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February 27, 2012

It’s easy to publish an e-book (part 1): Stop! Are you actually ready?

by limebirdsally

This was originally going to be the second in a three-part weekly series on independently publishing an e-book, with the first outlining how easy it is to go from completed ms to publicly available e-book in just a few hours. However it struck me that the far more logical sequence was to start with this post cautioning that it is equally easy to publish an unfinished ms so the ‘how-to’ guide has been relegated to the final post in the series!

Obviously I’m not talking about anything as obvious as missing the second half of a book, but I’m not being particularly ground-breaking when I say that there are a lot of bad indie e-books out there. Those books where the writer’s repetition of glaring grammar slips makes you wonder if they actually believe ‘it’ charges around the literary landscape seizing possession of everything it encounters; or those where a few pages in, you’re seriously questioning whether they’ve published an early draft by accident and meant to fill in gaps in their plot and characterisations at a later stage.

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