Versatile Blogger Award

by limebirdkate

Woo Hoo! Thanks to the wonderfully interesting Chris James , I have been treated with the Versatile Blogger Award!

To follow through on the acceptance, I must thank the 6’4″ left-handed fellow that nominated me; copy and paste the award logo in my own blog; tell my readers seven random facts about me; nominate 15 other blogs that I follow and let them know.

Okay, well I just accomplished the first two items–but thanks again, Chris!

7 facts about me:

I’m left-handed (sorry to steal yours, Chris, but it’s such a good random fact!)…

…and no one else in my family is left-handed which leads me to believe I have the subject for my next novel.

I am related to Thomas Jefferson (3rd US president–hmm, wonder if he was left-handed?)

I have a not-so-secret crush on Ewan McGregor

I rescued the following animals from my dog (not all at the same time): a bat, a snake, a baby bird, a snapping turtle, a box turtle, an oppossum, the neighbor’s cat, an albino toad, and a partridge

I make real eggnog every Christmas (basically that’s a dozen eggs, a couple cups of sugar, 3 pints of heavy cream, some milk, loads of bourbon and rum, and nutmeg to taste. Delish!)

My husband and his brother once went fishing and accidentally caught an eel–and I’m the one who had to take the hook out of its mouth because the two men were too scared

And now for 15 blogs I follow… A sweet-natured writer who gives advice and reviews books  A “fun and flawed” blog of a mom of six who is also a writer and a musician A knowledgeable and strongly motivated self-published writer An author and a blogger who writes and comments with lots of energy and enthusiasm A contemporary fiction writer who writes great posts about Southern culture An author who is generous with writing tips and advice  Love her Middle Grade Mondays which I refer to for my creative writing classes I’ve given Paul 2 other awards, so third time’s the charm–besides he’s just really cool. A journalist who took an RV trip down Route 1 in the US and wrote about it A wonderfully insightful blog on life! A cool blog for writing advice Professional writers from my home state of New Hampshire A journalist from one of my most favorite “haunts”: Savannah, Georgia Writing block busters that help you think outside the box! A fun and engaging writer who recently got her first story published in an online journal

27 Comments to “Versatile Blogger Award”

  1. Woop! Congratulations LimebirdKate, well deserved. How random that no one else in your family is left handed! I am a weird one because I do things with both. I eat and pick things up with my left, I write right handed, but snowboard left handed and fight (martial arts) left handed. Very strange…

    Hah, I loved Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge!

    Anyhoo, well done again and we are very lucky to have you on the team!

    • Hi Beth,

      Actually, I do stuff with my right hand also, such as baseball, golf, and use scissors. So, maybe we’re not strange, just a rare species 😉

      I don’t think there’s anyone much better than EM in Moulin Rouge.

      Well, must say Beth the only reason I won this award is because of Limebird–so I’m the lucky one! 🙂

  2. You’re very welcome LimebirdKate! Us left-handers are absolute bloomin’ geniuses!

    • Hiya Chris,

      You’re so right, bloomin’ geniuses we are!

      Thanks again for picking me out of this talented group of Limebirders. It was a neat surprise!

      • It was a tough choice – you all write entertaining and interesting blogs 🙂 Am really enjoying those links of yours above! They’ll stop me writing for a while 😉

      • Definitely, everyone here works super hard to make this a fun and engaging site. I’m really flattered to be a part of the team.

        Oh good, I hope you find something that clicks for you. This is the reason I love the blogging awards because I often find really neat sites that I wouldn’t have stumbled upon otherwise.

  3. Some great bloggers! I just subscribed to two news blogs. Yay. Thanks for nominating me!

  4. Thank you, Kate – both for the nomination and for the glowing description of my blogging.

    Are you in the US (I can’t recall)? I don’t think they have opossums in the UK (do they?).

    • Hi Shannon,

      Here’s a handy ‘where are the Limebirds from’ thingy:





      South Africa


      PS – What’s an opossum?! Is that like a possum?

