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February 28, 2012

The Book Was Better?

by limebirdlaura

We have all gone to the movies to see a favorite book-turned-film, only to utter the phrase “the book was better.” I’m guilty of it, I will admit that. But I took a class on adaptation a couple of years ago which has changed my view of adaptations, from the screenwriter’s point of view.

As a screenwriter when you are given a book to adapt for film, you are taking control of the story. You are literally free to do whatever you want with those characters – for better or for worse. In my adaptation class, our semester long project was to adapt the book Coyote Blue by Christopher Moore. The assignment required that we add 25% original content. Now, that is certainly not some movie studio standard that screenwriters live by, it was just a class in the comfy confines of the university. Our professor was forcing us to let go of the idea that word for word what was in the book needed to be on-screen, and I have to say I rather enjoyed the assignment.

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