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March 20, 2012

My Writing Spot vs. My Notebook and Biro

by limebirdster

I know that LimebirdKaiser has already taken us all through the pros and cons of several different writing apps in this wonderful post, but one that he didn’t mention which I’ve just started using is My Writing Spot.

My Writing Spot is basic to the extreme. Just type and save. And as much as I’m impressed by all of DropBox’s shiny special features, my phone isn’t quite up to being able to open the documents that I’ve saved from my computer. Which means that I either have to download more apps that can wrangle text out of a Works document, or I can only use it between computers.

But the actual app isn’t really what I wanted to talk about. I think I’d encounter these issues with any writing application out there, on either android or iphone. The problem that I’m finding, is that my ability to type on a smartphone keyboard is severely limited. Limited to the point where every other word is either spelt incorrectly or autocorrected to something completely different.

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