      • Um, kind of…

        They are both marsupials, but they differ after that. For the life-science inclined I believe (not certain here) that they have the same kingdom, phylum, class, and order, but differ on family, genus, and species.

        To be confusing, opossums are colloquially called possums. However, opossums are the ONLY marsupial native to the US – possibly all of North America. There are a few in Central America, not sure if they make it up to the bottom of North America, but I don’t think so (it’s been a LONG time since I’ve studied this).

        I think they do kinda look the same – a bit rodent like, prehensile tails (great word – prehensile). The opossum (at least the type we have in the States) is actually the Virginia Opossum (Didelphis virginiana). I assume it was first “discovered” in Virginia (now my home-state).

        Now, since I’m officially “Versatile” (and since you asked – and probably now regret it) I don’t mind sharing all this, I am a plethora of totally random opossum-related trivia. I did a research project on them as an undergrad. I think I mentioned a paper that had no passive voice in it. Well, it was about opossums.

    • Hi Shannon!

      Yes, I live in the US–New Hampshire to be exact. Did you know that they hiss when cornered? That’s only if playing dead doesn’t work out for them. Quite interesting animals to have to deal with.

      You’re very welcome for the nomination. I enjoy reading your blog!

      • I am laughing hysterically right now. Of all the trivia to have your hands on, it would be about opossums! And I didn’t know that opossum differed slightly from possum. I just thought possum was an abbreviation of opossum, like ‘possum.

        Love this blog!! 🙂

      • Yes, I did. They don’t always play dead first – depends on how they’re cornered (if they have time, for instance).

        My dog (when I was growing up, not the one I have now) got into a standoff with a GIANT one. It was nearly as big as him, but definitely lighter weight. The dog was about 30# (no idea how big that is in metric, sorry). Anywho, my dog didn’t know what to do with a critter that didn’t run when he came up to it, so he starts barking at it and it starts hissing. I heard the barking and went to the back door to see what was up. There was my dog looking back at me with an expression that clearly said, “Why doesn’t this thing run from me? Please fix it!”

        Oh, that’s not the only totally random trivia I have. I can go on and on about fruit flies too – or statistics. I also know way more that I ought to about the Mojave Desert (or is it Dessert? I can’t spell).

        Alas, when it comes to clothes, shoes, fashion, recognizing people, spelling, hair, and makeup (along with some other things) I am horribly out of my element. I guess I wasn’t ever going to be girly, was I?

  5. Congratulations! Keep up the great work!!

  6. Congrats on the award, LimebirdKate. Wow, that’s amazing, rescuing those animals from your dog’s gaping maw. (I think ‘maw’ is a word. I think it means ‘huge mouth’. Anyway.) My dog is a critter killer, and he’s very fast, but I try. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I won’t list the animals/birds he’s killed, but once he was chasing a bunny and i screamed and had a huge fit of hysterics in front of him. Distracted him just in time. He looked at me like I’d lost my mind, then wandered away.

    • Hey Nancy,

      Bunnies are the worst! Unfortunately, my first English Setter did catch a bunny. I wasn’t the one home at the time, it was my husband. Fryar (my dog) was in the midst of tearing it apart…well, maybe I should just stop right here, eh?

      Thanks for commenting!

  7. Congratulations Kate! I enjoy your blog, and LImebird. Now I have 15 more blogs to check out – thanks for the leads!

  8. Congratulations on your award! Well-deserved too I might add. I’m a lefty too, we’re using the right sides of our brains. 🙂

  9. Congrats on the award, Limebirdkate! I’ve always been slightly envious of lefties – it seems so novel and I always associate left-handed people with creativity. Thank you kindly for the nomination! I’m honoured!

    • Hi Carrie,

      Thanks for stopping by! You’re welcome. Your blog is very cool and I relate to pretty much everything you talk about. I was glad to have the chance to spread the award around.

  10. Hi JCV,

    Thank you!

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