The Buffy The Vampire Slayer Quick Watch Guide!

by limebirdsophie


Greetings all,

I wanted to share with you something that’s very close to my heart….My love for “The Buffy”. If you’ve never watched BTVS (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) you really should it’s an epic tale of a teenage girl chosen by fate to slay all evil, created by Joss Whedon and following on from the 1992 film under the same title. It was many a young teenagers first step to geekdom (including my own).

The show launched in 1997 when I was 9 years old. I obviously didn’t start watching until I was around 12 when the show was on its fourth season but as soon as I saw that first episode I was hooked and since that sad day in 2003 when the last ever episode of BTVS “chosen” ended I have never looked back. Since then and I’m sure many Buffy fans will agree, about every 18 months I suddenly get the “Buffy Itch” suddenly you wake up craving “that episode” and I’m sure everyone’s is different but we all have one don’t we?

Come on you can admit it you’re safe here…. After watching “That Episode” you’re hooked again and you need to delve into the Buffy-verse once more. This is where this post comes in. To watch all 144 episodes would take 96 hours or 4 straight days so I came up with a genius plan, I said to myself: you know the story, why dont you just miss a few out. So I set about creating The Ulitimate BTVS Quick Watch Guide, so please if you’re a fan check it out, are your favorite episodes there? If not what did I miss, what would you do differently? Answers in the comments please. Enjoy 🙂

Season 1

Episode 1&2 “Welcome To The Hellmouth/The Harvest

Buffy moves to Sunnydale & must stop The Master from Rising. No matter what you have to watch the first two episodes even if it’s just to laugh at how young they all look and remember the beautiful 90’s fashion.

Episode 3 “The Witch”

Buffy and Giles must stop a witch who is wreaking havoc on cheerleaders (You know the one with Amy’s mum).

Episode 4 “Teachers Pet”

Xander has a dangerous crush on the new substitute teacher. Classic episode mainly for the epic awkwardness of Xander.
Best Quote:

Giles:Uh, well, basically the, uh, the She-Mantis assumes the form of a beautiful woman and then lures innocent virgins back to her nest.
Buffy:Virgins? Well, Xander’s not a, uh…I mean, he’s probably…
Willow:…gonna die!

Episode 6 “The Pack”

The Episode where the cool kids ..and Xander get possessed by hyenas and eat principal flutie. Oh and Poor old Xander gets pummeled…by a desk.

Episode 7 “Angel”

Buffy and Angel share their first kiss and she finds out who he really is.

Episode 11 “Out of Mind, Out of Sight”

An ignored student becomes invisible and seeks revenge on perpetually popular Cordelia. (this episode is referenced in “Gone” season 6 episode 11).

Episode 12 “Prophecy Girl”

A book of infallible prophecies predicts that Buffy will face the Master in a battle to the death — hers.

Season 2

Episode 2 “Some Assembly Required”

Someone is building a woman using body parts from different girls — and Cordelia’s head is on the wish list.

Episode 3 “School Hard”

Spike and Drusilla come to town, and Spike invades Parent-Teacher night.

Episode 4 “Inca Mummy Girl”

Buffy and Joyce offer to take in a foreign exchange student, but instead get a life-sucking mummy who’s taken an interest in Xander. Also it’s the first episode that Oz notices Willow.

Episode 6 “Halloween”

Someone from Giles’ past wreaks havoc on Halloween, causing Buffy and the gang to be transformed into their costumes. Definitely in my top 10 episodes.

Episode 11 “Ted”

Everyone except Buffy loves Joyce’s new beau, who turns out to be more than meets the eye. This Guy really creeped me out when I was younger.

Episode 12 “Bad Eggs”

The gang must adopt eggs as “babies” for their Health class, but there’s more than yolk inside these eggs. Eww the one one with the creepy gooey spider things *Shiver*

Episode 13 “Surprise prt 1”

Drusilla reassembles the Judge, an unstoppable demon; Buffy and Angel do the naughty and we all know what comes next….

Episode 14 “Innocence Prt 2”

Angel loses his soul and his demon self takes over; Buffy must deal with him and stop the Judge.

Episode 15 “Phases”

The gang tries to save a werewolf from a poacher; Oz makes the startling discovery that he is the werewolf in question.

