneliest road of all.

  9. The dedication in my first published novel will likely be short and sweet. “For Adrian [my wife], thank you for supporting me as I followed my dream.” Something like that…

  10. I think mine will be something like this:

    “To my mother, who taught me about words and their power and beauty. To my step-father, who taught me to try. And a special shout out to Em and SJ, who help me believe more in myself every single day. I couldn’t have done it without all of you.”

  11. I’m loving reading through all of these dedications, they’re great! 😀

  12. What excellent dedications. Beth I liked yours, and I liked Julietkachyk’s too ~ “To my mother, who taught me about words and their power and beauty.” Very nice. These are all very good!

  13. Funny, I was thinking about the same thing, and wrote about it on my blog (writeconnexion.wordpress.com) I thanked my writing friends, the guy who invented Scrivener, Larry brooks from Storyfix.com, and finally, my husband…for not complaining.

  14. Thanks for reminding us of this! My dedication for my future book is to my son, something like: “To my beloved son Daniel who gave me the inspiration and encouragement I needed to restart my writing life. Philippians 4:8.” (I chose a Bible verse to keep in mind as I write, so I’d include it in the dedication.) Hoping to use it soon…

  15. Wonderful idea! 🙂 I love reading the dedications.

    I was going to dedicate my first one to my parents and friends, until my grandmother died. It was painful.

    So my first one will simply say: “To my grandmother.”

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