Warning: Sentimental Thanks Alert!

by limebirdwriters

It feels like a lifetime ago, but it was only a mere 2 and a half months ago that Limebird Writers open its little eyes and hatched. It started off as a tiny idea in my head, that I wanted to create a place where writers could get hints and tips about writing and also meet other like minded people. I also wanted it to be FUN! Life is way too serious sometimes and writing is meant to be fun, so why not make it that way?

In this short amount of time we have managed to amass over 7,500 views on our blog, we have over 1300 followers on Twitter and we have made some great new friends. You may have also noticed that we have had a bit of an upgrade in the logo department! My lovely friend Matt at my work (it helps having a designer friend) designed it for us which is great!

Most days I have to pinch myself as I am so excited that people seem to like what we are doing here. It also wasn’t that long ago that I was doing that embarrassing video for our 1000th view! So who have we got to thank for this? Well, the answer is YOU! Thank you for coming and reading our musings and posts every day. Thank you for your constructive comments and ideas, and thank you for coming back!

Right now I have the pleasure of working with 11 wonderful writers who work behind the scenes thinking of posts and replying to your comments. Through this blog I have met some wonderful writers and made these great new friends – LimebirdKate, LimebirdNeeks, LimebirdCat, LimebirdCharlotte and LimebirdLorna. You guys are awesome.

I have also had the pleasure of seeing a great response to things written by people I knew before Limebird – LimebirdSophie, LimebirdCesca, LimebirdAaron, LimebirdMike and LimebirdCaroline. You guys are ALSO awesome. (Although I knew that before this started…)

I have also met some great new bloggers and friends through this. I would list them all here but it’s way too many. You know who you are (especially those keeping the forums alive).

Basically what I want to say is thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so proud to be a part of this experience and I hope it will continue to grow. Also, if you can think of anything you would like added to the blog please let me know. Do you want more book reviews? Do you want more publishing advice? Do you want more random cat pictures? Please add it into the comments.

Big cuddles and friendly Limebird pecks from,

LimebirdBeth and everyone in The Limebird Team x

Limebird Logo

30 Comments to “Warning: Sentimental Thanks Alert!”

  1. Love the new logo! And I love the things y’all are posting now, can’t think of anything more you could do. I love all the tips and tricks, ideas, and advice – well everything! Also, congrats on 6,000 views !

  2. Loving the logo bethly 😀 wooooopeeee

  3. Congrats and continued good luck with the site. 🙂

  4. I’m crying too hard to say much right now… *sniffle*. I’m honored to be a part of this supportive team, and I absolutely love our bloggers and fans and forum friends. So, I second Beth’s thanks–everyone has helped to make Limebird Writers such a huge success! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Thanks for keeping us entertained, we may be the reason you write, but you’re the reason we visit to begin with 🙂

  6. Hello LimeBird team!

    It sounds like a great company you have started up! As a new blogger myself, I’m always amazed at how lucky I am to have people come and check out my space, and even better, to enjoy my content! Congratulations on your success- and by the way, you can never have enough cat pictures.


    • Hi Clare, welcome to Limebird and thank you for commenting!

      Thanks, that’s very kind! 🙂 Yes it’s a great feeling isn’t it? I still get excited to get comments! I completely agree!


      Hope to see you around these parts again soon!

      • Congratulations! It is well deserved, and I hope that your blog continues to grow and gain even more exposure amongst writers and bloggers. You have a great blog here. Keep up the excellent work!

        PS: By the way, how did you manage to get the cat photo to appear within your comment? Whenever I try to put an image into my comments, it never works for me, and I always end up just having to put a link to the image in my comment, instead of the actual image itself!

      • Thank you Scriptor! 😀 That’s very nice of you to say.

        Ohh, that’s magic 😉

        Ok, Ok, maybe it wasn’t. So, I added the image into my media library ( on the left hand side, below ‘posts’) and once it has uploaded, it gives you a ‘File URL’. I then just dropped the File URL into the comment box and it comes up! Good luck! x

  7. Oh my gosh, that cat is too adorable.

  8. haha, I gave you guys the Liebster, mainly to give a shout out to the forums. 😀 Hopefully it’ll get us some more members 😀

    I didn’t realize how many followers you had! I feel kinda bad, actually that’s a lie. I don’t feel bad at all, ;3

    I think you should keep posting whatever you fancy. More publishing advice would be nice, though. 🙂

    Keep up the good work. 🙂 And the new logo is awesome.

  9. Congrats. Your numbers are seriously stupendous. We started at the same time and it stays fun! Always enjoy your posts.

  10. Oh oh oh, I just thought of something else. You guys need to post more stories and other things you write. Cause I liked reading the story posted the other day. 😀

  11. Ahh yes – random cat pictures. But don’t forget the puppies. Puppies are good too. Oh – and kittens. You have to have kittens if you’re going to have cats. What were we talking about? Hmmmm…writing. So in that case – writing and publishing advice, journeys, dillemas, etc. – all good things!

  12. Beth I like the new logo, it does look more professional. The site is getting so many hits because it was a GOOD idea and good news spreads fast!

  13. Great job Beth! Love all of the posts so far, and the new logo – Limebird is going from strength to strength!

    P.S. I just noticed it’s snowing on Limebird! Amazing!

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