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February 20, 2012

Using Writing to get through Bad Head Days – Part Two

by limebirdamber

For those who missed the first half, these posts are about using writing to get through bad head days. Those days you can’t force yourself to move, because your thoughts are too heavy. The first post was about keeping a journal. This one is going to remind you it’s ok to use your real conflict in your fictional narrative. Letting the emotions out in a safe way may lead to a better sense of ‘alrightness’.

So, you’ve have a really rough day. Your inner voice is being derogatory, you can’t stop thinking about the stupid mistake you think you made, AND on top of all of that, you aren’t sure if you can make it through to tomorrow because of whatever else is going on. What do you do to get that thought away? Dwelling on it won’t help you. Writing some conflict of that sort into your work or writing a short story may be enough to get through the immediate crisis.


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