Author Spotlight: Adam Davies

by limebirdwriters

So, I have the great pleasure of introducing to you a post by guest Limebird,  LimebirdKaiser – This is a review of the author Adam Davies. Enjoy!

Author Spotlight: Adam Davies

I have a guitar. Every few months, I’ll pick it up and start to fiddle around on it. Maybe I’ll decide, “I’m gonna really buckle down and learn to play this thing!” Then I practice every night for a week or two until I’m strumming chords quite nicely and my scales don’t sound too shabby. And then “Unchained” will come on the radio. Or, worse, “Panama”. Or – ultimate discouragement – “Eruption”.

I put my guitar down and go back to not being a rock star. Adam Davies, I hope you like rock and roll, because I’m about to compare you to Eddie Van Halen. When Davies is on stage, bring your dictionary; he sometimes likes to show off. His command of the English language is thesaurian. He hammers on and pulls off breathtaking adjectives. He fires off witty, metallic-toned pentatonic phrases and replicates them into arpeggios of characterization and plot. Like Jon Bon Jovi in Wanted Dead or Alive, he leaves a million faces rocked in his wake. And he makes it look so easy: does it all with a smile on his face. Adam Davies is the kind of author that makes me, as an aspiring writer, want to give up. How am I ever gonna get that good?

I’ll try to leave my comments about his books relatively spoiler-free. The first book of his that I read was ‘Mine All Mine’. It’s the fast paced adventure of a security guard with Wolverine-keen senses in the high stakes world of priceless art theft. It was a perfectly good book from beginning to end and I paid it the highest compliment I could: immediately grabbing another book by the same author.

‘Mine All Mine’, though – that fun-filled, whirlwind journey – did not leave me prepared for the gut-wrenching heartache of ‘Goodbye, Lemon’. This book, in one word, is sad. In three words, it’s super duper sad. In addition to your dictionary, you’ll need a box of tissues. I was seven pages into this book when Davies grabbed and twisted the stomach right out of me. I thought, “Can he possibly keep up this pace the entire book? And if he does, can I handle it?” The answers turned out to be Yes and Barely, respectively.

Here’s how sympathetic Davies’ characters are in Goodbye, Lemon: You’ll cry out, “No! You idiot!” as Jack’s fight with Hahva escalates to the point where she leaves for home. You will cheer and pump your fists as Jack, fifteen years sober, slides back into alcoholism. You will scream – literally scream at the book hoping the author will hear you – “Just, just please let Jack shoot his helpless, wheel-chair bound, stroke victim father! Please!”

Having said all that, the book wasn’t perfect. My biggest complaint was the ending. All the actual events of the conclusion were fine. There were no deus ex machinas to wrinkle my nose at. But it felt rushed. It was like: Bing! Bang! Boom! Story over! It could have been expanded a little, I thought.

His first book, The Frog King, is being made into a movie due out soon. Let’s all read it before then so we can scoff about how much better the book was. Will you join me?


12 Comments to “Author Spotlight: Adam Davies”

  1. This is such a great post Kaiser! I absolutely love the comparison to a rock star, that is so awesome. I especially like this bit – ‘He hammers on and pulls off breathtaking adjectives. He fires off witty, metallic-toned pentatonic phrases and replicates them into arpeggios of characterization and plot.’ What a great idea. Well done! 😀

    I haven’t actually read any of his books, but this review makes me want to go and pick one up! Which one would you recommend reading first?

    • Thanks, Beth,
      I’ve only recently tried to get serious about writing. My experience with NaNoWriMo really drove home how grueling and frustrating a task it can be.
      When reading Davies’ books I was constantly struck by how fluid and easy he made writing seem.
      I decided “supportive encouragement” was an overall better path than “petty jealousy”, so I wrote this little review hoping to spread the word about him.

      As for which book to read first, it depends on what you’re in the mood for.
      Mine All Mine was a delightful, fun-filled romp.
      Goodbye, Lemon was a heavy tear-jerker.

      If I had to pick, I’d say start with Goodbye, Lemon. It’s the one that really stuck with me. Mine All Mine was good, but I wouldn’t have written a book report about it all by itself.

      ^ check THAT out!

  2. Lovely tone in the review, enjoyed it very much on a cold winter’s morning! I will definitely be joining you, I too want to read his books now (and scoff).

    • Thank you, Charlotte,
      I’m looking forward to getting my hands on The Frog King. It’s actually about a bottom-runger at a publishing company who dreams of getting his own manuscript published.
      So it sounds right up our collective alleys here on Limebird.

  3. Great review, would love to see more of these! Very well done.

    • Thanks Neeks,

      I would love to read more posts about authors that we love but aren’t super-popular yet.
      Who would you pick as your personal pet author to tout?


  4. Thanks, pfft. Now I have another author to read. Hey, at least it will make next years reading challenge easier. 🙂

    This review was great, you really care for the books and it comes through. Your enjoyments rubs off on me and manipulates me. Which is either good, or bad.

    • Too many books to read <- a real first world problem!
      I feel your pain, though. Oh well, it's better than not enough.

      Thanks for stopping by my site! I'll be sure to check yours out more thoroughly in the coming weeks when life calms down after the hollidays.


  5. Wonderful review! You knocked my socks off (and that ain’t easy). I will be looking for this author in my local bookstore!

    • Glad to hear you liked the review!

      And even happier to hear you’ll check out some of Adam Davies’ books. I hope I made it clear that I believe he deserves more attention.


  6. Brilliant Post well done, I think ill be picking up Mine all Mine i love a good fun filled adventure :). Thanks 🙂

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