Handwriting Analyses of The Limebird Writers

by limebirdwriters

So, friend of the Limebird Writers  – Exiled Stardust, recently put out a blog asking if anyone was interested in having a free handwriting analysis. Some of the Limebird Writers got on board and here are our results:



In Beth’s writing we see these characteristics:

Leading stroke:  “My” begins with a curved leading stroke, which indicates tactfulness,  consideration of the feelings of others, and sometimes difficulty with being direct.

Narrow margins: Friendly, social, not many boundaries

Simplified capitals:  Literary (as are all handwriting characteristics such as printing which resemble the kind of text you see in books rather than fancy penmanship).

Simplified capital “I” :  modest, likable personality.  (A huge ornate “I” would indicate the opposite).

Curved writing:  Easygoing, sociable, pleasant.

I-dots far forward of the stems:  excited about the future, a little impatient for it to get here.  Optimistic.  Visionary.

Closed o’s with loops:  Beth doesn’t automatically tell everything she knows.  She can be trusted to keep a secret.

Wide loops:  Sensitive.

But no wide loops on the letter “d”!  Beth is tougher in the face of criticism than you might think!

Heavier pressure:  Strong-willed.  The “iron fist in the velvet glove”.  Sensual.  Likes luxury.  (light writing would indicate spirituality and rejection of materialistic things).

Emoticons and Xs:  humorous, affectionate.


Aaron’s writing has the following characteristics:

Simplified, disconnected letters with no upper or lower loops:  Literary.  Intuitive thinker.  Unpretentious, straightforward.  No-nonsense.

Slight forward slant:  Friendly, respects social boundaries

Large writing:  Enthusiasm.  Philsophical bent. Sees the big picture, not hung up on details.  Doesn’t like small spaces or feeling “boxed in”.

Pointed top of the letter M:  Investigative mind,  wants to get to the bottom of things, loves a mystery

Ascending lines,  tall capital A in signature, underscored signature: Optimistic, fun,  energetic, self-confident.




I can identify the following characteristics:

90 degree slant: (writing does not lean forward at all)  Independence, self-control, neutrality, self-sufficiency.

Straight baseline:  Realistic,  disciplined

Idiosyncratic letter formations:  Artistic, creative

Almost no loops:   Gets to the point

Long terminal strokes:  Holds on to people and things, doesn’t like to let things go

The top of the letter M forms sharp points:  curiosity, likes research and investigation, natural detective

Simplified writing, block capitals:  Literary

Small capitals:  Humility

Disconnected letters:  Intuitive thinker

Broad letters, wide spacing:  Generosity, adventurousness, fearlessness

The overall impression is that of a strong, independent personality who does things her own way.




Sally has an interesting writing style called threaded writing.  People who write this way have minds that work so fast that their writing can’t keep up and sometimes other people have difficulty following.  Threaded writing also suggests a flexible, adaptable mind.

Upright slant:  Independent, rational

Small writing:  Humility, ability to concentrate on details.  Often found in handwriting of scientists

Large loops in upper zone:  Huge imagination, idealistic, prone to daydreaming

Big broad capitals, open “o” :  Likes to be center of attention, loves to talk

Simple letter “I” : Literary, unpretentious

Mixture of connected and disconnected letters:   Both logical and  intuitive.

Open lower loops trailing leftward:  Preoccupied with the past

Lowercase “g” shaped like figure 8:  Cultured

Weak t-bars:  unassertive, needs to work on self-confidence

Signature ascending:  Optimistic




Slightly backward slant:  Somewhat introverted

Narrow letters:  Anxiety, social inhibition

Arcade formations in the M and N letters: keeps feelings to self;  desire for  free expression but afraid to rock the boat

Curved letters:  Accommodating nature

Tall “I” that points at itself:  Wants public recognition

Baselines:  can’t read because lined paper was used,  however, Neeks seems pretty self-disciplined

Open left-trailing y:  feeling unfulfilled in a physical way (no, I’m not going there, she may just want to play a sport and not be able to)

Connected letters: Logical

Precisely placed i-dots:  Careful, detail-oriented

Closed, looped letter o:  Secretive

Narrow pointy capital D:  Tense about something in the imaginative realm, maybe an unfinished project?

