100 Word Film Reviews – Underworld Awakening

by limebirdaaron

If you missed the first and second parts of the 100 word film reviews, you can find them here: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Sherlock Holmes 2.

The 100 word film review this week is of Underworld: The Awakening.

I am a big fan of supernatural films, in particular Vampire and Werewolves. I’m also a big fan of Kate Beckinsale in skin tight spandex, so I was probably slightly biased going to watch this. Having said that I still think a lot of people would enjoy this film. The special effects are brilliant, as are the action scenes. The plot isn’t exactly Oscar winning, but you don’t go to see this type of film for that. If you’ve had enough of sparkly vampires and want to see a bit more gore, then you should definitely check this film out.

Rating: 8 limes out of 10

Have you seen it? What did you think?

Part Two of the Limebird Friday 100 Word Challenges.

24 Responses to “100 Word Film Reviews – Underworld Awakening”

  1. Ermm, I’m going to ignore the fact that you dissed sparkly vampires, but I’ll have to agree with you. I really liked this, as I also am a big supernatural fan. They’ve definitely left it open for another film as well I think, which kind of feels like they’re dragging it out a bit.

    Anyways, yes definitely go see this if you’re a supernatural fan!

    • I didn’t dis sparkly vampires I was just saying this is an alternative. I know what you mean about dragging it out, but as they are pretty much separate stories loosely linked together, I think they can do as many as they want really.

  2. Kate Beckinsale in PVC does absolutely nothing for me, but I loved this movie as much as the others. It seemed a hair more gory to me, but maybe I was more aware of it because I had to watch it in 3D

    • I didn’t notice it being more gory than the others myself, you might be right about the 3D. I thought there were a few bits where the 3D really made a positive difference to the action though

  3. I saw the first two, loved the first one so I’m glad to see Kate’s back. I’ll probably catch it on DVD!

    • It’s funny you say that, because I saw the third one and didn’t really notice she wasn’t in it, until the trailers for the latest film came out. I did think at the time that the third one didn’t have the same feel as the first 2 had, and I guess that must be why.

  4. I love these little 100 word reviews, tells me everything i want to know, very quickly and without spoilers….kate in PVC catsuit…that’s all i need to know to go see this film 😛

  5. I saw the first one, missed the others,but i think i could probably tune in to this one with out needing to see the other two.Kate Beckinsale in anything always helps. 🙂

  6. Yeah you should go and see it. There’s a massive plot catch up at the start, so if you’ve forgotten what happened or like yourself missed some of the others, it lets you know all of the main points

  7. Awesome post 🙂 If I was into the series I would really want to see it.

    However 😛

    I’m not. I shall tell my mother who is, though!


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