Top 10 Reasons

by Neeks

I’m out of things to write about and while daydreaming I remembered that I used to love watching David Letterman (late night talk show host in the US) do his “top ten” lists when I caught his show (back in my younger days when I could stay up all night).   His lists were so silly and full of nonsense, they were hilarious.  I always wanted to do one myself.  Why don’t we make up one here?  I’ll start it, hopefully you all will add to it.  What are the:

Top Ten Reasons To Become A Writer?

10)  The disorganization instantly has a purpose – you need all of those pens, pencils, bits of paper, rubber bands and

pieces of pocket lint.

9)  Great excuse for a vacation ~ “But honey, this beer is for research!”

8)  Reading “The Hunger Games” is now “research” as well.  You have to see what the competition is doing, right?


Okay Limebirds, does anyone have something to add to the list?  Can’t wait to see what the #1 reason will be!


48 Responses to “Top 10 Reasons”

  1. 7) you learn you don’t REALLY need that sleep after all.

  2. 6) You can write that masterpiece so much better than Stephen King.

  3. 5) that trip to the island of sunshine for a writers retreat is essential to your creativity.

  4. 3) You can threaten your ffrieNd they will ALL be baddies with EMBARRASSING PROBLEMS in your next BESTSELLER and Danny De Vito will play them in the film – man or woman.

  5. BAaaahaahahaaa! Funny funny. De Vito – man or woman. I read that 5 min ago and I’m still laughing.

  6. 7. Because seeing a psychologist is really expensive, and you can’t do it in your pajamas. 😎

  7. 4. To give voice to all those crazy character voices in your head.

  8. 3. Chicks (or guys, whatever your taste may be) dig dating ‘creative types.’
    2. Mismatched clothes and crazy hair are considered the standard work uniform.
    1. A bottle of scotch is considered an office supply and can be written off on your taxes.

    • Well #3 is so true! Come to think of it, so are #2 and #1 ! I’ve been wearing a uniform to my day job now for 15 yrs. ~ there’s a lot to be said about going to work in your pj’s or mismatched clothes and crazy hair!

  9. No.8 is brilliant! And no.3 Danny DeVito – hahaha (although I’m scared he might actually be able to do a convincing me!) How about:
    2. Apparently making stuff up can be construed as “lying” in the ‘real world’

  10. You can sit and stare out the window for hours on end and call it “creative-brooding.”

  11. Here’s one we ALL missed – we’ve all been sitting here, reading, thinking of a response, hitting the keyboard – to everyone else it looks like we’re very hard at work (unless you gave it away by laughing!) when we’re really goofing off 🙂

  12. I’ve lost track of where we’re at on the numbers, but a few additions:
    – People buy you gorgeous notebooks.
    – People assume (rightly or wrongly!) that you must be intelligent.
    – You always have an excuse to not go somewhere you don’t want to go to, or to leave early “Really sorry, I have a deadline to meet”. This one works particularly well if you also state how many thousand words you have to get done. It’s not really lying because you’re not specifying when the deadline is or who set it, i.e. it could be your own deadline for yourself!

  13. Thanks Vanessa. Okay folks, we have our #1 top ten reason to be a writer!

    1) People assume (rightly or wrongly) that you must be intelligent.

    All of these were good but that is perfect!

    • And you’re right Vanessa, it’s more like a top twenty list now, but that’s okay too! 🙂

    • Hurrah! I’ve won the prize for getting the #1 reason! I shall just sit here now and wait patiently for my prize to arrive. Hope it’s not another fondue set *tap, tap, tap*.

      • No, no fondue set (metal clanking in the background). As a matter of fact, no, no not a toaster either. I’m going to give you the same thing I gave you the last,/i> time you won. Yes, I’m sorry that’s nothing, but if I did have a prize you’d get it! 🙂

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  15. OMG, these were awesome. I’m bummed I missed this list, because after reading all of them I have nothing good to say! Great idea Neeks.

    • Thank you Kate, there are all kinds of topics we can do, like Top Ten Mistakes the Bad Guy Can Make, or Top Ten Best/Worst names for your protagonist/antagonist, etc. Actually, that is a thought.

  16. Absolutely hilarious! How about….Drinking a margarita, lounging in the sun while a local hottie waves a palm frond to cool you on the Cancun beaches is considered research? It’s the setting of your next novel!

  17. I love this post and the conversation it started–great idea!

    Here’s my contribution (I lost tract of the numbers, too):

    *You always have something other than [insert mundane task] to think about not doing.
    *At boring parties, you become someone interesting to talk to compared to the accountant or the real estate broker.
    *You actually get to be the master of someone’s universe.

    • Good ones, Lorna! I really liked the third one, all kidding aside it does make one feel a bit omnipresent doesn’t it? In a good way, of course (maniacal laugh).

  18. For me the number one reason is that I have all these wonderful stories floating around in my head that I have to write down, I have to share. I have all these characters in my head who want to tell their stories. All day long, I walk around doing other things, but I can’t wait to get to my keyboard and write. It’s what I do when I’m not making a living or eating or sleeping. It’s like an addiction. It’s who I am.

    • Hi Ledia, I think most of us here at Limebird share that particular feeling with you, so you aren’t alone. Like you, it’s not what we do, it’s who we ARE. This list was just a way to poke fun at the beast that so often taunts and intimidates us. Future lists will probably be just as silly 🙂 Thank you for commenting!


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