I had a crazy dream the other night…

by LimebirdRaven

I woke up before the dream was over, but I thought it would make excellent fun to use it as a writing prompt!

A woman goes to meet her fiancé for their date, but he doesn’t show up. She can’t contact him anywhere. He seems to have just vanished off the face of the earth! She’s hurt but moves on. Ten years later, to the day, he knocks on her door and asks why she didn’t show up for their date. He has no idea he’s slept for an entire decade, exactly.

What happened and how does she respond?


23 Comments to “I had a crazy dream the other night…”

  1. Suddenly she realizes he is the one that the prophecy is about. The man who slept through 10 years of The War who upon waking will lead the fight against evil.

    • Ooo! How interesting! It reminds me of something, but I can’t quite put my finger on what. It definitely has promise as a great epic fantasy!

  2. Honestly, if it was me… ” What the bloody hell is going on” haha!

    I’ll get thinking on a better response. Great idea!

  3. oh my goodness, now I’m thinking up more for this prompt…have you just given me a story idea?!? But, that would mean stealing your dream!! 🙂

    Good fun, Raven, thanks! I really get into prompts and challenges like this.

  4. Rip Van Winkle here much, hmm??? The fiance sounds like a latter day Rip Van Winkle, although as I remember, Van Winkle slept even longer than that. I don’t know how the story would continue myself. I struggle to think of how a person could sleep for ten years straight, it is just not medically possible. Then again, dreams rarely follow logic or the limits of reality, do they? Great prompt here! Dreams are often a rich and inviting source of material for writing, if you can remember them, that is. Often the most inviting dreams fade away like ephemeral mist as soon as you wake up, if not almost immediately after waking up. Sigh…And sometimes you want to stay in your dreams, too. It always happens that when I am in the middle of one of my best and most enjoyable dreams that I want to continue forever, just in that moment I am most rudely interrupted and startled awake by something or other. Just when it was getting to the good part and I wanted to continue sleeping! Argh, don’t you just hate when that happens to you?

    • Yes, I think it was something about Rip Van Winkle that inspired the dream. Someone had given another prompt and it made me think in that direction, but that was months ago. I do believe he actually slept 100 years.

      It is very rare that I remember any dreams. Usually, if I do, they start me in a new story direction. As with you, on this one, I couldn’t see me writing about it, as it’s not my normal genre and well…I think too literally, like how would his housing be paid for, etc. But maybe he slipped to another plane or was kidnapped by some aliens or some other fantastical or sci-fi reasoning.

      Yes, I very much hate it when my dreams are interrupted! I need to see how they end!! 😀

      Startled awake….I have a very old short story by that name. It was the first thing I ever wrote and not really very good. More of a scene than a story. Anyhow, you gave me a fond memory, and I thank you for that.

  5. prompted by 4amwriter’s comment…hm…stealing dreams….just one dream thief or several thieves?, a dream theft…her fiancee was a victim. His dreams were stolen while he was in them. He wandered for 10 years through a jumble of stolen dreams trying to find a way back. He met other victims along they way trying to do the same thing. They rallied to together and managed to catch the thief/thieves. They returned the stolen dreams to their rightful owners and each returned to their own life.

    What happened to the thief or thieves?

    • The thieves were trapped in the dreams when they were returned. It had been designed to leave them in a world where they were powerless and unable to retaliate–their own personal prison, of sorts. Instead, they found the power to torment their original victims through the dream. The dream returned every night, each occurrence more horrifying than the last. The woman and her fiance found themselves afraid to go to sleep and see what horrors they would face, but more than this….they realized the thieves were using the horrors to hide their escape attempts.

      Do they break free?

  6. They go inside and she notices that her tardy date has a scar that he didn’t have before. On closer investigation they find that he has a number of scars, a couple of new tattoos, and some sort of data port behind his ear.

    As they are talking, his mobile phone rings and a strange voice tells him, “The Agency are nearly there! RUN!”

  7. What if she was the one who had been gone? She was taken into an alternate reality, or taken by aliens, or whatever, and has been living on another Earth for ten years of their time and now has been returned, and remembers nothing of what has happened. Unfortunately, however, that sounds a little too much like the TV series from a few years back, “The 4400.”

  8. as Scriptor Obscura speaks of Rip Van Winkle, i can’t believe i mentioned Washington Irving and Ichabod Crane this morning when i woke up…

    interesting dream – i’m sure hundreds of books are founded on dreams that fascinates the authors…

    dream well!

    david from Maine USA

    • fivereflections: I’m sure that you’re right!

      I am just finishing a short story for my collection. I originally had the dream (nightmare) perhaps 20 years ago! Over the years I kept saying to myself “I should write that – it would make a great story” – but I never did.

      Then in 2011, when I got back into the swing of writing, I decided that I should do it. The first draft was pretty good (even if I do say so myself!) but I made the mistake of trying to tailor it for the markets and forced myself to be under 7,000 words. The feedback that I got was that there were some places where it felt rushed.

      A 10,000 word (or so) version will be in my collection at the end of the year.

      Now, if I have dreams, I write down the gist of them straight away. That way, I have potential stories in the bank!

    • I’d bet you are correct! Even if they are from waking dreams, I’m sure the source is much the same!

  9. I wish I could remember my dreams. If I take short naps I can remember them for a few minutes…but that’s all. Maybe they didn’t meet because one of them has multiple personalities and zoned out as “someone else” for ten years?

  10. Excellent idea, Neeks! Wow I really like that one. It would certainly fit w/ today’s society, which was something I was having a hard time justifying in my own mind. Hmm wonder what he was doing for that ten years. Serial killer? Cross-dresser? Business guru, where he became incredibly rich? Spy? Lots of possibilities with this one!!

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