100 Word Challenge – ‘But I turned It Off’

by limebirdwriters

Happy Friday everyone! This week’s 100 Word Challenge from Julia’s Place is ” but I turned it off “. This week we are allowed 100 words, plus the prompt.

100 word challenge

This week, it’s me, LimebirdKate, Limebird Laura, LimebirdNeeks and LimebirdSally.


bethpictureIn my clammy hands I held the letter that explained my reasons for leaving. I paced back and forth, nervously tracing the sharp corner of the envelope across the swelling that had appeared across my cheek. As always, just as I could muster up the courage, the doubts began to creep in.

Sighing, I scooped the letter into the front pouch of my bag and zipped it up. As I climbed the stairs to unpack my things, a voice in my head screamed at me that I was making the wrong decision again, but I turned it off.  No one would believe her over me.


I stole the essays making all my classmates miss the deadline.limebirdkate

I picked the best one and turned it in as mine.

I told on Jimmy for starting a fight, but actually Jimmy was trying to stop it.

I saw Sam accidentally drop a fifty dollar bill on the ground and I put it in my pocket.

My dad set the alarm for early morning

but I turned it off and he missed the radio’s warning.

He promised us pizza and a movie as he ran out the door.

I waved goodbye and wondered how he’d die in the storm.


lauraShe got down on her knees, tears fogging her vision. Grasping for his hands, she finally uttered the phrase she had been rehearsing all day, “Will you marry me?”
Slowly, he shook his head no, “I once loved you, but I turned it off.”
“I didn’t understand love before, please give me a second chance.”
“It’s too late, and you know that.”
Nodding, her hands flailed through the air desperately wishing to hold him one last time.
“Goodbye.” He whispered, as he fadded away from her vision.
When he was gone, she bent to kiss his tombstone one last time.


“No excuses!” Benton yelled. “Let’s go!”limebirdneeks
“No!” Evan panicked. He couldn’t seem to catch his breath.
“Everybody says that. You can do this!” Benton grabbed the checklist. “Air bottles full – check. Gear packed, check…”
“About that,” Evan squeaked in a tiny voice. “The air machine.”
“Oh, the compressor is fine, I use it every day.”
“But I turned it off.” Evan said, “we couldn’t hear the instructor talking so the guys told me to shut it off.”
Benton looked in horror over the side of the boat. His best friend had already jumped in. Turning around he saw a maniacal grin on Evan’s face.


sallyI love this song!

I run to the dance floor, grinning as I jump, wiggle and shimmy with abandon.

A man catches my eye and makes a, ‘drink?’ gesture with his hand. I shake my head, surprised. That’s the fourth man to offer me a drink already! I’m barely wearing any make-up and this dress is at least four years old.

Oh hang on… I surreptitiously reach under my bracelet and check my pheromone-releasing Phwoah!® guaranteed to, “Make men fall at your feet.”

Weird, I did turn it off.

How funny – perhaps I don’t need its help after all!

47 Comments to “100 Word Challenge – ‘But I turned It Off’”

  1. Sounds like an interesting challenge. Interesting pieces too. The words-machine is already churning! 🙂 My first idea was to turn something intangible, like my conscience, off. Looks like others have the same idea too. 🙂

  2. Once again, a gamut of emotions flowing through!
    Beth: You really manage to turn the expected ending on its head. I enjoy the reveal, and the different permutations that it creates. The image of the swelled cheek!
    Kate: Yikes! The quiet sociopathy(?) of the narrator sends chills down my spine. And the childlike quality of it is even more creepy.
    Laura: From the first few lines, I was expecting something different. Of course, you surprise with a completely different turnaround! Quite emotional; I really liked the imagery in that first sentence – it brings the whole thing to a quick emotional conflict.
    Neeks: More creepiness! I love how these prompts bring out the different styles! Almost accidental…and, yet, from that last moment…very much not.
    Sally: Phwoah!, indeed! Nice little light-hearted conclusion to these pieces. And I liked the tiny science fiction touch, too! I don’t think I’ve seen that in your writing, before? The puller making the drink gesture made this one, for me – I could absolutely see him!

    What a great way to start the day – with five such creative stories flowing into my head!

  3. Yes, great stories all around. Lots of twists and surprises this week. I wonder if that’s because of the ‘but’ in the prompt? Good job, limebirds!

  4. You Limebirds are a treasure in this community! Your stories are so individual, and as the weeks pass, I find myself knowing who wrote what more and more often, without looking. Beth, this is very authentic — completely believable. Kate, OMGoddess, woman — this is genius. I love everyone’s stuff, but you get tops this week! How in the world can such duplicity sound so ordinary? Love it! Laura, I am not as familiar with your work, but I like your dialogue and your concept, and I can’t wait to read more. Neeks, my oldest Limebird friend, how can you, such a lovely, kind person, come up with such insanely-good exchanges of dark dialogue? I love the twists! Sally, as with Laura, I’m not as familiar with your work, but I could feel myself on that dance floor — what fun! You are all amazing writers, and I feel very lucky to be a follower. 😎

    • Oh bless you Judith! Thanks for your lovely feedback on all of our stories, I quite liked writing this week’s prompt. It came to me quite quickly. I was so inspired that I actually wrote some more of the story!

      Haha, cause you tell it was mine because it was so depressing?! lol! Thank YOU for being our follower!

    • Judith, thank you I needed that chuckle badly today. You are such a dear, thank you!

    • Thank you for your lovely comments Judith!

    • Hi Judith,

      thank you, haha, yes. That boy’s voice was insistent on being just this average kid who takes pleasure in the fear and/or endangerment of others. He is pretty spooky.

      We’re lucky to have YOU as a follower!

      • Yes, and some of those spooky boys are our age and older — what in the world is it with men? I love following your stuff, and I feel really lucky to have found you, and this whole community! 😎

  5. These are great – always enjoy the 100 word challenges!

  6. I enjoy them, too! I was beginning to think you’d all landed on dark themes for this one, but then Sally rounded things off with that great dance floor scene. It’s really hard for me to be so succinct, so I admire your skills at these challenges. Looking forward to the next round!

  7. Yes, it was interesting that most of the themes were on the dark side. Kate, yours reminds of The Bad Seed, a movie from the 1950’s about the little girl who kills. Sally, the picture of you here was in my mind as I read your story! Maybe I’ll have to give that 100-word challenge a try.

  8. He-he, back in the day that definitely would have been me jumping around the dance floor to indie classics, but funnily enough there was always a distinct lack of men offering to buy me drinks for my efforts! The 100WCGU is good fun to do, so hopefully we’ll see your attempt on next week’s prompt!

  9. Right, well personally I feel completely left-out and offended. Next time you go on one of your dark-side wanders, ladies, it might be nice to actually invite me along too (oo, evil Kate in particular) 😉

    It’s so funny, last week looking round the other bloggers rising to the challenge a lot of people went funny with the picture prompt but mine was tinged with sadness, while this week it seems to have brought out people’s inner evil, but just made me bounce. Contrary – moi?

  10. I love exercises like these; a little like what we do at the writer’s group I attend. Very good practise for reining in my writing that is sometimes so full of junk I wonder how anything gets told!

    Wonderful pieces everybody. 🙂

  11. I really liked all of these. Interesting, as others said, about the darkness. I just finished mine (I’ll post tomorrow), and it is dark too. Took me forever to get it at 100 words though!

  12. These are all great pieces, Limebirds! Brava!

  13. So interesting to come by here and see so many excellent posts. Great jobs, all of you Limebirds!

  14. An odd thought. I’ve never seen the word “maniacal” in print. It took me a second to realize what it was.

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