100 Word Challenge – ‘Wednesday’

by limebirdwriters

That time has come around again! It’s the 100 word challenge for the week, from Julia’s Place. This week’s prompt was ‘Wednesday’.

100 word challenge

Here are mine and LimebirdKate’s offerings:


The only thing that kept Tony going through his parole was Marcy. It was Wednesday night, and as he walked into the pub he decided this was the last job he’d do for Skull. Tony was determined to clean up, spend his life with Marcy, his girl. Tony sat on a stool, keeping his piece hidden beneath the leather jacket. The door behind him opened. The bartender flashed the signal that his target arrived. Tony reached for his hip and swiveled on his stool to fire.

Marcy dropped, her words, “Surprise Tony” escaping her punctured chest in a bubbling whisper.


We were childhood sweethearts, you were my first and only love.

Every spare moment spent in each other’s arms.

Dates walking down by the river. Our fingers intertwined.

November was the month we married, snow fell softly outside that year.

Eight months later our first was born, followed three years later by the second.

Seventeen years on, the signs started to show.

Doctors shook their heads and told us the news. That year our first grandchild was born.

Another day came and went, I could feel you slipping away.

Yesterday was the day I lost you. It was a Wednesday.

Note: I found this week quite difficult. I wrote something first, but I couldn’t cut it down to 100 words. I scrapped it completely and was stuck for what to write. This song came on –  Higher Love and this just came to me. I love musical inspiration for writing! 🙂

B x

43 Comments to “100 Word Challenge – ‘Wednesday’”

  1. Very touching, Beth – and so well and imaginatively told – who cares about 100 words.

  2. @ Kate – Yours actually made me go nooooooooooooooo! Why did the bartender tell him it was the target? Surely he would have said it was a man. Whyyyyy! Haha!

    Just noticed that we put something at exactly the same time! D’oh! Thank you, I actually stole the idea from my 10 year old sister! 😉

  3. I got caught up in both of these. Great job!

  4. Thanks for following the blog! Love this concept of a 100-word challenge! Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  5. So did I, artmagica. Both were really well done! Isn’t it interesting how differently we can interpret things like ideas and prompts? How very clever. 100 words is too small for me, I go way over each time. Kudos to you both for having the discipline to stick to the word count!

  6. Both are creative and original responses to the prompt.Well done!

  7. Both are powerful posts — I feel like I can be in the place of either protagonist with ease — I can see myself as the “victim,” too. Vocab choices and story structures are terrific. Very nice. When I gather my courage, I’ll try this too.

    • Thank you Judith, weirdly enough I imagined myself from Marcy’s POV in LimebirdKate’s piece. Was very strange.

      You should definitely give it a go, it’s great fun!

    • Hi Judith,
      thank you! I find it difficult to get that emotion/power across in such a short space of time–I’m always rambling on in my writing. This kind of challenge is especially good practice for me. And I can’t wait to see what you come up with when you try it!

  8. Love them both. Does anyone else think that Marcy was Skull’s intended target so that Tony no longer had a reason not to work for him – or is that just my own twisted interpretation?
    Beth – yours was sad but beautifully touching.

  9. Wow, both are really moving, each in its own way. And I had the same thought about Skull as Salley-Jayne.

  10. Such a great idea – and the results are so varied. Cool.

  11. Both of these are excellent! I enjoyed them both.

  12. Beth I loved what you did – I had to look up what that type of poem that is and found it is called acrostic poetry – I had played around with it at one time. Very touching poem – I hope your week is going better.

  13. Those are really amazing. Beth that was incredibly creative!

    Kate..ihaytchu!! jk but that was sad!! I wanna see her get saved!!

  14. I can barely keep my comments to 100 words! Kudos to both of you for very compelling and haunting submissions (each in their own way).

  15. So different yet …. Both have the frailties that is being human through them.

    I’m still confused as to why they are out together rather than posting separately.

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