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April 4, 2012

A change of genre?

by limebirdsally

I recently re-read City of the beasts by Isabel Allende, having forgotten that I found the characters unconvincing caricatures and the plot far too worthy and slow-moving to be engaging. It did make me wonder whether this book would have been picked up by a publisher if it wasn’t for the strength of her name and past work, which got me thinking more widely – would I even know who Isabel Allende is had she started her writing career writing for young adults (as in City of the beasts) rather than adults (e.g. The house of ┬áthe spirits)? Personally I don’t think she’s convincing a as young adult writer and the inference that this was the new Harry Potter on the book jacket actually made me a little bit angry!

Other writers have crossed genres more successfully for me – such as Philip Pullman’s stretch from his children’s books to his fantastic fantasy series, His Dark Materials. I thought Stephanie Meyer’s The Host was brilliant and completely different to her YA Twilight saga. I’m sure you’ll have lots of examples of your own.

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