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January 16, 2012

“Luck! Sounds almost exactly like ‘fu-..”

by limebirdsally

cue in the minstrel and thus ends one of the funniest episodes (‘Beer’) of Britain’s finest ever comedy series, Blackadder.

I’ve got a bit of a swearing problem – not me personally (although I’m still not completely clear of the potty-mouthed tantrum zone) but my writing. When I was writing my tween books it was simple because I knew I needed to avoid swearing of any kind, so even if it felt as if a character would swear in a particular situation I had to find a way around it.

But I’m currently working on a YA novel, where the boundaries are less clear, and I’m finding occasions when there’s no doubt to me that the character would swear. For example in the opening pages my sixteen year-old protagonist is attacked by a shoal of paranormal ‘jawlers’ with demonic yellow eyes and┬áheads full of teeth.

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