Episode 16 “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

Things get dangerous when all the women in Sunnydale – except Cordelia – are after Xander due to a love spell gone wrong.

Episode 20 “Go Fish”

When it appears that something is targeting the swim team, Xander goes undercover to find the truth.

Episode 21 “Becoming pt 1”

Angel prepares a ritual to awaken a demon that will suck the world into hell; Buffy prepares to kill him, but is torn when Willow discovers the ritual that could restore Angel’s soul.

Episode 22 “Becoming pt 2”

Buffy’s life is a mess when her mother discovers her secret life, and she’s expelled from school and forced to make a heart-wrenching decision when both Angel’s and Willow’s rituals succeed.

Season 3

Episode 1 “Anne”

Buffy’s in LA, hiding from her friends, family and destiny, but she has to face who she is when something demonic is threatening kids living on the streets.

Episode 3 “Faith, Hope and Trick”

There’s a new Slayer, a new villain, and a new love interest for Buffy… and the return of another character as well.

Episode 5 “Homecoming”

Buffy and Cordelia compete for Homecoming Queen and are hunted in a competition of a different kind; Willow and Xander’s friendship takes a turn.

Episode 6 “Band Candy”

Candy sold by the SHS band causes the adults to behave like teenagers, with some interesting outcomes.

Episode 10 “Amends”

At Christmas-time, evil haunts Angel, torturing him with visions of his murderous past and urging him to kill Buffy.

Episode 11 “Gingerbread”

Haunted by her discovery of two murdered children, Joyce rallies the town into a witch hunt. (The one where Amy gets turned into a rat).

Episode 13 “The Zeppo”

Feeling left out by the gang, Xander makes new “friends” and finds his own adventure and danger.

Episode 14 “Bad Girls”

Buffy’s new Watcher comes to town; Faith lures Buffy into her world of reckless abandon, with fatal results.

Episode 16 “Doppelgangland”

Anya wreaks havoc again when a spell goes awry, bringing Willow’s vampire doppelgänger into the Buffy-verse

Episode 18 “Earshot”

Buffy is infected with the uncontrollable ability to read minds, which threatens to drive her insane; it also unearths a plot to commit mass murder at the school, and the gang must save the day.

Epiosde 20 “The Prom”

Buffy and Angel must deal with the impossibility of a future together; Buffy must save the day when someone plots Prom massacre.

Episode 21 & 22 “Graduation Day”

While the Mayor prepares for his diabolical transformation on graduation day, Buffy battles Faith to save Angel’s life.
As the hours tick away to graduation, the impending doom of the Mayor’s ascension hangs heavy with the gang. With Angel near death, Buffy must risk her own life in an effort to save his.

Season 4

Episode 2 “Living Conditions”

Everyone wonders what’s wrong with Buffy when she insists that her annoying roommate is evil.

Episode 3 “The Harsh Light of Day

Spike is back, searching for a gem that will make him invincible; Buffy is distracted by her first attempt at getting back into the dating pool.

Episode 5 “Beer Bad”

Buffy drowns her sorrows by drinking with some upperclassmen, but Xander grows concerned when they start to get in touch with their primordial roots.

Episode 6 “Wild at Heart”

Oz and Willow’s relationship is up in arms when Oz is powerfully drawn to a female werewolf.

Episode 8 “Pangs”

Angel secretly arrives in Sunnydale to protect Buffy; Buffy tries to have a perfect Thanksgiving.

Episode 9 “Something Blue”

A spell by Willow goes awry, causing Giles to go blind and Buffy and Spike to fall in love and get engaged.

Episode 10 “Hush”

After the residents of Sunnydale lose the power of speech, Buffy battles strangely silent assailants alongside an incredulous Riley.

Episode 14 “Goodbye Iowa”

Buffy discovers the Initiative’s secret weapon; Riley becomes disoriented and paranoid after the death of his mentor.

Episode 15 “This Years Girl pt 1”

Faith wakes up from her coma and goes after Buffy, seeking revenge and armed with a mysterious gift left behind by the Mayor.

Episode 16 “Who are you pt 2”

While Buffy is mistakenly kidnapped by the Watcher’s Council, Faith wreaks havoc in Buffy’s life.

