100 Word Challenge – ….‘What was the rabbit late for,’ wondered Alice…..

by limebirdwriters

Happy Friday everyone! Apologies for my silence this week, but here we have the 100 word challenge for this week from Julia’s Place. This week the prompt is ” As you know I like to be topical so I’m thinking Easter. However, I’m thinking a little outside the box! The prompt is quite simple but the trick this week is to prepare for NEXT week!

I want you to write a piece with

….‘What was the rabbit late for,’ wondered Alice…..

100 word challenge

I still am moving ( I know, I know, it’s taking ages… we decided to decorate first and have sporadic computer use) so I still haven’t been able to get a piece done this week. Sorry!  However, the fantastic LimebirdKate, LimebirdLaura and LimebirdSally have some great pieces this week! Enjoy!



In a purple-hued garden where a brook ran backwards

and flowers danced in the embrace of spring gusts,

an echo bounced through the grass.

I’m late, I’m late for a very important date.

The tired, old woman blinked at the bespectacled bunny.

‘What was the rabbit late for,’ wondered Alice as he

zipped down the hole. Zany-eyed hatted men, abused hearts,

vanishing cats, talking doorknobs,

skipped through her wobbly mind.

Satisfied she’d seen it all, Alice closed her eyes again.

She leaned against the tree where it all began.

This time when she spiraled to that world

she didn’t leave.




Secret Agent Alice 15578 crouched low behind a bush, and even though Mr. Rabbit was running, she never lost sight of him in the scope of her sniper rifle.

Alice could hear Mr. Rabbit whispering under his breath through her listening device, “I’m late! I’m late!”

Exactly what was the Rabbit late for, Alice wondered as Rabbit picked up speed. Finally he reached his destination, 500 feet from Alice’s hiding spot.

He knocked on a door. “Password?” came a booming voice.


The door opened, “You’re late!” Alice couldn’t see the man, but she shot him in the head before his gun was fully raised to Mr. Rabbit.



Lauren reckoned Alice wouldn’t be able to call her ‘Rabbit’ once she got her braces. Alice pretended consider it as she chewed on an imaginary carrot.

Perhaps no more ‘Rabbit’ but the opportunities for a new moniker almost made her dizzy!

“Not today, I’m late,” shouted Rabbit, sprinting past and depriving Alice of her usual fun.

Since when had Rabbit had any kind of social life? Well she wasn’t having that!

Alice wasn’t prepared for the dumbbell that hit her in the face as she rounded the corner after Lauren.

She wouldn’t be able to call her ‘Rabbit’ anymore.

35 Responses to “100 Word Challenge – ….‘What was the rabbit late for,’ wondered Alice…..”

  1. ‘What was the rabbit late for,’ wondered Alice.
    The rabbit looked at her as though he had read her mind. ‘I’m ever so late. They sent me to fetch the food for the Mad Hatter’s tea party.’
    ‘But there’s a Greggs nearby,’ said Alice, ‘in the Queen’s Palace Shopping Mall.”
    ‘Yes, but there was a queue and I was all of a dither. I couldn’t decide whether to get hot, or cold, or ambient temperature vegetarian pasties…given the V.A.T. implications.
    ‘Oh you silly bunny,’ said Alice. ‘The Mad Hatter is V.A.T. registered and would have reclaimed the tax anyway.

  2. Good job everyone. Very fun to read.

  3. Great job, limebirds.

    Laura, that is one your best pieces. I love how you do these little twists at the end. I had this great image in my head, very cool.

    Sally, I love your interpretation of ‘rabbit’ here, going in a completely unexpected direction. Really creative!

  4. Strong showings, yet again! I always enjoy seeing what the Limebirds produce. 🙂

    Kate, I love the way you portray Alice, here. The phrases are reminiscent of Carroll (whom I’m currently re-reading, coincidentally!)…but the implications are quite sad. Yet, there’s such loveliness in the idea that we can go back to something fantastic from our youth. (How I wish!)

    Laura, really nice tension. These modern-day updates of Alice chasing the Rabbit (Mr. Rabbit, in this case) really turn the prompt on its head. (Dang; I wish I’d thought of that.) And that ending…! I liked how you changed the target – very clever!

    Sally, once more, you come at the prompt from a completely new angle and make me rethink my own literal-ness. It’s a twist without being a twist, and it’s just so darn human that I can’t help but smile at it. Especially with the surprise Alice gets in the end!

    (And, Beth…good luck with that continuing move!)

  5. I really enjoy your different takes on these challenges! It’s funny—I didn’t take away a feeling of sadness from Kate’s story. I thought Alice’s thoughts were almost “been there, done that.” And then when she slipped in again, she would take a new role in the story.

    Laura’s twist is nice. We think Mr. Rabbit’s about to meet his doom, but no! What’s going on that secret agent Alice killed someone?!

    Finally, I think I’ll always just call Sally by her given name—and stay away from Lauren! 🙂

  6. Kate – this is beautiful, so evocative. I think there are different ways of interpreting it, but for me I love the idea that when she closes her eyes and drifts off into death the afterlife is her happiest times – be it literal, or dream.

    Laura you have such a great, fun tone to your writing. It’s always so lively with strong characters.

  7. Thank you, Sally and Kate.
    Glad you enjoyed it – it was good fun to write.

  8. Great tales, all.
    Kate, Wonderful imagining of an older Alice. i love that first sentence, and the last, and everything in between. 🙂

    Laura, thinking outside the box, I believe we had similar ideas, though expressed differently, Your last line is great, I’m glad the sniper was helping Mr. Rabbit.

    Sally, oh my, Alice isn’t very nice, but I guess she got her reward. This kind of reminded me of the road-runner toons, rounding the corner and boom! Fun! 🙂

    Unpub, yours was original and fun, while commenting on a real life matter. I enjoyed it. 🙂

    Beth, I’ll probably be moving sometme this year and I dread it. Just take your time, and i look forward to when you can be settled enough to post.

  9. Kate, how creative!! I loved it.

    Laura, you are downright scary sometimes (said with a very nice smile) 🙂

    Sally, great take on the prompt, I like to surprise people too.

  10. I love all of these! I’m still trying to get my head around having so many all in the same place but I’m getting there. I do hope you will all have a go at part two next week!

  11. What a fantastic selection of creative writing! I am relatively new to this so reading quality pieces like this is soooo inspiring!

  12. Kate, as always your poem has my mind racing, and my heart aching. I’m really glad that you are continuing to write poetry because you do it so well.

    Sally, I have to empathize with Lauren here, I have thought about clocking a bully or two in my day! great job!

    • Aww, Laura, you’re so nice! At the very least, doing these challenges helps put a spin on the novel form. I need that sometimes.


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