100 Word Film Reviews – Sherlock Holmes 2

by limebirdaaron

If you missed the first part of the 100 word film reviews, you can read it here.

This week I will be reviewing Sherlock Holmes 2- A Game Of Shadows



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This was overall a reasonable film, but it won’t leave you wanting more. The action scenes were amazing and were clearly the focus of the film, but they couldn’t hide from the fact it was just one action scene joined to another by Robert Downy Jr’s increasingly annoying English accent.

Maybe one to watch when there’s not much on the telly. But make sure you have a big screen to watch it on as there isn’t much to keep you going other than the stunning visuals. I was left feeling a little disappointed as I am a big Downy fan.

Rating: 6 limes out of 10

As always, please do let me know what you thought of the film!


34 Responses to “100 Word Film Reviews – Sherlock Holmes 2”

  1. I have to say that I felt the same about this film. I didn’t mind the first film so much, but I did leave this one feeling a bit disappointed. However, I did like the action scenes like you mentioned and there were a few moments where I was like ‘wow, that’s pretty cool’, but I don’t think that the plot was particularly strong.

  2. Sad to hear that. I enjoyed the first one, and I like Holmes in general. Might have to stick with the Sherlock tv show instead.

  3. I did enjoy it – yeah, its not the best movie, that’s for sure, the plot was a bit thin . . . however the visuals and setting made it all worth it for me.

  4. Liking your honest review, not the film – haven’t seen it. I wasn’t planning to watch it, but if I do, I won’t expect too much.

  5. The film sounds fine but I think I can wait until it makes it to TV, or maybe DVD – my married name would be Holmes if I didn’t cling onto my unpronounceable Greek surname so that partially upgrades it.

    Now the TV series Sherlock, that’s good!

    • It would be worth a go on a lazy Sunday or quite evening. Does that mean you can’t become a detective if you didn’t take his name? I’ve heard good things about the TV series but I still haven’t seen an episode yet, I think I’m going to have to give it a try

  6. I love Sherlock Holmes too much to watch this remake. And I love Robert Downy, but I just can’t take the over action under story phenomenon. Thanks for reviewing it!

  7. I was fairly new to Sherlock Holmes and a big Robert Downy fan, but I think he’s better in films like ‘Kiss kiss bang bang’ It sounds like you were right to avoid it. Thanks for your comment

  8. I like Robert Downey too, but so far hadn’t seen these movies…I think I will pass, thank you for sparing me the money 🙂

  9. I’m still going, you can’t stop me!!!! Actually, your comment about seeing it on the big screen is the clincher. My wife and I have a movie theater rule – only pay movie prices for movies that belong on the big screen. This rules out N. Sparks movies, all romantic comedies, etc. So, Holmes qualifies and I liked the first so we will probably go. Thanks for the review. I love the one hundred word concept.

    • I’m glad I haven’t changed your mind, it’s only my opinion of the film. Is that rule your clever way of not having to see romantic comedies in the cinema? The big screen definitely adds to the action. Thanks for your comment

      • My wife is on board with the rule; she prefers the romantic comedies on the couch. I still haven’t seen S.H., by the way. Maybe when it’s in the dollar movie.

      • I guess if it’s the type of film which might cause a few tears, then the couch might be a safer bet. I’d give the film a go, if you just want to see some action

  10. I liked this go-around better than the first. I love the Downey-Law combo. Frankly, I’d see anything with Robert Downey, Jr.! We saw this one twice. The only other one I saw twice last year was Hugo.


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