Episode 17 “Superstar”

Buffy must put aside the turmoil she feels about Riley and Faith’s night of passion to investigate why a former nerd is suddenly a superhero.

Episode 19 “New Moon Rising”

Oz returns to Sunnydale and is captured by the Initiative during a full moon; a conflicted Willow tells Buffy about her new relationship with Tara.

Episode 20 & 21 “The Yoko Factor/Primeval”

The Conclusion of the Adam Story, The Scoobies all combine their spirits to make Buffy stronger.

Season 5

Episode 1 “Buffy Vs. Dracula”

Buffy is shaken by the awesome power when she comes face to face with the greatest vampire of all time, Dracula. Meanwhile, Xander becomes the dark one’s emissary and leads his friends into peril.

Episode 3 “The Replacement”

Confusion reigns when Xander is split into two Xanders, each representing different sides of his personality.

Episode 6 “Family”

Tara’s family makes a surprise visit to Sunnydale for her birthday, threatening to reveal a shocking secret that could endanger all of their lives.

Episode 7 “Fool For Love”

When Buffy forces Spike to recount how he was able to kill two Slayers, his flashbacks reveal his first meeting with Drusilla.

Episode 11 “Triangle”

Emotions are charged between Willow and Anya when they are left in charge of the magic shop and Willow accidentally conjures an enormous troll.

Episode 12 “Checkpoint”

The Council of Watchers possess insight into Glory, but are less than forthcoming with the information, and are also threatening to deport Giles if Buffy doesn’t perform well on a test of her Slayer skills.

Episode 15 “I Was Made To Love You”

Buffy must stop a heartbroken young woman — a robot who was manufactured to be the perfect girlfriend — from destroying the city.

Episode 16 “The Body”

Buffy and the gang are overcome by grief when tragedy strikes and they are robbed of someone they hold dear.

Episode 18 “Intervention”

The Scoobies mistake Spike’s custom-made romance with his Buffybot for the real thing; Glory’s minions kidnap Spike in the belief that he is the Key.

Episode 19 “Tough Love”

While Buffy is preoccupied with being her sister’s keeper, Glory sets out to grab the person whom she now believes to be the Key — Tara.

Episode 21 “Weight of The World”

Willow psychically enters Buffy’s subconscious in an effort to reach the Slayer, who has been rendered catatonic by Glory’s abduction of Dawn.

Episode 22 “The Gift”

Buffy must square off against a true god when Glory prepares to use Dawn to break down the walls between the dimensions and unleash Hell on Earth.

Season 6

Episode 4 “Flooded”

A trio of young wannabe-big-bads (including Jonathan and Warren) cause trouble, while Buffy shoulders grown-up responsibilities such as running a household. Also, Giles returns.

Episode 5 “Life Serial”

The Slayer struggles to readjust to life in Sunnydale by attending classes with Willow and working with Xander, while the Geek Trio test her abilities with a secret campaign of harassment. Also, Buffy gets drunk with Spike.

Episode 7 “Once More With Feeling”

A mysterious force impels the Scooby Gang to burst into song, revealing their true feelings. Buffy admits that she was pulled out of heaven, and she and Spike share a kiss. Musical episode, with the cast doing their own vocals.

Episode 8 “Tubula Rasa”

Despite Tara’s misgivings about her overindulgence in magic, Willow does a spell that goes awry and gives the Scoobies amnesia. This is the last straw for Tara, who breaks up with Willow and moves out.

Episode 9 “Smashed”

Spike discovers that his chip now allows him to hurt Buffy; it seems Buffy came back wrong somehow. Willow reverts Amy to human form and the two party with magic. Buffy and Spike have sex.

Episode 10 “Wrecked”

Buffy’s tryst with Spike leaves the Slayer shaken. Willow nearly gets Dawn killed after going to see a warlock for a dose of magic, and thus decides to go told turkey on the magic

Episode 11 “Gone”

A social services worker threatens to take guardianship of Dawn. Meanwhile, the Geek Trio accidentally turn Buffy invisible with a ray gun.

Episode 12 “Doublemeat Palace”
The Slayer takes a job at a burger joint, and suspects that something demonic might be going on. Anya gets a visit from an old demon friend who questions her relationship with Xander.