If anyone else would like one done, head over to Exiled Stardust’s blog. Especially any Limebird Writers reading this, as I’ll add them to this post! All she asks for is that it’s written in either gel pen (not biro) or fountain pen. A few paragraphs will do. 🙂

I’m looking forward to seeing yours!


20 Responses to “Handwriting Analyses of The Limebird Writers”

  1. Oh gosh, the most amazing post ever!

    Just kidding 8)

  2. Okay, so I have to re-post my comment that I gave to M.K. regarding my analysis, because I think it’s very intriguing:

    Hey M.K.!

    You are so right on with mine. Amazing. Actually, interestingly enough I changed my handwriting style a few years ago because it “bored” me. 🙂

    As a kid and as a teenager, no one would have EVER described me as adventurous, fearless, strong, independent, disciplined, curious, or liking research.

    But I would definitely say that as an adult–and more so as I decided to go full-out with my writing dreams–that I fit that profile perfectly.

    I think it is eerie that I changed my handwriting style around the same time that I told myself nothing ever again was going to stop me from being a writer.

    This was such a treat, M.K. Thanks for doing this; your analysis actually strengthens my resolve even more to keep doing what I’m doing!

    Okay–so don’t you think that’s a little too weird??? *cue theme music from The Twilight Zone*

  3. Interesting. I love stuff like this!

    Thank you for sharing

  4. Two more going up on Friday morning: Gillian and Sarah.

    Neeks, I need a bigger sample from you.


  5. Got it. Not very clear, but I think I can analyze it. Should be up later today.

  6. So four analyses are going out this morning beginning at 6am. Each one is an hour apart. They are, in order: Gillian, Sarah, Neeks and Shannon.

  7. I’ll pop in. I’d love to see what you have to say. i must warn you though, my slant would be far greater if I didn’t turn the page so… Here is a link to a pic. Let me know if you can use it: https://plus.google.com/photos/fromphone/5704771009772359714 Thanks!

  8. Raven, I can’t reach your photo unless I sign up for a Google + account. Can you post it somewhere more accessible?

  9. WOW, totally nailed me. Even the physical part. The physical thing I’d like to do? Be able to walk without pain. It’s been 12 years. Wow. I can’t believe how on the mark this was. I’m not unpleasant, or hate people, on the contrary I like people and they like me. I’ve just never been any good in social situations somehow. Have never been comfortable. Oh yea, and tense about the blog, the magazine articles and articles for here, stretching myself a little thin lately. I’ve always done my D’s that way tho…
    Thank you so much, this was awesome!

  10. This is great! Not sure that I want to know what my handwriting says about me, but I’ll risk it!

    Thanks, this is really interesting!

    (Sorry about the overuse of exclamation marks…)

  11. I’ll get to it sometime tomorrow, Ster.

    Just want to say thanks. My blog has just hit an all-time visitor high thanks to the limey birdy mojo you guys brought to it. And probably also because people love free stuff.

  12. It *is* a pretty amazing post. I love this kind of stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Analyses of Ster and Raven are now live.
    Sorry about their brevity, but I am freezing my feet off in front of the computer. It’s -30 C outside.

    If you are interested, tomorrow morning at 9am GMT on my blog, I will be analyzing the handwriting of artist Clyfford Still.

    • Wow, I don’t usually put much stock in these things, but that was way more accurate than I was expecting! Though I would argue that I can keep a secret 😉

      Thanks for doing them M.K, it’s great that your blog traffic has gone up. I hope you’re not too cold, -30 sounds horrible!

  14. Ster, I would be freezing my bollocks off if I had them. Wait. Maybe I did have them and they’re frozen off already.

    Seriously, I can sit up for about two hours until I am frozen solid and must retire to bed and the electric blanket thereof.

    Which is not good, because I still have blog posts to do for my adoring blog public and an elusive twitter crush to pursue.


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