100 Word Challenge – Picture Prompt

by limebirdwriters

Woo hoo, the weekend is so close I can almost taste it… and today is 100 Word Challenge day! Today’s prompt from Julia’s Place is a picture. This picture below was taken Eden Project in Cornwall, SW England and according to Julia this picture is “one of a few really amazing sculptures using recycled items.”

100 word challenge


So, this week we have myself, LimebirdKate, LimebirdLaura and LimebirdSally taking part.


bethpictureI woke to the salty waves roughly lapping my face and the sun pounding down on my back. I slowly blinked my eyes fully open and prised my fingers off of the woven piece of driftwood my cracked bleeding hands were clasped on to. Eyeing my surroundings, all I could see was miles of unforgiving sand with nothing else in sight.

Suddenly I was unbearably thirsty and I could feel the blood pulsing in my temples. My throat was dry and my voice cracked as I spoke.  Three words left my lips as soft as a whisper.

“Where am I?”


limebirdkateShe rides the lonesome night on the

Back of a terrible steed.

Trees whip past, bad earth sucks at

cloven hooves

they cannot stop to breathe.

They seek elusive truth, slick as blood

On the muzzles of castle dogs.

To end this war, to kill the one

who possesses the woodland bogs.

Night turns colder. Death chases

From behind.

Under a moon split in two they vow

to save the last of their kind.

They turn and pose, ready to fight

the evil upon their tail.

They have no weapons, no tools of defense

just each other, horse and girl.


lauraDavid recognized the evil snarl his father’s voice took when he was reciting dark magic. He crept slowly around the castle wall to get a better look, careful not to damage King Leo’s favorite flowers. His father’s spell ended as David was finally able to see. He gasped when he realized his beloved horse was standing in front of him. His horse was now frozen in time – a statue. David didn’t have time to think; as he tore his gaze from the horse he realized his father had locked eyes with him. He had already begun his spell again.



Materialistic affection

Teri rolled up the sleeves of her worn jumper and injected her voice with an enthusiasm she hadn’t actually felt for years.

“It just takes a bit of creativity, sweetheart!”

Toby giggled. “That’s what you always say!”


Teri glared at their papier-mâché monstrosity. Its wonky mouth grinned at her pathetically in a grotesque parody of the Moshi-Monster it was supposed to represent.

Sighing, she ‘accidentally’ knocked it into the washing up bowl and desperately recalculated whether she could somehow squeeze the eight pounds for a proper one after all.

Upstairs Toby slept, his desire for a Moshi-Monster already forgotten.

So, has anyone else had a go with the prompt? Did you enjoy it this week?


24 Comments to “100 Word Challenge – Picture Prompt”

  1. Ooooooooooooh I love all of yours!

  2. Kate – I LOVE your poem. You’ve definitely found something here that you’re so good at. (not that you’re not good at others, but you know what I mean). I can completely picture it!

    Laura – Ohh I’ve got shivers! I want to know the rest please, I’m a sucker for magic!

    Sally – Aww yours is so sweet.

    Well done everyone! 😀 I found this one really hard this week.

    • Thanks Beth! I didn’t know what to write for this one so I took characters from the book I’m trying to muddle through in my mind and fix. I don’t think David’s dad would actually do this to him (in my book at least) but all the same he’s not a very nice man and would probably have no qualms about destroying the horse!

  3. I find it amazing, the differences in so many approaches to this challenge. I love every one of these entries! Here is the address for mine: http://diabeticredemption.com/2012/03/07/100wcgu-33/

  4. Beth-awesome detail, I was immediately sucked in and as usual you leave me wanting to know more.
    Laura-that was very cool what you did with the prompt, and I am hoping David can figure something out fast!
    Sally-what a great piece you wrote from that prompt. How in the world did that come to you?

    I thought the prompt was difficult to get started, but once I had my idea it got easier.

  5. You are all so talented with these challenges!

  6. Kate, that poem is so vivid! Well done. Really.
    Loved all of the others too! Laura, love the imagery here, that was freaky with the father starting another spell…scary!
    Sweet story of the lady trying to make the monster, the things we do for our kids!
    Beth – I yours was so vivid that I need to get some water… excuse me…

  7. This was a difficult prompt, indeed…but the variety of results are really lovely! I enjoyed them all, though for different reasons.
    Beth: Love the description, especially in that first paragraph – so aching!
    Kate: Very haunting. I always admire those who can do that free verse poetry, and well. I really feel for these characters, the girl and her horse. “bad earth [sucking] at cloven hooves” is such a great line!
    Laura: That realisation of David’s is both horrifying and heartbreaking!
    Sally: Very charming simplicity, especially the transience of Toby’s thoughts versus Teri’s quiet dedication.

    Very nicely done all around!

    • Thanks so much Mayumi, I’m glad you enjoyed them! 🙂

    • Hi Mayumi,

      I have to chuckle out of embarrassment here, because I don’t know what ‘free verse poetry’ is, by definition at least. Because I don’t really write poetry. Since starting these challenges I have for some reason gone “poetic”. I’m so glad that I evoked emotion though, because I felt anxious for them, too.

      Thanks for your comments!

    • Thank you Mayumi 🙂

  8. I love all of these. It is really fun to see four different approaches to the challenge in one place. It always amazes me the variety one challenge can provide, and each of you come from such different perspectives. The one thing you have in common, however, is great writing.

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