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by limebirdwriters

Ok, this has taken bloomin ages for me to get this up, but LimebirdNeeks did this post on her personal blog, The Short and The Long Of It and it looked like fun.This is just a bit of fun for a Friday afternoon. 🙂

So, she asked these questions, and here are my answers:

 1) Lefty or Righty?  Both, but predominately right.

2) The happiest time of your life is/was: Oh erm.. maybe seeing my mum and step dad get married and my little brother and sister being born. Is that boring? Eep.

3) What is your earliest memory? One of my earliest memories (must be quite early because my parents were still together), was of me dancing to the radio on the stairs (health and safety!) and my mum was on the phone at the bottom of the stairs. I was too busy getting my groove on to notice that my feet weren’t touching the stairs anymore and I was tumbling down them. Bad times.

4) Most embarrassing moment (that you’ll admit to): I have honestly got so many, that I couldn’t pick just one. My whole life is one embarrassing moment after another!

5) What makes you laugh out loud? So many things, I love laughing. Normally it’s Aaron saying something that makes me laugh as we both have a weird sense of humour! Or generally laughing at myself for being a prat.

6) Name one thing you would like to “fix” for all of mankind, be it a collective
thought or gift to give: Stop the fighting yo!

7) Evolution or Creation? Evolution. Although I am completely open to any evidence otherwise.

8) Do you remember any of your high school teachers – who and why? Um, yeah a few of them actually. However one sticks out, my music teacher Mrs Barringer. She used to seriously pick on me, and I have no idea why. She was really nice to me in years 7-9 ( ages of around 11-14) but then when I got into year 10 (15 ish) and took GCSE Music, she turned on me. She just honestly had something against me and I’ve never known why and told me I was going to fail music. I got a B, so up yours Miss!

9) Who is your hero and why? My mum. This is probably a boring answer, but she’s awesome. She left school at a young age, also had me young (I was a happy accident! :P) and has worked so hard in her field and was able to retire last year at the tender age of 48!

10) Can we make a “Better” tomorrow? How would you contribute? I really hope so, but I fear that we have gone so far, it’s hard to go back.

11) Inn-ie or Out-ie? I have an innie. I know for a fact that LimebirdCaroline has an outie. Her name is Bertha.

End of Questions! 🙂

OK, I’m going to steal Neeks’ idea, so the first eleven people to comment on this are tagged and these are your questions:

1) If you had to lose one of your senses, which would you pick?

2) What achievement are you most proud of?

3) Describe yourself, using the first letters of your name for each word. EG B… (Boisterous) E (Empathetic) etc…

4) If you could change your first name, would you and what would you change it to?

5) Would you rather be attacked by a horse sized duck or a dozen duck sized horses?

6) Who would play you in a film of your life?

7) If you could go back and change one thing that happened in your life, what would it be?

8) Which book do you wish that you had written and why?

9) If you could speak any other language, what would it be?

10) What is your best feature? (yes, I’m making you compliment yourself! It has to be physical too)

11) If you had to eat just one meal, everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner what would it be?

I’m looking forward to these answers! Happy weekends everyone.

12 Comments to “Tag! You’re It”

  1. 1. Sense of touch, though I stub my pinky toe often so maybe not. Sense of taste comes in second.
    2. There’s lots of little things I feel proud about. I wrote several stories in Middle School. I still have them. My current project (The Crew) brings a smile to my face as well.
    3. Mindful, Absent-minded, Rapid (as in mind won’t shut off), Kleptomaniac (just kidding)
    4. My dad’s name is Michael, and everyone calls me Michael, even if they don’t know my dad. Would solve a lot of confusion.
    5. Horse size duck. Eat me in one bite, please.
    6. I saw a movie once that featured a kid actor that was a spitting image of me as a kid, but I couldn’t name it or the actor to save my life.
    7. Writing has always been a hobby, but I think I would have liked to focus on it more. I would go back to my High School self and tell him to keep writing.
    8. I’ve never thought of my favorite books in this way. I usually think of other ways the story could have gone, so I don’t think I would want to have written anything on the market, though something from Michael Crichton would be a good choice.
    9. Real language: Latin. Fantasy language: Klingon or Vulcan.
    10. Easier to name my less than best features, such as one ear is lower than the other. Best feature might be my thick hair (though it’s receding a bit).
    11. Meat lovers from Pizza Hut.

  2. I just got done doing this — find my answers and new questions at http://diabeticredemption.com/2012/03/15/blog-tag/ — A lot of fun!

  3. What a great idea!

    So fun to read all the responses.

  4. 1) My sense of smell. Might come in handy, I could stop housecleaning and wouldn’t care.

    2) My two daughters. Can I count them as achievements? They’re amazing women.

    3) Nice, Approachable, Nerdy, Creative, Yielding (it was either that or Young, and I’m not, LOL. Nor am I Yiddish.)

    4) I’d change it to something very unique, a name nobody else has, like Circe. And everybody would know me only by my first name. Like Oprah. Let’s face it, Nancy just doesn’t cut it if you want to be famous and rich.

    5) An attack by a dozen duck sized horses would be hilarious.

    6) Susan Sarandon

    7) I would have started writing earlier. Or maybe I’d have followed my original plan to become an actress.

    8) “One For the Money” by Janet Evanovitch. A funny book and the first of its kind. Not to mention I’d be a bazillionaire.

    9) French.

    10) My skin.

    11) Gourmet Pizza.

  5. 1) Hearing…I already know sign language..somewhat

    2) Finishing my first book last year

    3) Tame Approachable Nerdy interesting Artistic

    4) Natasha, just sounds dangerous

    5) I’ve been attacked by ducks…so i’ll take the horse

    6) Julia Roberts

    7) I would have stood up for my rights in fire academy

    8) The Wedding, Nicholas Sparks

    9) French

    10) My booty, its kinda nice for approaching 40

    11) Pizza, and the sauce wouldn’t annoy my intestines!!! oh heaven, thy name is heartburnless pizza sauce

  6. I am impressed.
    Too much like hard work for me.
    Love your answers!

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