Episode 16 “Hell’s Bells”

On the day of his wedding, Xander gets cold feet after he’s shown a disturbing glimpse into the future. Xander bails on the wedding, leaving Anya heartbroken. Anya is offered her old job back, as a vengeance demon.

Episode 17 “Normal Again”

A demon’s venom causes Buffy to hallucinate, convincing the Slayer that she’s a normal girl in a mental ward, that her parents are alive, Dawn never existed, and her Slayer life is a delusion.

Episode 19 “Seeing Red”

Willow and Tara reconcile. Warren acquires a pair of demonic orbs that imbue him with strength and invulnerability, and he faces off with Buffy but loses. He comes back with a gun, and shoots both Buffy and Tara.

Episode 20 “Villians”

Tara’s sudden death pushes Willow over the edge. After magically saving Buffy from her own wounds, Willow — consumed by anger and dark magic — hunts down Warren and tortures and kills him.

Epsiode 21 “Two To Go”

Buffy and Xander must protect Jonathan and Andrew, who are next on Willow’s list. The Slayer is no match for Willow, who has drained Rack of all his powers. Giles arrives to test Willow’s conviction that she’s unstoppable

Episode 22 “Grave”

Giles faces off with Willow, but she drains him of his powers. This much power causes her to feel all the suffering in the world, so she decides to end it — the world, that is. Xander finally gets through to her (with the yellow crayon speech), and he saves the day by doing so.

Season 7

Episode 3 “Same Time, Same Place”

Buffy, Xander and Dawn are unable to find Willow, who has inadvertently made herself invisible to her friends, and vice versa. Willow’s return to Sunnydale is marred further by a demon, Gnarl, who relishes the skin of his victims.

Episode 4 “Help”

Novice counsellor Buffy begins trying to help the students at Sunnydale High, including Cassie Newton, a girl who predicts her own death. Unfortunately, a Slayer is no match for fate.

Episode 6 “Him”

Dawn and Buffy (and then Willow and Anya) fall for the school quarterback, whose jacket is enchanted. Meanwhile, Xander and Spike become reluctant roommates.

Episode 11 “Showtime”

Buffy stages a showdown with the Ubervamp with the Slayers-in-training as her audience, then rescues Spike. Giles and Anya seek advice from Beljoxa’s Eye.

Episode 12 “Potential”

Buffy and Spike establish a boot camp to prepare the potential slayers for combat with the First, while a spell from Willow reveals another potential living in Sunnydale

Episode 13 “The Killer In Me”

Courtesy of a bitter Amy, Willow turns into Warren after kissing Kennedy; Buffy contacts the government to get help with Spike’s misfiring chip.

Episode 16 “Storyteller”

Andrew films the Scoobies for a documentary on Buffy, while Sunnydale High is rocked by a sudden outbreak of student violence. Xander and Anya reconsider their relationship.

Episode 17 “Lies My Parents Told Me”

When the Scoobies fail to nullify the First’s hold on Spike, Principal Wood and Giles team up to kill him. Meanwhile, Spike relives the day he became a vampire.

Episode 18 “Dirty Girls”

Faith returns to Sunnydale just in time to meet the First’s evil agent, Caleb. Buffy leads the troops into a battle with Caleb, which ends with two dead Potentials and a seriously wounded Xander.

Episode 20 “Touched”

A depressed Buffy gets comfort from Spike. Meanwhile, the Scoobies capture and interrogate Bringer, and Faith leads an attack on the Bringers’ arsenal.

Episode 21 “End of Days”

Faith and some of the Potentials are injured by a bomb. Buffy retrieves a mystic scythe and uses it against Caleb; Angel turns up to give her a hand.

Episode 22 “Chosen”

Buffy comes up with a plan: The gang makes an attack on the First’s army, aided by Willow, who performs a powerful spell to imbue all of the Potentials with Slayer powers. Meanwhile, wearing the amulet that Angel brought, Spike becomes the decisive factor in the victory, and Sunnydale is eradicated. Buffy and the gang look back on what’s left of Sunnydale, deciding what to do next…

So what do you think? I’ve trimmed it down to 85 episodes that’s only 56 hours manageable to watch over the course of a week or so but Is it what you would pick? What are your top 10 episodes? Tell me in the comments oh and come back soon for the Angel Quick Watch Guide and then maybe even the Ultimate Geekdom Crossover Guide.

