Guest Post – Book Launch Party!

by limebirdwriters

Hello lovely Limebird Readers. Today we have a treat for you in the form of a guest post from friend of the Limebirds Nancy Lauzon. She’s written a book called ‘ A Few Dead Men’ and she’s got a Book Launch Party from 1st to the 8th March. Limebird Writers are hosting her today, so enjoy!

Book Launch Party!

A Few Dead Men – a Chick Dick Mystery

March 1 – 8 2012

    • Drop by anytime during this week to join in the fun! Play games, nosh on virtual goodies (a.k.a. recipes) and win prizes!
    • Leave a comment on Nancy Lauzon’s blog to win a FREE copy of A Few Dead Men.
    • If you like what you read, post a review on Goodreads, Amazon or the website of your choice anytime to win another FREE copy of any Chick Dick Mystery!

(Blurb: A Few Dead Men – a Chick Dick Mystery)

A Few Dead MenLife has dealt part-time mystery novelist Darcy MacDonald a lousy hand. The men she knows are either missing, dead, drunk or demented.

Lying next to the corpse of her boyfriend, the head of Bloodhound Investigations, definitely qualifies as lousy since he’s the man who also issues her paychecks.

The doctor says her boss had a massive heart attack during an orgasm, and it wasn’t Darcy’s fault. But she can’t help feeling guilty, since his orgasms were her responsibility. Or so she believed, until his grieving widow shows up, along with a mysterious, punk rocker chick who weeps inconsolably at the funeral and claims he was murdered.

Nancy Lauzon’s Blog Tour Stop #3: How Does a Dead Man Become Dead?

My latest mystery novel A Few Dead Men was inspired by my youngest daughter’s disastrous dating history. The ‘dead men’ in the novel are composites of every boyfriend and/or bad date my daughter ever had. Believe me, I had lots of material to choose from. In fact, I didn’t have room for all the ‘dead men’, since I didn’t want to go over my word count.

This book raises several questions: Who exactly are dead men, metaphorically speaking? How did they become dead? Are there more dead men than live men? And where do you find live men?

But the book is also about a young woman compelled to solve the mysteries around her, like her favourite amateur sleuth, Nancy Drew. She doesn’t go about it in exactly the same way.

Previous stops on the Blog Tour: What is a Dead Man? at Selena Robins Musings and my Interview with Annie Acorn

It’s clear where an actual dead man comes from. He either dies on his own, or somebody kills him. But where do dead man metaphors come from?

Are they born dead? In other words, did nature make them that way? Or are they raised to be dead by their parents, and nurtured that way? Is there a school out there who trains men to be dead?

I’ll dismiss the school idea right off the bat. I don’t think there are any schools on the continent that specialize in producing dead men, since women attend the same schools, and they’re not dead. Sure, some women dead, but a lot are vibrant, alive-and-kicking, responsive and looking for a mate.

That leaves us with nature vs. nurture. I personally think it’s a little of both.

I think some people are born inherently lazy. And certain major personality traits are inherited: openness/honesty, taking responsibility for actions and being agreeable vs. being difficult. So it stands to reason a man could be born lazy, dishonest, irresponsible and difficult. To be fair, women could be born that way too, but my book is about dead men.

Factor in a daddy who’s absent (physically and/or emotionally) and a mommy who thinks the sun shines out of her son’s ass, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for Mr. Dead.

These days, it’s quite common for Mr. Dead to live with his parents in his twenties or even thirties. I say no problem, if he’s attending school or trying to save money for his own place. But often he doesn’t pay rent, even though he’s working full-time. He isn’t asked to contribute to the grocery bill or do household chores. Mommy still makes the meals, picks up the dirty socks and does his laundry, so Mr. Dead can play computer games with his friends.

If Mr. Dead meets a girl, he expects her to pick up where Mommy left off. Make the meals, pick up the dirty socks and do the laundry, since he was never expected to do it for himself.

Sometimes Mr. Dead isn’t working, and is sponging off Mommy and Daddy, who would like to retire. But Mommy and Daddy still don’t kick him out of the house, which would force him to get a job. They’re not doing Mr. Dead any favours by enabling his dependence.

I believe it’s a parent’s responsibility to raise their sons and daughters to be good citizens, great husbands/wives and really great daddies/mommies.

Am I wrong?

Next stops on my Blog Tour:

Wednesday March 7th –Stacy Jenson

I’ll be visiting author Stacy Jensen, who writes picture books and has a memoir-in-progress. I’ll blog about the question: Are there more Dead Men than Live Men? (I sure hope not!)

Thursday March 8th – Lenahillbrand

I’m a guest at Write My World, Lena Hillbrand’s blog. She’s the author of vampire fiction, The Vigilantes and The Superiors. I’ll blog about the question: Where Do You Find Live Men?

A Few Dead Men – a Chick Dick Mystery is available now at Smashwords

Coming soon to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Chapters/Indigo/Kobo

Author Bio

Nancy Lauzon worked nine years on a hospital ward as a cardiac nurse before the night shifts turned her into a zombie. She got a day job in health promotion and began to write health-related articles for magazines and newsletters.

Life threw out a few curve balls, and to relieve the stress, she began to write fiction part-time. Five years later she sold two different manuscripts to two separate small-press publishers, using a pseudonym. She left nursing in 2003 and began to write full-time.

Nancy lives in Ottawa, Canada.

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12 Responses to “Guest Post – Book Launch Party!”

  1. Hi Nancy, sounds like a great book that us women will all be able to relate to! Also, you have achieved something with this post here with me – you have made me resolve to stop doing quite so much picking up and running around after my son and make him do a few more things for himself!

  2. Congratulations, Nancy!!! 😎

  3. Your dead men sound a lot like teenagers too, lol. Congratulations and your book sounds interesting!

  4. Sounds great. I’ve known a few dead men myself, yet some refuse to completely die. LOL. Look forward to following the tour.

  5. Hiya, Nancy–

    Congrats on your ‘Dead Men.’ 🙂 I have always enjoyed your blog, and I am really excited for you. Good luck!

  6. i seem to b d only guy commentin ova here.. but hey Nancy i sure wanna grab ya book to read.. lookin forward to it.. and gudluck to u..


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