Countdown to Script Frenzy – Part 3: What to Write?

by limebirdlaura

What if you fancy taking a stab at Script Frenzy but have no idea what to write? That’s OK! Don’t let that stop you. I made it through my NaNoWriMo (2010) book on the idea that I wanted to “write a fantasy”. I didn’t know about what, or even what type of fantasy. So I turned to my trusty source of all things fantasy – my husband! He explained all the different types of fantasy until I narrowed it down to a high fantasy, which to me sounded like the most fun to try to write.

Well, I knew I wanted to write a high fantasy, but I was still staring at a blank screen with no idea in my mind where to start. So my husband suggested that I build a world first. For five days I stared at my blank screen, whining that I wanted to write something, but didn’t know what. Finally, I shut up the whining procrastinator in my mind and took my husband’s advice. I decided my fantasy world would take place by an ocean full of wonderfully colorful fish. There was a large ancient tree on the edge of a never-ending forest. Suddenly, a kingdom started to form in my mind. Then, a king.

For five days I procrastinated my time away, wanting to accept the task at hand and write a novel, but too lazy or stubborn to even begin it. Once I had my village though, it all took off. From one minute to the next I was inventing characters and plot lines that I didn’t know existed before the moment the words hit my screen.

To be honest, I don’t know what I’ll be writing about when the clock strikes 12 on April 1st.  I know I’ll want to write something, but I won’t know where to start. My husband will listen to me bash my head against the wall for about a week, where I’ll have a poor word count. Then he’ll get tired of listening to me beat my head against the wall, and not wanting to repair the inevitable hole that I’ll produce with my head if I don’t stop bashing it against the wall, he’ll grab my head, point it toward the direction of the blank screen and tell me to start. Of course, I’ll have to brew a pot of coffee first and organize my button collection – but I’ll eventually shut up the procrastinator in my mind and get to work.

And if you’re like me and sometimes feel like you want to write something, but can’t muddle through the mess of your brain to figure out just what that something you want to write about is – the Script Frenzy website has a fun Plot Machine! I’ve just clicked it a few times and here is what I’ve come up with:

In a world where people age backward, a mule heckler switches suitcases with a Mafia hit-man.

In a world where mustaches are illegal, a world-renowned yodeler swims across the Pacific Ocean.

After breaking out of the zoo, a slug with a snail complex tries out for the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.

Under cover of darkness, a hawk with a broken wing invents the new Jazzercise. (OK maybe this one has potential, yes?)

When one million sea horses invade a bathtub, a Siren who’s lost her voice wreaks Godzilla-style havoc.

Just after dark, a llama princess releases Keith Richards into the water supply.

During a rave, Orville Redenbacher gets drunk with a stranger.

After getting voted off American Idol, an aspiring ice dancer is trapped in an elevator with Dr. Phil.

Where reality and fantasy intersect, a band of urban cannibals opens a real estate agency on the moon.

After seven failed marriages, a monarch named Walliump sets out to shave a sasquatch.

Unable to have children, a lonely piggy bank ingests a pheromone that attracts weasels. 

Well OK you get the idea, I could sit here and play with the plot machine all day! Some of the ideas are pretty silly, but you never know, they may spark some sort of idea in that crazy mush of a brain!

Is anyone else out there like me, crazy enough to take on Script Frenzy or NaNoWriMo without even a clue about what you want to write?  Do you have to have some plan or outline before you start writing?

I’ve never been good at outlining, I just fly in by the seat of my pants and wait to see what happens. Whatever the method to your madness is, good luck if Script Frenzy is on your horizon!

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7 Responses to “Countdown to Script Frenzy – Part 3: What to Write?”

  1. I must say, I was a bit worried about where this post was going when I read that your husband described different types of fantasy to you 😉 I’m exactly the same, my mind is completely blank to start with when writing, I can’t outline, because I can’t think of any ideas until I start actually writing, and then the ideas flow. I usually need a killer first line and then I’m off, without a clue where I’m going. Having no proper outline or plan means that I will often have to go back and rewrite things that don’t work, but hey, I’ve tried forcing myself to work in a different way but in the end I have to just have to go with what works for me.

    Good luck with it, not long to go now!

    • Hehe well I have always loved fantasy but I never really got down into what all the different types were, it was actually my husband who told me to try to figure out what type of fantasy I wanted to write.

      Sometimes I do get these big ideas and start working on them and formatting plot lines and outlines and character backgrounds, but more often than not I just plop myself down and it all comes from out of nowhere.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. Love the plot generator ideas, can see a story in each one. Going there NOW

    • It is so much fun Dennis! I sat here cracking myself up clicking it over and over. I know some folks take elements from the plot generator, like writing a story about a hawk with a broken wing, but never the whole thing. I am kinda curious to see how a script or story could turn out using the whole thing.

  3. That plot machine sounds really fun and quirky. I should look at that for a creative writing class I teach younger kids, just to show them that even silly is plotable.

    I like to run with the story idea or the first draft–which is why NaNo worked out so well for me. And I didn’t have a solid idea going into it either. So, in that sense I’m a pantser. But I’m much more organized and calm with revisions.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • I bet they could come up with some great fun stories out of the plot machine!

      I’m like you, go in like a mad woman, then step back and clean it all up. I’m like that with a lot of things, with my video editing, or even things I do at work.


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