100 Word Challenge – ‘The flip side’

by limebirdwriters

It’s Friday! Huzzah! Which means it’s 100 Word Challenge day! This week’s 100 Word Challenge prompt from Julia’s Place is ‘the flip side’ and in her words ” Well it is Shrove Tuesday after all! You don’t have to include those words but the piece must indicate a flipping of some sort!” Well, it was when the prompt came out. In the UK, this means lots of eating of pancakes. I ate lots.

100 word challenge

Anyways, I’ve managed to rope in more Limebird Writers, so this week we have myself, Limebirdkate, Limebirdlaura and Limebirdsally.

Here we go….


bethpictureThe man she clocked a few roads back was still behind her. She could hear his steps in sync with hers. Regretting taking this route she tried to convince herself it was all in her head.

Increasing her pace, she flipped her phone open and started to dial. Her heart pounding so loud, she was sure he could hear. Sweaty hands meant the buttons didn’t seem to respond. A loud crash from behind made her jump and her phone slipped out of her hands, tumbling towards the ground. Frantically reaching down to grab it, a gloved hand covered her mouth.


limebirdkateWith both hands, she pulled the ornate jewelry box from the swamp. It wasn’t easy. It’d been buried for one hundred years, holding power so dangerous no one wanted the box found.

Except for her.

The hinges were rusted. She pried apart the box with a chisel. Inside, a cameo rested upon rotting velvet. She scooped it up hungrily, scrutinizing the carved ivory. She flipped the cameo over to read the Realm’s dead language.

Ev demor loa tinre, she whispered. The cameo shuddered, spewing putrid gas.

She smiled as her grandmother, The Black Widow, came back to rule the Realm.


laura“For the hundredth time, stay out of my room!” Sarah flipped her book shut at the sight of me.
“But whatcha reading?” I asked, trying to get a closer look at the book.
Sarah covered it with her arm, but I was able to glide over to her desk faster than she could blink. She shuddered when I grabbed her arm to move it away from the book’s cover.
Finally, I saw what she was reading, “Into the Light: A Beginners Guide to Ghost Removal? You’re trying to get rid of me?”
It was then I decided to possess her.


This was where they’d arranged to meet. Summer, ten years on. Under the willow tree by the lake. sally

It was here that they’d dreamed. She was going to be a musician; abseil down the Niagara Falls… take acting lessons to cure herself of this debilitating shyness… save enough money for cosmetic surgery to make herself beautiful…

“Annie, stop! You’re perfect!”

He’d looked her in the eyes and kissed away her insecurities.

Eventually she accepted he wasn’t going to show. She stood and brushed the grass off her legs, feeling philosophical.

He’d only ever been another of the dreams, after all.

45 Responses to “100 Word Challenge – ‘The flip side’”

  1. Limebird Writers, What fascinating 100-Word entries. I get different feelings from each one, but also a sense of the real love you all have for writing. Terrific flip side twists for all of you — unexpected, obvious, hidden, predicted. All of them are well-written, great word choices, and such imagination! Good for all of you!

  2. Oh, I took this to mean it was a 100-word challenge to us readers! LOL! I suppose I should stop tearing out bits of my hair, now!

    Lots of different imagery, here. I, myself, gravitate to quieter stories, but even the suspense were a treat to read!

  3. Oooh, love the variety, twists and surprises.
    Beth – Great tension and feeling; I’m scared!
    Kate – Awesome scenery and a powerful ending
    Laura – I didn’t see that coming at all! This would be a great opening to a longer story and book
    Sally – Lots of feeling; magical and sad
    All of these are wonderful and I’m left wanting to read more and hopeful they will be continued =)

    • Thank you 🙂 I’ll have to keep that in mind. I always do this thing where I feel like writing something but can’t think of anything.

    • Hi buddhafulkat,

      Thank you! Ooh, a continuation. Isn’t that funny. Since doing these 100-word challenges I have found myself thinking in different genres, and coming up with stories that I never thought I’d ever pursue.

      Thanks for commenting!

    • Thank you so much! Haha, sorry for scaring you! I’m glad you enjoyed them! I know we all enjoyed writing them. 🙂

  4. Enjoyed! I’m becoming fascinated by very short fiction, I’m going to have to give it a try.

  5. Love! These are all fun on their own and also as starts to something longer. Great job. 🙂

    • Hi verified,

      Thanks! When I start doing these I don’t think of making them into longer pieces. Then, when I’ve written the full 100 words, I think to myself, wow, this could actually become something.

      That’s always encouraging to the writing spirit!

      Thanks for commenting.

    • Hi Kayo,

      Thank you! I’m the same as Kate, I don’t really think of the background when I write them, maybe I might do now! 🙂

  6. So many different voices in these.
    Beth, what a ride into terror, and woman who has walked alone at night can feel this vividly.
    Kate, I love fantasy, but I fear this one may be dark, which is even better! – beware the black widow, well done!
    Laura, loved it – at first I was sure it was a younger sibling, but then you surprised me with a delightful ghost, ready to wreak havoc.
    Sally, bittersweet and somewhat sad, and yet I think your heroine is stronger than she first appears. Well done.

    Kudos to each of you!

  7. Yes, these are all great stand alone pieces. But defintely they all sound like they’d make really good longer works. Maybe you could all challenge yourselves to turn them into short stories!

  8. Beth, yours is terrifying! It reminds me of a nightmare, desperately trying to get away but you can’t make the phone work! Ahhh pure terror.
    Kate such a punch packed in 100 worlds!
    Sally , oooo so sad, I’d love to give her a hug and assure her she is beautiful.

    • Hey Laura,

      Thanks you so much! I loved yours, too, because it was so unexpected and everything happens so fast that there’s no time for a reaction except shock.

      Great job!

    • Thanks Laura, I’m not really a ‘scary’ writer, I normally do romantic/fantasy stuff, but I did enjoy writing it! I loved the playful nature of yours, but creepy in the same sense. I really wasn’t expecting that twist at the end. Definitely would like to read more!

  9. I enjoyed each of these, so different and each was riveting in its own way. Well done!

  10. Thank you everyone for reading and commenting. That was a lot of fun. I’ll have to give it a go next week. Strangely enough my little brain didn’t even consider writing about a literal flip! I’m looking forward to next week’s prompt.

    Beth and Kate, excellent work as ever. Both very evocative, Beth’s of base fear, and Kate’s much more sinister.

    Laura, brilliant first 100 worder. You have got to develop this into a middle-grade novel. With your sense of fun I think you’ll have a really natural, engaging voice for younger readers (I’ve tried before but can’t quite pull it off).

    Happy weekend everybody x

    • Thanks Sally! When I write stories most of the time they are either for kids, or super creepy gory horror. I guess there is no middle ground hehe. I’m totally thinking about writing an actual story out of that now.

    • Hi Sally,

      Thanks! Sinister is definitely the subtext in that one. I loved yours too, because there was a beautiful combination of sweetness and sadness. Really nice job, and I’m glad to hear that you’re going to do one next week.

    • I love how differently we all approached the prompt! Thank you, I loved the romantic side of yours, I’m a sucker for those types of pieces. Awesome first 100 word job, I’m looking forward to your next one already!

  11. Beth!

    You absolutely cannot leave us hanging like that! I forbid it. You must continue so that we know what happens!

    Really suspenseful and scary. Great job!

    • Hi Kate,

      Hah, I’m sorry! If I’m honest with you, I haven’t thought about it! Maybe I should! 🙂 I loved yours, really creepy and intriguing. It’s so different as well, I want to know more please!

  12. Left speechless and shivering by everyone, as always 🙂


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