P.s. Sorry for the size of the post, if you stuck with it to the end …Thank you 😀


17 Comments to “The Buffy The Vampire Slayer Quick Watch Guide!”

  1. Blimey Sophie, this must have taken you ages! Thank you for taking the time to compile this, it REALLY makes me want to watch Buffy. I remember watching this when I was younger.

    I have to say I don’t think I’ve seen them all. Maybe I need to invest in a box set….

    • Lol that’s not actually the full version the full one has fun facts and quotes from each ep but I didn’t want to bore u all. You can borrow mine it’s definitely worth a watch 🙂

  2. Haha, my mom used to love this show. I remember her watching it. She loved Angel and Charmed too. I never watched them though.

    You’re a bit in love with it, aren’t you Sophie? 😉

    Nothing wrong with that. We won’t go into the rants I go on about Doctor Who!

    • Thanks, how could you tell :P. I love all sci-fi/Fantasy so if you like that kinda thing keep checking back because I’ll be talking about them all.. You should definitely give them a go they really are the classics of the modern age.

  3. My wife and I watched Angel while she was pregnant with our first kid, on bed rest after bleeding and contracting too early. (Everything turned out fine!)
    Pregnant Darla, baby Connor and especially Phantom Dennis offering tissues to a suddenly pregnant and sobbing Cordelia were episodes that really got to her.
    Later, pregnant with our second (an easier pregnancy) we watched Julie Benz get pregnant again on Dexter!
    Just a little side story.

    PS You have the same synopsis for “Earshot” and “Living Conditions”.

  4. Teenage girls in push up bras chasing vampires. Who’d have thought it would be a hit?

  5. I loved Buffy, strange thing for a man such as myself to admit but it was awesome, I was however more of an Angel guy and I mainly watched Buffy for Spike because he was the badass we all wanted to be as teenagers, episode 3 of season one of Angel will always been my favourite.

    The episode where Willow is going all psycho because of her witch powers and Xander was the only one that could stop her was a thing of beauty. Had I not been a man, I’m sure I’d have shed a tear.

  6. Wow, what a comprehensive list! Are you that organized with everything? I would forget my head these days if it wasn’t attached, I swear. I always loved Buffy, I just never watched it much. There are some shows I like, but I seldom actually find the time to sit down to the tv. 😦

    • Well now I’ve given you a quick list it’s the perfect time right!? Just kidding if you haven’t watched them all before, u definitely need to watch them all 😛 and LOL I am probably the least organised person you will ever meet, just love buffy I guess 😀

  7. I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer! I’m glad SMG was cast in “Ringer.” It’s a good show with lots of twists and turns.

  8. I have an evil plan to get my partner hooked. She is convinced that it is just Buffy v the vampire of the week. Once we finish the DVDs currently on the top of our list (NCIS Season 6, Dexter Season 3, Heroes Season 3 and the new Dr. Who Season 2) I plan to slip some Buffy in and get her started! (I have all 144 episodes 🙂 ).

    As for my ‘favourite’ episode, it is hard to say. But, as a fan of old musicals, “Once More With Feeling” is definitely up there for me.

    • I commend your evil plan and you deserve a round of applause! Buffy V the vampire of the week, i was almost offended by such a thought. I am sure that you can convince your lady otherwise, it’s pretty much fact that any woman under 30 automatically loves Buffy, i think it may be all those terrible 90’s clothes from season 1 that just endears you to the character 😛

      I am a known musical hater, i just don’t like that they randomly burst into song for no reason but i make a huge exception for Buffy and even own the Once More With Feeling Soundtrack so good choice 🙂

      Cheers for reading and hope to see you on the forums.

      • Soph, dunno if you’ve made the link but Dennis is the same person you were talking to about tattoos in the forum! 🙂

      • OOoo No i had not made that link in my often clouded head! Plus i’m replying through my gmail account so i dont get any avatar pictures or anything :(. Thanks for pointing it out 🙂

        *Waves* Hi Dennis with the AWESOME tattoos *Waves*

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