Wowzers, We Have Been Nominated For The 7×7 Award!

by limebirdwriters

To sum it up… this week totally rocks! On Thursday, we received the ‘One Lovely Blog’ award and now we’ve been nominated for the ‘7×7 Award’. Not only that, but this is also our 100th post! huzzah! Big hugs and squidges for Kate from 4amwriter for nominating us (go check out her website). This is alter ego of the wonderful LimebirdKate and her website is chock full with great advice and information. Go on then.. what are you waiting for?

7x7 blog award

So, what do we have to do for this awesome award? Well, reading Kate’s post it seems that the first order of business is that we have to share 7 general things about ourselves, list 7 posts on our site and then nominate 7 more bloggers. Ok, now I get the 7 bit!

Other General Things:

Hmm, OK, 7 general things. I hope the other Limebirders don’t mind me doing just me, but.. it just saves time. Haha! Right I goddit:

1) My middle name is Eveline. (Pronounced eve-lyn) It’s Irish and was my dad’s mum’s name.

2) I was born with CDH (congenital dislocation of the hip) which my mum also had when she was born. This also means that if I ever had a daughter, they would probably have it too.

3) I have two younger siblings (aged 10 and 7) called Eden and Jai who I adore and whenever I speak to them about their day it cheers me up immensely (also I’m technically old enough to be their mum).

4) I am currently on the waiting list to donate bone marrow and I donate blood as often as I can as I have a rare blood type.

5) If you’re getting me a drink from the bar, I’ll have a vodka, lemonade and lime or a cider (no ice) please!

6) I’m never really that bothered about food, but my one weakness is Chinese food. I could eat my body weight in it.

7) Finally…. Limebird Writers is my pride and joy and I’m so happy that so many people are still visiting and commenting. Thank you!

Now for the posts:

The picking 7 posts is a tough one. as they’re not all me,  but what I shall do is list the most popular post by each Limebird Writer. (Minus any awards)  So here we go:

When Publishers Go Wrong by LimebirdBeth. All about my experience with a book that had half of it missing and the response from the publisher.

Auf Wiedersehen Pet by LimebirdCaroline. All about what languages we would choose to speak.

Don’t Compare by LimebirdCat. Great advice on how we shouldn’t compare our writing success with other writers.

How To Deal With Criticism (Or Not) by LimebirdCharlotte. All about how she dealt with getting criticism on a piece of her work.

Tools For Writers by LimebirdKaiser. What kind of tools we can use as writers, especially to make sure we never lose our work.

The Day I Lost My WIP by LimebirdKate. All about.. well… the day she lost her WIP.. Really funny (but horrible at the same time)

A Writer Reads by LimebirdLorna. Great reading list for writers!

On Editing by LimebirdMike. What it says on the tin. How to go about editing our novels.

Indie Authors Have Some Tough Choices To Make by LimebirdNeeks. Neeks gives a great outlook to the choices that independent authors have to make with regards to publishing.

Writing On The Go by LimebirdRaven. Useful tools for writers when we’re not at home.

Virtual Writers – A Newbie’s Perspective by LimebirdSally. Sally is a newbie to the world of blogging and this is her take on everything.

First Words by LimebirdSophie. All about how she met me (LimebirdBeth)

OK, so 7 blogs.

I’m going to go for blogs that I have recently found which I really enjoy reading. Also, that I haven’t nominated before. (Hopefully I’ve not done someone again.. If I have, I obviously really like your blog! lol) Sooo, here they are (In no particular order):

Susan Writes Precise

Cath Bore

Shannon Howell

Annie Cardi

Rebecca Berto

Kourtney Heintz

Morganti Writes

So, that’s it! Thank you again Kate and huzzah for us and the nominees! 😀

23 Responses to “Wowzers, We Have Been Nominated For The 7×7 Award!”

  1. Ooh thank you so much for choosing my blog, what a lovely surprise xxx

  2. Congratulations again, another award! This blog is a great idea and I think you should start selling coffee mugs and magnets. Well, I’d buy one! You encourage everyone with such enthusiasm, it’s catching and inspiring. Best to you!

    • Thanks LimebirdNeeks! Aww shucks, you’re making me blush! 😛 Haha, I did actually think of that, but I didn’t think anyone would buy any. I was thinking mugs with inspirational writing quotes on or something like that!

  3. Thank you for choosing me! 🙂

  4. Thank you so much! I love all the Limebird Writers so it’s an honor.

  5. Wow! Thank you so much, LimeBirdBeth! I am honored and surprised and truly grateful.

  6. Well done the team – thoroughly deserved.

  7. Congratulations on the new award! You all really deserve them!

  8. Woo-hoo! You guys rule 😉

  9. Huzzah!! Congrats Limebirds and all other winners!!

  10. Congrats Limebirds! and thanks for thinking of my blog! I am blown away!


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