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February 29, 2012

Organising facts and details in your writing

by limebirdlizzie

I started writing a new novel at the end of last year, around November time. I’m a fantasy/horror/romance genre writer (combining all three in my novels) and I find it immensely difficult keeping all my facts and details in order and consistent. Especially in the fantasy genre where there are different worlds and creatures to keep track of as well as characters and places they visit.

I always find myself wondering what eye colour I’ve allocated to a character and what happened when and where. Getting all these details right and keeping them consistent (so that the eye colour of a character doesn’t keep changing throughout the story for example), is difficult.

Very early on when writing a new novel, once I’ve established it a bit and I know that it’s going to be completed rather than abandoned after the first couple chapters because it isn’t going anywhere, I invest in a lever arch file, some dividers (usually a lot of them) and a nice pad of paper.

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