Dear You

by limebirdamber

Dear Writers-Who-Write,

You are a gift, you have a gift, and it’s time for the world to open it up. So many people claim to want to write a book/poem/essay/non-fiction piece, yet never sit down to write it. You are doing what many wish they could. They clearly don’t want it as bad as you do, though. You should commend yourself.

This is a difficult road. Many people will remind you that writers have hard lives. They don’t succeed the way they want to. They ask you what the point is. Why even bother.

Because writing is a part of your core being. For those others, it isn’t.

They don’t understand this hope, this knowledge that you have a story to tell. Regardless that everyone has a story, because they do, not every story has the appeal that you know yours does. They don’t all have the drive to tell it that you do. You go through the roadblocks, you face the demons. You go inside yourself and pull every bad and good experience and assign words to it that everyone can relate to.

This feat sets you apart.

Though you can’t ever get a swelled head. You have to remember the things that made you a writer. You have to use everything you can. Writing is giving parts of your soul to the world. There are things you need to ask yourself:

  1. Are you ready to give this much of yourself away? You show more than you may want or intend to. This is important. This will resonate with the people you need it to.
  2. Are you ready for the people who are going to bash you? Well, as ready as you can be. I don’t believe anyone is ever truly ready to hear their labor of love is a piece of trash.
  3. Can you remind yourself that sometimes the unusually hateful comments are actually more than likely a sign you are onto something great? That someone saw something in it they know they can never do themselves and on a level hate you for it?
  4. Are you ready to go through with the hard work at this point in your life?

I have every belief that a writer who writes can accomplish whatever goal it is they are setting. It may take time. Simply never give up, because you can do it.

The road is rough

Hills seem tall

You aren’t alone

A star will guide you.

Much love,


54 Responses to “Dear You”

  1. Nice!

    Writing doesn’t have to be about money, though that’s always a plus. It’s more about passion.

    • That’s true. 🙂 But No one ever said you couldn’t make money with your passion. 🙂 So I encourage people to try it out and see what happens.

  2. Lovely piece, thank you, and also giving a bit of yourself away there too. Just what I needed, page bookmarked for those days when I really, really, really want to let myself fail. Thanks again.

  3. Like water to a parched soul. Thank you Amber. xxx

  4. Yeah! “I’m the best…around…Nothin’s ever gonna keep me down…”

  5. Well said! Thanks for the boost.

  6. Thank you, Amber! This is all true, and I think that a lot of us knew it, deep down. But, for me, it came at a great time. 🙂

    • I’m really glad it did. It’s funny how life works out, isn’t it? Things we need the most always come when we least expect it. Very happy that it did.

  7. Thanks for posting. This has come at the perfect time for me 🙂 Thanks again!

  8. I love this. I definitely needed to hear it, so thank you. 🙂

  9. A timely and much appreciated post. There is nothing quite like the feeling of knowing when you’ve written something good; really good. My heart swells with warmth when that happens, which makes it all worthwhile.

  10. This came at a very good time for me also. Thanks for a valuable post.

  11. Thank you for this inspiration. I’m in the throes of my 2nd book and I feel as if I am pregnant and about to pop and yet the voices of doubt that say that this is “schlock” taunt me every day.

    I think what is even tougher about committing oneself to writing is summoning up the courage to write another book after one’s first one did not do as well as expected. It’s risking oneself with all of this huge effort, huge, huge effort and fearing that it will be a flop. Those are the thought/shadow demons I chase down on a regular basis and wrestle them to the ground and gag them. I’ve yet to figure out how to completely eliminate them. That is my real goal.

    I could go on and on… Some have told me that when my 2nd book will come out, it will be rather popular and kick sales of my first book up to levels it never experienced before. That would be nice. ;~)

    • I can’t tell you how to get rid of them, because I haven’t figured it out myself yet. I think it is amazing for you to continue writing. That could very well be the kick in your sales that you need. I sincerely hope it is.

      • You know, what is really motivating me to do this writing is that I know I’m supposed to be doing this book. This ‘story’ needs to be out there and I guess I’m the one who needs to write it. And if I were not committed to doing it and seeing it through, I could not live with myself. This has been a 10 yr journey with this 2nd book. When I’m writing it, really immersed in it, I feel so exhilarated. When I’m not writing it, procrastinating, whatever… it eats me up inside. One of those things. I’m a rather spiritual person, so I believe this book is a soul-contract thing. As my first one was too. Sigh… life… ;~)

  12. Very nice, Amber. Much needed too!

  13. It was also a perfect time for me. Obviously this post was helpful to a lot of us: we get down, but we get up again with the help of this type of reminder. Writing is a solitary act with a social intent…I think this piece speaks to that.

    • I’m glad to help you back up. I receive the same help from my friends here, too. So I’m glad to do it for others. I’m happy it gave you something to hold on to.

  14. Funny that just yesterday I got my first negative comment, and I immediately assumed that it was directed at the nature, the entity of ME, not at what I’ve written. Fortunately, I caught myself before I sent a snide reply I’d already written. All I could think was that I feel sorry for this woman, who has nothing better to do than correct me about grammar in my posts. Thanks so much for your message!

  15. I love this blog! I especially liked when you said, “Writing is giving parts of your soul to the world.” This is so true.

    • I’m happy you love it. 🙂 I’m glad you think it’s true, too! As we recognize this we can use it to an advantage, I think.

  16. As usual, right out there, well said, and very touching. Thanks, Amber Girl!

  17. This strikes a chord with me as I work on a memoir. It’s all about reliving certain moments in my life, some painful, some delightful – but overall, pulling it out of me to tell a story. Your words a reminder of why we write!

    • Good luck on your memoir! You can do it. I imagine it even feels like therapy at times, doesn’t it? That’s another reason that I write.

  18. Lovely post Amber, really inspiring!

  19. Bravo, Amber! That is a manifesto right there!

  20. I love this. Thank you. I have saved it to read again and again.

  21. Thank you for such an inspiring post – I have it posted in my journal so I can read it when I need a bit of encouragement.

    • Good! I never expected so many people to get so much from this post and I am so happy it’s done so.

      You keep on going!


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