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December 19, 2011

Interview The Limebird Writers!

by limebirdwriters

I was over on Robin’s blog and came across a section that she had called ‘Interview Robin’, which I really liked the look of. I hope you don’t mind Robin, but I’m going to do something similar!

So, there are 11 of us on the team here and I thought it would be fun for you to get a chance to know us a little better. So, please do ask us any questions in the comments section  either specifically to one Limebird ( Find out more about each of us here – ) like questions about editing to LimebirdKate or questions about comics to LimebirdSophie.

It could be about writing, or even just a general one like… ermm.. what’s your favourite chocolate? Anything you like! I’m looking forward to seeing your questions! 😀

PS – If you would like to ask more detailed questions, then please do check out our forum.

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