100 Word Challenge – ‘The Red Box’

by limebirdwriters

Happy Friday everyone! Apologies for my silence this week, but here we have the 100 word challenge for this week from Julia’s Place. This is in her own words.. “ …the red box… For our non-UK writers, this week sees the budget being announced and much is made of the Red Box that the Chancellor carries the budget in to the Houses of Parliament to make the announcement.”

100 word challenge

I am currently moving into a new home, so unfortunately I haven’t had time to put something together this week. However, the fantastic LimebirdKate, LimebirdLaura and LimebirdSally have some great pieces this week! Enjoy!



I spy the red box in the closet

hidden behind scarves and a catcher’s mitt.

When I see red, I think Christmas or Valentine’s day

but it’s June and it isn’t my birthday.

I note the curled ribbon, the size, and shape.

What occasion is he about to celebrate?

I should close the closet door

but I’m like a kid in a candy store.

I must know what he bought for me

so I untie the ribbon. I can’t wait to see.

I stare at a necklace of rubies, red like fire.

But my birthstone is blue, cold sapphire.



“What’s in the box?” Stephanie asked.

Jerry shrugged, “Which box?”

“The red box!” Stephanie pointed to it in his hands.

“Which red box?” Jerry began looking around.

Stephanie smacked her forehead, “The only red box I see…right there!” She began frantically pointing to Jerry’s hands.

“I don’t see a red box…”

“Right there, in your cotton-picking hands!” Stephanie was turning as red as the box.

Still shrugging, Jerry held the box high above his head, “This box?”

“YES, for the love of all that is good in this world, that cotton-picking box!”

“It looks green to me. Of course, I am color-blind.”



My hand shakes as I hand over my credit card. Ten thousand pounds more debt and for what? The promise of inner beauty? How can that compete with the darling green Louboutins clenching my feet? But Red-Box is so ‘in’ right now.

I step into Red-Box where I’m immediately thrust through a portal into war-torn Afghanistan. Death taunts me over my Gucci-clad shoulder as the surrounding poverty launches an entirely unwarranted assault on my senses. I vomit into my Prada clutch.

Ten minutes later I’m spat back out. Shaking the dirt from my Armani scarf, I demand a full refund.

20 Comments to “100 Word Challenge – ‘The Red Box’”

  1. Well done guys! These are awesome, I’m gutted that I didn’t have time, but I’ve been decorating for 12 hours! haha.

    Lovely job, Merry Friday everyone! x

  2. Great pieces Laura and Sally.

    Laura, very clever to use the problem of color-blindedness. I was surprised at the end. I thought Stephanie was either losing it or something horrible was going to happen (maybe I’ve been reading too much of your stuff 🙂 )
    Sally, I laughed out loud at “gucci-clad shoulder’. From beginning to end I had a strong sense of this character and what she was all about. Really super.

    • Nice work ladies.

      Oo I’m riled up for her already Kate. I had this sense of oncoming dread reading through and realising what was about to happen.

      Laura, really cute story. I had no idea where that was going.

      I was very tired earlier in the week and to my shame watched Confessions of a Shopaholic. Okay, so Isla Fisher is so lovely she carries what could have been a dire film and the love-interest was rather yummy too, but this film and the book it comes from (which I haven’t read) sums up everything bad in chick-lit and women’s magazines. No, not all women love labels, handbags, expensive shoes and women’s magazines (this one certainly doesn’t). I just hate chick-lit books that have these terrible, shallow, stupid, empty protagonists but are oh so endearing with their gushy stupidness that somehow wins over these serious intelligent people, and give her this gorgeous worthy man when she really just deserves a slap and perhaps a shake as well. But I still end up gunning for her and happy when she gets the man. Sheesh!

      So my awful protagonist was a parody on chick-lit heroines!

    • Thank you! I immediately thought of my grandpa, who is color-blind. He is always razzing us when we mention red things, though he’d never be as annoying as Jerry!
      I forced myself not to write something that involved ghosts or evil wizards for once. Phew that was tough! hehe.

  3. The Limebirds remain in top form (though I did miss you this time, Beth)!

    Kate: Love the description; I can really see that curling ribbon. And yet, that dread Sally mentions above is very evident. The turnaround of the birthstones was a very nice touch; quite tragic for what the future holds.

    Laura: Like Kate, I thought that something sinister was going on with the box. What a neat twist! 😀 The revelation had me grinning, both with relief and amusement.

    Sally: You manage to capture in just a few short sentences everything I *despise* about women who choose their causes for the fleeting “in”-ness of it! So, bravo! 🙂 Her sharp-tongued, succinct attitude really plays off well!

    Thanks, once again, for the inspiring lit, ladies! I always look forward to your entries.

  4. Wow!! Kate: I can hear her speaking so clearly in my mind — another truly poignant piece. Laura, a funny take on the fact that the box is red — I imagine feeling the way your protagonist does, but I’m sure I’d use much nastier language; that’s why I’m glad you wrote this! Sally: Oh yes, honesty from your protagonists, rather then being in style, and once again, a wonderful voice — I can hear her in my head!

  5. Oops — and very good luck with your move, Beth. I’ll look forward to reading you again when the move is done.

  6. My friends, I can’t believe this. I was leaving the above quote for a totally different website, and left it here. I was sure I’d checked! I’m sorry — if you can, would one of you delete the above comment. I know this is the second time I’ve done this, but that’s because I keep your blog open on the screen when I’m online, waiting for the next post! Thank you so much!

    • Hi Judith,

      Was your post deleted? The post I see above is to Beth…so I just wanted to make sure someone took care of it for you! 🙂

      • Hi, Kate — no, I just sent a second comment to Beth to wish her well in the move. Moving is never completely easy, but hers is going to be as good as I can make it with visualization, and I know all of you, and her other blogger friends, are feeling the same way! 😎 But thanks for checking!

  7. Kate – I love your poetry! Oh I feel so bad for her!

    Sally – I love this so much. I’m thinking we actually need a Red-Box for some people to get perspective!

  8. All three wonderful – again! So very creative. 🙂

  9. I loved all of these!

    Kate – wonderful twist at the end, I bet she’s sorry she snooped! Or maybe not, she can get a good lawyer. 😉
    Laura, that is so cute, so much like he’s playing a game, but then we find out he’s colorblind, nice twist. 😉
    Sally, creative and unique, a futuristic red box, and a great character description of the spoiled elite. Loved it!

    Well done ladies!

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