Valentine’s Day Story

by limebirdwriters

Victoria Walters

Today I’d like to share a new short story I’ve written to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I hope your day is full of love!

Love through a lens

I flicked through the photos on my laptop.

I smiled at the long golden stretch of sand in front of the picture perfect white house. I had even managed to capture how the trees had swayed in the gentle ocean breeze.

I looked out of the window of my bedroom. Back at home, my view was now thick sheets of rain pelting against the glass. I wished I was back in that sunshine. I sighed then. I definitely had the holiday blues.

I returned to the laptop, hoping that a reminder of how happy I’d been just a few weeks ago there would lift my mood. I moved past the photos of Lizzie and me at the bar in town. We’d drunk far…

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4 Comments to “Valentine’s Day Story”

  1. Ooh, are we all writing valentine stories?

    ‘Cause if so, here’s mine.

    Every damn thing has hearts on it. Shiny red hearts. Everywhere. I feel darker than a beach in Baku.
    Plastic roses and the glassy stares of stuffed animals sewn by slaves in Chinese factories. Who actually buys this stuff? People in love. Stupid people. How can they go around holding hands and smooching like that? They don’t know how the world works. They’re out in restaurants right now, making googly eyes at each other over plates of viciously overpriced surf’n’turf and giggling as they sip flutes of pink champagne, because being in love is a lot like being on drugs and they don’t know that most relationships are doomed to fail.
    Seeing through this madness does not help one’s emotional state. I had been putting off emailing D, because what is the point of arguing with someone who doesn’t care about you as much as you care about them? It’s not like you can win their love with your debating skills. But today I felt an overwhelming urge for closure, so I emailed him and said – “It’s Valentine’s day, and I know you don’t care about me, so the hell with you.”
    I make some rude Valentine candy with Acme’s candy heart maker and read a bunch of sarcastic Valentine quotes on Twitter until the tranquilizers kick in.

    I wake up feeling calm and realize it is February 15th already, and I have survived another Valentine’s Day more or less intact. Go me.
    Then I check my email, and there is this: “Nobody cares about me either..sorry… D”
    Some impulse makes me answer: “I CARE about you…but you never answer me back. Valentine’s day is stupid anyway. But I do care.”
    An answer comes right away: “I care about you too. I applied for a job and didn’t get it…landlord is selling my house so I have to move…can’t find anything decent/affordable…can’t get into graduate school. Sorry I have no time to write.”
    I answer him back: “Sorry to hear about your life. Here’s a hug, and some rude Valentine candy. *HUG*”

    I attach a picture of a purple candy heart that says “F**K IT” and click Send.

  2. I made that massive comment for nothing, didn’t I?

    That’ll teach me to stay up late reading webpages until my vision blurs.

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