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January 22, 2012

You Talkin’ To Me?

by limebirddennis

No, this isn’t an article about that seminal movie of 1976, “Taxi Driver”, but a look at the wonderful worlds of ‘constructed languages’.

Just this week, on Twitter, I was forwarded a link to a fantastic resource, Mark Rosenfelder’s “Language Construction Kit” which is very detailed and probably only of use to a serious language geek. Unfortunately for me, it came too late! It did, however, spur me to think about constructed languages and why authors feel the need to go to the trouble of devising them (particularly in the science fiction and fantasy genres). I will not be able to even mention the majority of the literary constructions that have appeared in print or on TV and in the movies; and so I will just touch upon some that have featured in my reading/viewing.

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