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February 25, 2012

Pick-N-Mix Plots: Genre-bending as a source of inspiration

by limebirddennis

Stuck? Not sure what should be the subject of your next story? Try the Pick-N-Mix approach! No, I’m not talking about going to whatever shop took the place of your local Woolworths and stocking up on sugar, to get you past 3am in your own dark night of the soul. What I’m talking about is a bit of genre-bending.

A genre-bending story melds together two or more distinct genres and comes up with something new; and there’s no limit to the combinations that one could try. How about historical fiction/paranormal thriller: Leif Ericson travels to Vinland and aids the indigenous Beothuk people to fight off an invasion of werewolves from the mainland. Or why not police procedural/dick lit: A slacker detective confronts his fear of death and finds love among the blood, through writing lists and drinking heavily with his colleagues.

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